Nietzsche Apostle

And so should you be, and this book will give another perspective. The more you can read about Nietzsche, the closer you get to the truth, or at least the truth of constantly questioning your own dogma.

The Philosophy, Politics and Religion of British Democracy:(International Library of Political Studies)

Maurice Cowling was one of the most controversial historians and thinkers of the last 40 years and a key figure in modern British Conservatism.  His work on intellectual and political history assaulted conventional understanding of the political process and challenged the liberal and secular ideas which have been so pervasive in modern Britain.  Here, leading scholars disclose Cowling’s vision of British democracy and place it in its...

The Metaphysics of the Pythagorean Theorem (SUNY series in Ancient Greek Philosophy)

“It is a mark of Hahn’s generosity that he includes, in every chapter, clear analysis of the geometric problems together with a thorough history of both ancient sources and modern mathematical theory and interpretations before proposing his own extensions; this allows the non-specialist reader to perceive, if not participate in, the often quite divergent current debates about early Greek thought. The handsome production-values and cl...

The Cambridge Companion to Levinas

"This is an impressive collection of articles, which will appeal to neophytes as well as to the most seasoned veterans of Levinas." Emmanuel Levinas is now widely recognized alongside Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty and Sartre as one of the most important Continental philosophers of the twentieth century. His abiding concern was the primacy of the ethical relation to the other person and his central thesis was that ethics is first philosoph...

The Logic of Reliable Inquiry

This book discusses the philosophy of science with an emphasis on modern computer and cognitive science. The wonderful cartoons aid the reader throughout, making even the more technical parts accessible.

The Structure of Aristotelian Logic

Originally published in 1938. This compact treatise is a complete treatment of Aristotle’s logic as containing negative terms. It begins with defining Aristotelian logic as a subject-predicate logic confining itself to the four forms of categorical proposition known as the A, E, I and O forms. It assigns conventional meanings to these categorical forms such that subalternation holds. It continues to discuss the development of the log...

Fichte's Ethical Thought

"Among the book's best features is Wood's ability to translate Fichte's thought into twenty-first century philosophical language. He both reframes Fichte's claims using contemporary vocabulary and gestures toward how those claims might be taken up in current conversation. This allows even those not especially familiar with German Idealism to follow and appreciate Fichte's thought. But Wood's book will also be a valuable resource for ...

Hegel's Phenomenology: (McGill-Queen's Studies in the Hist of Id)

Everyone who has acquaintance with Hegel knows that he is perhaps the most difficult philosopher to read and understand. In this new commentary by the veteran head editor of the journal of the Hegel Society of America, Ardis Collins somehow, against all odds, makes the structure and method of the Phenomenology of Spirit clear to the widest possible audience. Containing chapters that target both the newly exposed and the current schol...

Confucianism and Modernization in East Asia: Critical Reflections

“This three-volume series is a magnificent synthesis of questions and debates over modernization, development and Confucianism in the context of Korea and East Asia. … In sum, the trilogy is a great accomplishment not only for the author, but also for the Korean sociological community, channeling their distinctive experience of modernization with global academia.”