86 Life Answers: Aries

Know thyself and your compatible mate, and be assured of your future. This book contains answers to 86 questions on wealth, success, and happiness. Aries: March 21 - April 20. The Ram. Energetic, enthusiastic, impulsive, positive, enterprising, lives in the mind.

The Pursuit Of Happiness: 21 Spiritual Rules To Success

What do most people desire in life? It is not money, it is not even love, it is happiness! Praise for The Pursuit of Happiness: 21 Spiritual Rules To Success: One of the best inspirational books I have read in a long time. -- Aulani These tools help shift your thinking, commit to your dreams and show you anything is possible -- Linda H. If I find myself in a slump or needing motivation, it's a great resource to get me back on track. ...

Mark Twain's Guide to Diet, Exercise, Beauty, Fashion, Investment, Romance, Health and Happiness

This collection of Mark Twain quotes presents the best of the curmudgeonly writer's thoughts on diet, exercise, medicine, smoking, drinking, romance, parenting, old age, fashion, finances, politics, and stress management. Curated by a well-known Twain expert and mining lesser-known texts, speeches, and notebooks, it's the perfect gift for anyone who's had enough of Gwyneth's self-righteous advice and the ramblings of the blogosphere....

The Goddess In Every Girl: Develop Your Feminine Power

This spirited, emboldening guidebook includes more than fifty ways to get in touch with your inner divinity. Written to empower and inspire, this positive book teaches you how to connect with your inner Goddess, uncover your true goals, and create a healthy plan for achievement. With fun games and exercises, along with a list of additional resources, The Goddess in Every Girl will start you on a path of self-discovery and expression—...

Investigate Alcohol

Straightforward information about alcohol, from the physical effects it has on someone's body to reasons why people drink, underage drinking, alcohol's effects on the body, and its influence on behavior and mental health. Personal stories and the latest statistics bring the dangers of alcohol abuse into focus.

Zufrieden Sein: …probieren Sie Es Aus

"Die Welt um uns herum verändert sich mit dem Kontext, in den wir sie setzen", ist die zentrale These Schwalbes, welche den Bogen über die mehr als 30 Einzelkapitel des Buches spannt. Zu wenig denken wir über die Dinge nach, die uns wirklich zufrieden machen und zu oft neiden wir nach allem, was wir nicht haben oder sein können. Dabei machen wir es uns oft zu schwer und lassen uns von uns selbst und den Menschen um uns herum täuschen...

How To Deal With Stress, Third Edition

Straightforward, easy to read and practical, "How to Deal with Stress, 3rd edition" will put you back in charge of your life. Written by two internationally-recognized experts in the field of stress management, Cooper and Palmer provide a thorough understanding of the psychological causes of stress and the resulting physical effects, enabling you to build your own personal plan, improve well-being and enhance your performance at work...

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead: How Fruits And Vegetables Changed

Joe Cross found himself, at age 40, weighing a whopping 300 plus pounds, and on a daily diet of the steroid Prednisone to manage the painful autoimmune condition that was making his life miserable. He decided to make a major change, so he did something radical: he decided to embark on a sixty-day "Reboot" to give his body a chance to detoxify and heal itself. For two straight months, he drank only fresh fruit and vegetable juices - n...

The Smart Girl’s Guide To Going Vegetarian

What would you love. Love what you eat. No labels. No fuss. It's not about what you call yourself--it's about how you feel. Whether you're going vegan, vegetarian, fish-only, chicken-only, or all veggies except grandma's famous pigs-in-a-blanket, this book is your new best friend. Eating less meat can boost your energy, help you lose weight, and it's better for the environment. If you're looking to cut down on meat or cut it out comp...

The Dog Barks When The Phone Rings: An Engineer's Guide To Solving Problems

Engineers want to get employed and stay employed. The Dog Barks When the Phone Rings: An Engineer's Guide to Solving Problems targets engineering students and fresh graduates. The transition from engineering school to real world problem solver can be rough. Suddenly, there is not just one correct response for a problem. There might be an infinite number of correct solutions, where some are simply better than others. Some problems are...