X-ray Characterization of Nanostructured Energy Materials by Synchrotron Radiation

In this book, the results of some outstanding researches on synchrotron-based characterization of nanostructured materials related to energy applications are presented. Nowadays, nanomaterials are attracting huge attentions not only from a basic research point of view but also for their potential applications. Since finding the structure-property-processing relationships can open new windows in the application of materials, the mater...

Holographic Materials and Optical Systems

This volume covers recent research achievements in the areas of volume holographic optical elements and systems, development of functionalized holographic recording materials, and applications in holographic imaging and metrology. Designs of single and multiplexed volume holographic optical elements for laser beam shaping, combining, and redirection are covered, and their properties are studied theoretically and experimentally. The h...

Developments in Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

This volume intends to cover recent developments in NIRS and provide a broad perspective of some of the challenges that characterize the field. The book comprises six chapters overall and covers several sectors. The target audience for this book includes engineers, practitioners, and researchers involved in NIRS system design and utilization in different applications. Over the past few decades, exciting developments have taken place ...

Hydrogen Production, Separation and Purification for Energy

Hydrogen is one of the most promising next-generation fuels. It has the highest energy content per unit weight of any known fuel and in comparison to the other known natural gases it is environmentally safe - in fact, its combustion results only in water vapour and energy. This book provides an overview of worldwide research in the use of hydrogen in energy development, the most innovative methods of production and the various steps ...

Standing Together in Troubled Times

This captivating book is a story of the friendship between a genius physicist Wolfgang Pauli and Charlotte Houtermans whose career in physics was not as glamorous. They met in the late 1920s in Germany, at the very onset of the quantum era and personally knew all the major players in the emergent quantum world that was very much part of central Europe: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Denmark and Switzerland. And Charlotte was a student at...

X-Ray Spectroscopy

This book consists of selected chapters on the recent applications of x-ray spectroscopy that are of great interest to the scientists and engineers working in the fields of material science, physics, chemistry, astrophysics, astrochemistry, instrumentation, and techniques of x-ray based characterization. The book covers some basic principles of satellite x-rays as characterization tools for chemical properties and the physics of dete...

Supersymmetry, Supergravity, and Unification

This unique book gives a modern account of particle physics and gravity based on supersymmetry and supergravity, two of the most significant developments in theoretical physics since general relativity. The book begins with a brief overview of the history of unification and then goes into a detailed exposition of both fundamental and phenomenological topics. The topics in fundamental physics include Einstein gravity, Yang-Mills theor...

Quantum Cascade Lasers

This volume is dedicated to the calculations on the band structure of cascade lasers and on the electronic band structure of Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL), detailed investigation of electrical and optoelectronic properties of multiple-quantum-well structure, and study on the intensity noise characteristics of quantum-cascade lasers under the external noncoherent optical injection. The book Quantum Cascade Lasers is divided into two se...

Quantum Gravity

This book presents a series of selected chapters written by renowned authors with the objective to provide an overview and comparison of the various quantum gravity theories. Each chapter treats gravity and its quantization through known and alternative techniques, aiming a deeper understanding on the quantum nature of gravity This is a book where the reader will find a fine collection of physical and mathematical concepts, an up to ...

Whistler-mode Waves in a Hot Plasma

The book provides an extensive theoretical treatment of whistler-mode propagation, instabilities and damping in a collisionless plasma. This book fills a gap between oversimplified analytical studies of these waves, based on the cold plasma approximation, and studies based on numerical methods. Although the book is primarily addressed to space plasma physicists and radio physicists, it will also prove useful to laboratory plasma phys...