A Companion to the Latin Medieval Commentaries on Aristotle's Metaphysics

Few philosophical books have been so influential in the development of Western thought as Aristotle's Metaphysics. For centuries Aristotle's most celebrated work has been regarded as a source of inspiration as well as the starting point for every investigation into the structure of reality. Not surprisingly, the topics discussed in the book - the scientific status of ontology and metaphysics, the foundations of logical truths, the no...

The Bloomsbury Companion to Aristotle

Aristotle is one of the most crucial figures in the history of Western thought, and his name and ideas continue to be invoked in a wide range of contemporary philosophical discussions. The Bloomsbury Companion to Aristotle brings together leading scholars from across the world and from a variety of philosophical traditions to survey the recent research on Aristotle’s thought and its contributions to the full spectrum of philosophical...

Twilight and Philosophy

The first look at the philosophy behind Stephenie Meyer's bestselling Twilight series Bella and Edward, and their family and friends, have faced countless dangers and philosophical dilemmas in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels. This book is the first to explore them, drawing on the wisdom of philosophical heavyweights to answer essential questions such as: What do the struggles of "vegetarian" vampires who control their biological ur...

Eye for an Eye

Analyzing the law of the talion–an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth–literally, William Ian Miller presents an original meditation on the concept of "pay back". Miller's unique theory of justice offers redemption via retaliation. It espouses the view that revenge is a highly structured phenomenon that requires a deep commitment to balance in order to get even in a strict but fair manner. As a result, we find that much of what is assu...

Kristeva's Fiction

With published work spanning more than forty years, Julia Kristeva's influence in psychoanalysis and literary theory is difficult to overstate. In addition to this scholarship Kristeva has written several novels, however this portion of her oeuvre has received comparatively scant attention. In this book, Kristeva scholars from a number of disciplines analyze her novels in relation to her work in psychoanalysis, interrogating the rela...

Das Lexikon der offenen Fragen

Antworten gibt es viele! Was aber sind die grundlegenden Fragen? Wir haben namhafte Wissenschaftler, Publizisten und Schriftsteller gebeten, uns ihre »offenen Fragen« zu verraten. Fragen, die sie eigentlich immer schon beantworten wollten; Fragen, die sie umtreiben. Auch Fragen, die sie nicht zu stellen wagen. Herausgekommen ist ein anregendes Panorama heutigen Denkens, mit ernsten, aber auch mit kuriosen Beiträgen aus den Geistes- u...

Qu'est-ce qu'une nation ?

Dans cette conférence prononcée le 11 mars 1882, Renan se positionne contre une vision allemande de la nation, dans le contexte de la défaite de 1870 et de l'annexion par l'Empire allemand de l'Alsace-Lorraine. Il formule l'idée qu'une nation repose à la fois sur un héritage passé, qu'il s'agit d'honorer, et sur la volonté présente de le perpétuer : « Une nation est une âme, un principe spirituel. Deux choses qui, à vrai dire, n’en f...

Mind, Method, and Morality: Essays in Honour of Anthony Kenn

Sir Anthony Kenny is one of the most distinguished and prolific philosophers of our time. In the wide range and historical breadth of his interests, he has influenced many parts of the philosophical landscape, especially in the philosophy of mind and the theory of human action and responsibility.

Comparing Kant and Sartre

This is the first edited collection comparing the philosophies of Kant and Sartre, an area which has received considerable attention of late. Including 10 newly written comparative essays and an introduction, focusing on metaphysics, metaethics and metaphilosophy; chapters are written by an international cast of authors specialising in the topic.