Pediatric Neuropsychiatry (2nd edition)

589423a961f1b.jpg Author C. Edward Coffey MD FANPA, David R. Rosenberg MD, and Roger A. Brumback MD
Isbn 9780781751919
File size 6MB
Year 2005
Pages 864
Language English
File format PDF
Category Medicine

Book Description:

Pediatric Neuropsychiatry provides the most updated and clinically relevant information on psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents with disturbances of brain function. Bridging the fields of psychiatry and neurology, this landmark work emphasizes the link between developmental brain biology and behavior.

Major sections focus on neuropsychiatric aspects of specific psychiatric and neurologic disorders, highlighting the influence of the developing nervous system on these disorders' pathophysiology, manifestations, clinical course, treatment, and prognosis. Other sections discuss all contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Chapters include case histories, algorithms, tables, and appendices that explain the rudiments of testing.




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