Human and Machine Hearing

'If you want to read an engaging and informative history of the study of hearing and you want to learn about the science of hearing, you should read Human and Machine Hearing. If you want to build a hearing 'machine,' you must read Human and Machine Hearing.' William Yost, Arizona State University and best-selling author of Fundamentals of Hearing: An Introduction

The Routledge Companion to Epistemology

“This volume captures the state of the art in epistemology. Its articles range from classic problems like skepticism and the analysis of knowledge to more recent issues such as the value of knowledge, the significance of disagreement, and the relevance of knowledge attributions. The volume is broad enough to include every conceivable approach to epistemology–from the armchair to experimental philosophy–and every way in which knowledg...

Early Greek Philosophy: The Presocratics and the Emergence of Reason

The scholarly tradition of the Presocratics is the beginning of the "Greek Miracle," the remarkable flowering of arts and sciences in ancient Greece from the 600s to 400s BC. Greek thought turned from pagan religion and the mytho-poetic work of Hesiod and Homer, to inquiry into the natures of things, to the world and our place in it. This tradition, starting with Thales (b. 624 BC) and proceeding through Democritus (d. 370 BC), is th...

Hesiod's Cosmos

In his two poems, the Theogony and the Works and Days, Hesiod, who was roughly contemporary with Homer, does not describe the deeds of the heroes but provides the earliest systematic and comprehensive account of the genesis of the Greek gods and the nature of human life that became the foundation for all later Greek literature and philosophy. Hesiod's Cosmos reveals the unity of his vision by reading the two poems as complementary ha...

Home and Beyond: Generative Phenomenology after Husserl

Strengths: The background for Steinbock's significant and worthwhile contribution is the work of Husserl. Husserl produced three large volumes that are a sustained engagement with the contribution of empathy [Einfühlung] to the phenomenology of intersubjectivity. The material for his never completed Systematic Work is rich in literally hundreds of references to empathy in both the foundation and superstructure (XV: 79f.). Since this ...

The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy, 2 edition

This fully revised and updated edition of Nicholas Bunnin and E.P. Tsui-James’ popular introductory philosophy textbook brings together specially-commissioned chapters from a prestigious team of scholars writing on each of the key areas, figures and movements in philosophy.

An Introduction to Indian Philosophy

An Introduction to Indian Philosophy is the definitive companion to the study of Indian philosophy. The book offers an accessible and comprehensive introduction to all the major philosophical concepts and issues in Indian thought. Ideal for undergraduate students the book is written and structured to reflect as closely as possible the way the subject is taught and studied. The book offers lucid coverage of Indian philosophy and break...

The Philosophical Roots of Anti-Capitalism

The well-respected historian of philosophy, David Black, has shown himself to be a consummate philosopher, so much so that he has produced a work that will stand the test of time as a major contribution to the Marxist tradition of philosophical works. His new work is a major achievement, and one that speaks directly to the historical times that we unhappily inhabit. This work is more than a feast for academics, it is necessary fuel f...

The Ethics of Self-Defense

The fifteen new essays collected in this volume address questions concerning the ethics of self-defense, most centrally when and to what extent the use of defensive force, especially lethal force, can be justified. Scholarly interest in this topic reflects public concern stemming from controversial cases of the use of force by police, and military force exercised in the name of defending against transnational terrorism. The contribut...