Parenting: Empirical Advances and Intervention Resources

5c738d40b5c1f.jpg Author Loredana Benedetto and Massimo Ingrassia
Isbn 9535138170
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Year 2017
Pages 110
Language English
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Category Sexuality

Book Description:

The volume focuses on some relevant theoretical issues related to children's and adolescent adjustments, adult maternal and paternal behaviors, and their self-efficacy beliefs and competence interacting with children's characteristics. The volume presents evidence-based treatments involving parents as key components of the intervention strategies for childhood internalizing/externalizing disorders.

Through parenting, adults raise their children and introduce them into the belonging community. Parents are active determinants of their children's well-being, but children themselves are too.

Parent behaviors produce changes and consequences in the child's emotive-behavioral adjustment; thus, a modification of the parenting style may be an effective way to help children and to ameliorate the family climate. Practitioners interested in parenting will find in the updated studies here reviewed new suggestions for preventive family interventions.

1 Introductory Chapter: Parenting – Empirical Advances and Intervention Resources
2 Parenting Practices and the Development of Internalizing/ Externalizing Problems in Adolescence
3 Parental Self-efficacy in Promoting Children Care and Parenting Quality
4 Parenting Difficult Children and Adolescents
5 The Relationship between Parenting and Internalizing Problems in Childhood
6 Parent Training Interventions for Children and Adolescents with Aggressive Behavioral Problems



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