Parents’ Guide to the Middle School Years

5624ffbcce27c.jpeg Author Joe Bruzzese
Isbn 978-1587613418
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Pages 170
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Book Description:

This book ranks as one of the best I've seen on helping your child transition out of the elementary years into a future of academic success. For many kids, middle school is the beginning of a radically different learning environment. For the first time, they travel from classroom to classroom to learn from a variety of teachers who each cover a specific subject. They also confront social issues at an age that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago. This book includes ideas galore--mind-mapping and goal-setting projects, coaching tips on ways to stay involved in your kids' lives without making them crazy, and study and organizational ideas. (I've put the "milk crate filing system" into practice successfully.) The 6th-8th grade years have proven to be critical time in the student's academic career, both rewarding and challenging, when kids gain independence and parents assume the role of supportive coach. I highly recommend this book for everyone who has or will have a middle schooler



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