Ellie Vayo's Guide to Boudoir Photography

A definite read if you're interested in adding this niche to your studio's photographic offerings. The secrets of boudoir photography—such as attracting clientele, setting the right mood, shooting flawless hair and gorgeous make-up, and adding subtle sex appeal—are revealed in this illustrated guide for professional photographers. The reference provides the essential steps for adding this service, as well as case studies of numerous ...

Master's Guide to Off-Camera Flash

[This book] covers speedlights, exposure, flash basics, adding off-camera lights, mixing in ambient light, adding light modifiers, and the equipment used. By emphasizing basic principles of good lighting and how to apply them, this informative guide shows advanced amateur photographers and professionals how to improve their photographic skills. After explaining different types of light, flash basics, and the benefits of on- and off-c...

The Professional Photographer's Legal Handbook

In this accessible and entertaining book, expert Nancy E. Wolff explains copyright, trademark, contracts, and privacy. Real-world examples of cases, laws, and news items torn from today’s headlines illustrate the most urgent legal situations faced by photographers: requirements, limits, and enforcement of copyright and trademark; fair use and public domain; first amendment considerations; the law of privacy and publicity; and many mo...

How to Photograph Wildlife Like a Pro

Written by International Multi Award Winning Australian Pro Photographer, Trainer and Best Selling Author Steve Rutherford the "How to Photograph Wildlife like a Pro" book is part of the best selling "How to Photograph Anything" photography book series. This book will show you how to capture stunning photos of wildlife, it is an easy step by step guide where you will discover; * The SECRETS pro photographers use to capture great wild...

Profibuch – HDR Fotografie

Dieses Buch zeigt, wie Sie beeindruckend schöne HDR-Bilder erstellen können. Autor Reinhard Wagner lüftet die Geheimnisse der HDR-Fotografie und vermittelt die Zusammenhänge zwischen Fotografie und Software für optimale HDR-Aufnahmen. So lernen Sie ganz gezielt, für HDR zu fotografieren und die Fotos danach mit Photomatix Pro oder Photoshop optimal zusammenzufügen und zu bearbeiten. Geeignet für Windows und Mac! Das Buch macht Sie zu...

The Art of Children's Portrait Photography

Contemporary photographs that cleverly capture a child's mood or personality--whether that's a big, toothy grin or a teary tantrum--are easily created with the tips and techniques explored in this in-depth handbook. Often called "lifestyle photography," modern techniques such as tightly cropped close-ups, vignettes, wide angles, and shallow depths produce images that are markedly less stiff and more expressive than traditional portra...

Quick Snap Guide to Digital SLR Photography

With the increasing availability of affordable digital SLR cameras, serious photographers are literally snapping them up. These sophisticated and versatile cameras have unique advantages and features and the "Quick Snap Guide to Digital SLR Photography: An Instant Start-Up Manual for New dSLR Owners" serves as a guide to get any new dSLR user up and running quickly. Covering just the essentials, the book covers all of the basics spec...

The Art of Pregnancy Photography

Capturing the beauty of pregnancy through photographs is an increasingly popular trend, and this timely guide covers the basics of maternity photography from both artistic and business standpoints. The details of creating a successful maternity portrait are addressed, including how to select a meaningful location, what props and fabrics to use, how to pose the subject, and how to produce a flattering lighting scheme. Helpful digital ...

Your Camera Loves You: Learn to Love It Back

Wait–what!? You’re not thrilled with the photos you’re getting from your digital camera? The answer isn’t a new camera–it’s learning to use the one you’ve got! After all, it's not the camera that takes great photos–it's the person behind it. With Your Camera Loves You: Learn to Love it Back, photographer and instructor Khara Plicanic teaches the basics of photography and digital camera functions that you can apply to any camera, anyw...