Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crown Part 1 - Haunting of Harrowstone

588f385328658.jpeg Author Michael Kortes
Isbn 9781601253088
File size 13.74MB
Year 2011
Pages 96
Language English
File format PDF
Category Games

Book Description:

  • The prison of Harrowstone has long been an empty ruin, haunted by more than the mysteries and memories of a tragic past. Brought together by the death of an ally, the heroes unite to save the residents of a tormented town and lay the spirits of Harrowstone to rest. Yet doing so brings new life to a long-forgotten mystery!
  • A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 1st-level characters, this volume launches the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, drawing on themes of classic horror stories and RPG adventures long-awaited by Pathfinder players.
  • Introduces five terrifying new monsters in the Pathfinder Bestiary, new fiction in the Pathfinder's Journal, and much more!



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