Socrates: Greek Philosopher: World Cultures Through Time

Socrates was an ancient Greek philosopher who helped shape Greek beliefs. Readers will find out how Socrates's ideas and beliefs can still be found today in this captivating biography that features vivid images, easy to read text, a glossary, index, and table of contents. The stunning facts will have children enthralled as they learn about Socrates' influence on the world around him as well as ancient philosophy, Alexander the Great,...

The Art of Living: The Stoics on the Nature and Function of Philosophy (BCPaperbacks)

These two sayings are attributed to Socrates: "Virtue is Knowledge" and "To Know the good is to do the good". Dr. Sellars view of knowledge as "techne" gives these sayings a Stoic interpretation. John Sellars' The art of Living is mostly about Stoicism, and even within the increasingly crowded offerings devoted to that particular philosophy of life it stands out as a very valuable contribution. But its broader appeal is that it reall...

The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics

‘This monumental volume presents a lively, up-to-date and extremely rich panorama of the present state of metaphysical debate. The 53 fully cross-referenced contributions are both admirably clear and deeply illuminating. It is difficult to imagine anything more useful for a course in metaphysics. This is bound to become a reference work for all scholars and students interested in metaphysics.’ - Andrea Bottani, Bergamo University, It...

Time and Space in Contemporary Greek-Cypriot Cinema

Why does the 1974 war in Cyprus remain so dominant in Greek-Cypriot cinema? How has this event shaped the imagination of contemporary filmmakers, and how might one define the new national cinema that has emerged as a result? This book explores such questions by analysing a range of Greek-Cypriot films that have hitherto received little or no critical discussion. The book adopts a predominantly conceptual approach, situating contempor...

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The Bloomsbury Companion to Socrates

“The excellent opening essay by Robin Waterfield will prove essential reading for students of the historical Socrates. Several other essays provide significant correctives to older approaches and indicate fruitful directions for further exploration. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates through graduate students; general readers.” ―CHOICE

Kant's Anatomy of the Intelligent Mind

"This is a superb and very important book. It is certainly one of the best books written on Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason." "This study of Kant's first Critique is astounding in its originality. Wayne Waxman rightly asks readers 'to unlearn virtually everything they think they know about the doctrines of the Transcendental Analytic and their role in the critical philosophy as a whole' (viii). Extending his previous work on ...

The Noblest Animate Motion

The body of theory on speech production and speech disorder developed prior to Descartes has been so neglected by historians that its very existence is practically unknown today. Yet it provides a framework for understanding the speech process which is not only comprehensive and coherent, but of great relevance to current debates on issues of language performance and applied linguistics. Current theoretical difficulties stem largely ...