Pesticides: Recent Trends in Pesticide Residue Assay

00228919_medium Author R.P. Soundararajan
Isbn 9789535106814
File size 7MB
Year 2012
Pages 280
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biology

Book Description:

Section 1 Pesticide Residue
1 Exposure to Pesticides in Tomato Crop Farmers in Merced, Colombia: Effects on Health and the Environment
2 Residue of DDT and HCH in Fish from Lakes and Rivers in the World
3 Evaluation of Occupational and Vegetable Dietary Exposures to Current-Use Agricultural Pesticides in Ghana
4 Pesticide Residue Analysis in Animal Origin Food: Procedure Proposal and Evaluation for Lipophilic Pesticides
5 Removal of Organic Pollutant from Water by Modified Bentonite
6 Removal of Residual Pesticides in Vegetables Using Ozone Microbubbles
7 New Trends in Pesticide Residues Control and Their Impact on Soil Quality and Food Safety
8 An Overview About Recent Advances in Sample Preparation Techniques for Pesticide Residues Analysis in Cereals and Feedstuffs
9 Recent Developments and Applications of Microextraction Techniques for the Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Fruits and Vegetables
Section 2 Metabolism of Pesticides
10 Degradation of Fenamiphos, Chlorpyrifos and Pirimiphos-Methyl in the Aquatic Environment: A Proposed Enzymatic Kinetic Model That Takes Into Account Adsorption/Desorption of the Pesticide by Colloidal and Sediment Particles
11 Heptachlor and Its Metabolite: Accumulation and Degradation in Sediment
12 Biodegradation and Bioremediation of Organic Pesticides



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