Close-Up and Macro Photography

In this exhaustive guide to macro photography, respected author and photographer Adrian Davies takes a comprehensive approach to the subject, covering every aspect of the multi-faceted and often complicated world of close-up photography. Everything about Adrian's approach is both practical and diverse, with optimal output always in mind. His coverage of equipment, for example, goes beyond cameras to cover the application of flatbed a...

Master Guide for Team Sports Photography

A comprehensive look at all aspects of photographing sports teamsfrom selecting and using equipment to processing and presenting the images while building a client basethis reference proves indispensable to any photographer looking to expand their repertoire or branch out into a new profession. Professional guidance covers topics ranging from working with school administrations and coaches to the keys to capturing subjects in motion....

Lighting for Product Photography

"Lighting for Product Photography makes it easy to master the lighting skills needed to design more effective images of any product." From magazine ads to web applications, this instructive handbook details the ever-expanding area of product photography and discusses the unique skills required to be successful. Beginning with the basics for creating professional-looking shots, the qualities of light and the rendering of color and tex...

Wedding Photography

Drawing on the images and expertise of dozens of industry-leading photographers, this manual on wedding photography provides critical insights into the techniques that set the best in the business apart from rest. Covering both the technical aspects of the profession as well as delving into more subtle aspects of the craft—including preparation and planning, interpersonal skills, a keen eye, good timing, a cool-under-pressure mindset...

Kamerabuch Canon EOS 6D – Der perfekte Einstieg in die Vollformatfotografie

Bei dieser Kamera stimmt einfach alles! Innovative Funktionen en masse man weiß kaum, wo man anfangen soll: sei es die Möglichkeit, mit einer Empfindlichkeit von ISO 25600 auch noch in nahezu unbeleuchteten Situationen zu fotografieren, oder der neue und superschnelle DIGIC-5+-Prozessor, ganz zu schweigen von der WLAN- Funktion mit GPS-Empfänger, der integrierten HDR-Funktion und dem megaschnellen 11-Punkt-Autofokus, dem tollen Bedie...

Creative Careers in Photography

Find the right job in photography. For anyone who loves working with photographs, here is a comprehensive guide to turning that passion into a career. Author Michal Heron, a veteran photographer, reveals the full range of possibilities, from shooting pictures to jobs that don’t even require a camera. Corporate settings, editorial, media/audio-visual, fine arts, buying and selling, support services, set and location services, computer...

Wedding and Portrait Photographers' Legal Handbook

This is a good book to familiarize yourself on the legal aspects of photography. Sound advice is given to thwart potential legal problems photographers may incur. There are many examples of forms and contracts that can be used as a pattern to tailor your obligations and limitations to your clients. These include a wide variety of topics such as financial issues, model releases, contracting and copyrights to name a few. The text is wr...

2014 Photographer's Market , 37th Edition

The Successful Photographer's Secret! Thousands of successful photographers have trusted Photographer's Market as a resource for growing their businesses. This edition contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date market contacts for working photographers today: magazines, book publishers, greeting card companies, stock agencies, advertising firms, contests and more. In addition to the more than 1,500 individually verified contacts,...

Capturing The Moment: The Essence of Photography

This is not a book about the fundamentals of shutter speed or how your camera works; it is a book that will teach photographers of all levels how to work with their cameras to capture moments whether they are occurring quickly or unfolding over many hours. Capturing the Moment is about a gesture, an expression, a ball in the net, a whale breaching, like Marilyn Monroe’s skirt flying up or Alfred Eisenstaedt’s image of a kiss between ...

Professional HDR Photography

Building on a professional photographer's on-the-job experience using the high dynamic range (HDR) imaging technique, which captures an astounding range of tones that far exceeds the native abilities of any camera, this guide shows serious photographers how a more sophisticated approach to HDR can produce images that lack visual pretense, stand the test of time, and realistically capture details that would otherwise elude the photogr...