Pathology for Toxicologists

Principles and Practices of Laboratory Animal Pathology for Study Personnel

0044da53_medium Author Elizabeth McInnes
Isbn 978-1118755419
File size 14MB
Year 2017
Pages 216
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biology

Book Description:

"The book consists of 8 very easy-to-read chapters and highlights (as mentioned in the Preface), the uncertainties encountered by the pathologist when reading studies and shows why pathologists cannot always make up their minds. The book explains and endorses the fact that explanation of pathology findings in a toxicology study must involve pragmatic (as well as scientific) thinking. Each chapter ends with a good reference section and pages 184 to 186 contain a useful glossary...Overall, there is a lot of useful information packed into this book and it is definitely a suggested read for toxicologists and others involved in seeing pathology data, either as an introduction or a refresher."



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