Ontological Politics In A Disposable World: The New Mastery Of Nature

This book explores the intertwining of politics and ontology, shedding light on the ways in which, as our ability to investigate, regulate, appropriate, ‘enhance’ and destroy material reality have developed, so new social scientific accounts of nature and our relationship with it have emerged, together with new forms of power. Engaging with cutting-edge social theory and elaborating on the thought of Foucault, Heidegger, Adorno and A...

Kant And Colonialism: Historical And Critical Perspectives

this volume is highly instructive and the right starting point for anyone who wants to understand Kant's position on colonialism. This is the first book dedicated to a systematic exploration of Kant's position on colonialism. Bringing together a team of leading scholars in both the history of political thought and normative theory, the chapters in the volume seek to place Kant's thoughts on colonialism in historical context, examine ...

Style In Theory: Between Literature And Philosophy

'What, in theory, is style? How has style been rethought in literary theory?' Drawing together leading academics working within and across the disciplines of English, philosophy, literary theory, and comparative literature, Style in Theory: Between Philosophy and Literature sets out to rethink the important but all-too-often-overlooked issue of style, exploring in particular how the theoretical humanities open conceptual spaces that ...

Gramsci’s Historicism: A Realist Interpretation

First published in 1990, this book is a comprehensive study of Gramsci's Quaderni, and gives the reader a penetrating account of the structure of Gramsci's thought. The author draw on many materials and sources, making accesible to the English-speaking reader a wide range of texts otherwise only available in Italian, French, Spanish, and Catalan. His book sheds light on Gramsci's basic philosophical and methodological principles, and...

Was Linke Denken: Ideen Von Marx Über Gramsci Zu Adorno, Habermas, Foucault & Co

Oft ist zu hören: Es herrscht Entideologisierung. »Links«, das ist doch heute mehr so ein Gefühl. Vorschnelle Befunde!, meint Robert Misik. Denn der zeitgemäße Linke hat sehr wohl ein paar Bruchstücke an Theorien im Kopf: Marx' Lehren über die Widersprüche des Kapitalismus; Eduard Bernsteins Postulat, dass Reform im Rahmen des Systems möglich ist; Antonio Gramscis Gedankengänge über Zivilgesellschaft und Hegemonie; den leicht depress...

Antigone, Interrupted

Antigone, Interrupted explores the intertwined history of law, politics, gender and humanism through a new reading of Sophocles' classical tragedy. Studying the play in its fifth-century and modern contexts, Bonnie Honig argues for an Antigone committed not just to dissidence but to a positive politics of counter-sovereignty and solidarity. Sophocles' Antigone is a touchstone in democratic, feminist and legal theory, and possibly the...

Democratic Enlightenment – Philosophy, Revolution, And Human Rights, 1750-1790

Israel has turned up evidence of the Radical Enlightenment's influence in surprising places, and that labor alone should ensure that this book finds a place on every specialist's shelf. The Enlightenment shaped modernity. Western values of representative democracy and basic human rights, gender and racial equality, individual liberty, and freedom of expression and the press, form an interlocking system that derives directly from the ...

Repeating Zizek

Repeating Žižek offers a serious engagement with the ideas and propositions of philosopher Slavoj Žižek. Often subjecting Žižek's work to a Žižekian analysis, this volume's contributors consider the possibility (or impossibility) of formalizing Žižek's ideas into an identifiable philosophical system. They examine his interpretations of Hegel, Plato, and Lacan, outline his debates with Badiou, and evaluate the implications of his anal...

Stechfliege Sokrates: Warum Gute Philosophie Wehtun Muss

Ich glaube, man sollte überhaupt nur noch solche Bücher lesen, die einen beißen und stechen.“ Was Kafka in einem Brief an einen Freund von guter Literatur erwartet, gilt auch für gute Philosophie: Sie macht etwas mit uns, ändert uns in dem, wie wir denken, wie wir leben und wer wir sind. Dieses Buch ist eine Einführung in die Philosophie aus einer ungewohnten Perspektive. Es zeigt an Beispielen, wie Philosophie jeden einzelnen und je...