Food Pyramid And Nutrition Guide

A Food guide and nutrition guide can help you to eat healthy because they are a mental reminder of what foods you need to eat to properly fuel your body. Having a visual reminder comes in handy when you are tempted by less nutrition options. They may also give you options that you may not have thought about previously. Nutrition guides sometimes contain healthy recipes that can lead you to try new and healthy foods. They are great to...

Synaesthesia And Individual Differences

Synaesthesia is a fascinating cognitive phenomenon where one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another. For example, synaesthetes might perceive colours when listening to music, or tastes in the mouth when reading words. This book provides an insight into the idiosyncratic nature of synaesthesia by exploring its relationships with other dimensions of individual differences. Many characteristics of linguistic-colour synaesth...

Was Oma Und Opa Noch Wussten: So Haben Unsere Großeltern Krisenzeiten Überlebt

Strom kommt aus der Steckdose, und Lebensmittel kommen aus dem Supermarkt. Doch so einfach ist das nicht. Schon gar nicht in Krisenzeiten. Die ausreichende und verlässliche Versorgung mit Nahrung und Trinkwasser ist keine Selbstverständlichkeit. Schon kleinste Störungen im komplexen Räderwerk der Logistik können schwerwiegende Konsequenzen haben. Und plötzlich sind die Regale leer! Wir leben von weltweiten Importen und täglich rollen...

Le Coaching

Le coaching se développe significativement en France depuis une dizaine d’années. Il est un processus d’accompagnement destiné à favoriser un environnement de croissance et d’optimisation du potentiel de la personne. À travers une sorte de maïeutique, coach et client forment un partenariat stimulant, grâce auquel le coaché peut évacuer les obstacles à son développement, faire émerger ou acquérir de nouvelles compétences et améliorer ...

Aarp Roadmap For The Rest Of Your Life

Solid solutions and step-by-step instructions for planning the next stage of your life Life after 50 isn’t what it used to be. The rules have changed. No more guaranteed pensions, retiree health plans, or extensive leisure and travel. It’s time to forge new paths and create innovative models. That’s where the AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life comes in. Bart Astor, author of more than a dozen books, offers a comprehensive guide f...

Achtung, Globetrottel!: Wovor Sie Sich Im Urlaub Hüten Sollten

Vorfreude ist bekanntlich die schönste Freude, vor allem auf die wohlverdienten Ferien. Doch warum nur sind die anderen Urlauber immer so komisch, um nicht zu sagen peinlich, anstrengend und nervig? Klarer Fall, sie haben sich eine Urlaubskrankheit eingefangen! Schneller als man meint, hat man sich mit Abschaltschwäche, Sandalismus oder gar Restless Kids Syndrom angesteckt. Doch keine Sorge, hier erfahren Sie nicht nur alles über die...

50 Ways To Say You're Awesome

The little book that's (really) a BIG reminder to say "thank you" ... to the people who make your life tremendously AWESOME. With full-color art and unique messages, this gift book contains 50 new ways to say "I love you," "I appreciate you" and "you amaze me.'' Give the entire book to someone you adore - or tear out each perforated page, add a personalized note on the back and use it 50 times over. You'll never wonder how to say "th...

52 Secrets Of Psychology: Improve Your Life One Week At A Time

The idea for this book came from my years of clinical practice. Over time I have found that there are a number of key concepts and principles that consistently give people insight into their situation. I have seen that as the light dawns in the minds of my clients, and the principles are practiced and integrated in their lives, everything begins to change for the better. The way they look at the world improves, situations that used t...

40 Days To Better Living Diabetes Paperback

Would you like to take charge of your diabetes? "40 Days to Better Living: Diabetes "provides clear, manageable steps for you to control your condition, through life-changing attitudes and actions. If you're ready to really live better, select one or more elements of the 7-step Model for Healthy Living--Faith, Medical, Movement, Work, Emotional, Family and Friends, and Nutrition--and follow the 40-day plan to improve your life, just ...