Loop Quantum Gravity: The First 30 Years

This volume presents a snapshot of the state-of-the-art in loop quantum gravity from the perspective of younger leading researchers. It takes the reader from the basics to recent advances, thereby bridging an important gap. The aim is two-fold to provide a contemporary introduction to the entire field for students and post-docs, and to present an overview of the current status for more senior researchers. The contributions include th...

Frontiers in Modern Optics

The year 2015 was designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the Year of Light and Light-based Technologies, and also marks the anniversaries of a number of significant historical events related to light. In 1015, Ibn Al-Haytham published his book of optics; in 1815, Fresnel first proposed the notion that light is actually a wave; James Clerk Maxwell then firmly established this concept with his electromagnetic theory of li...

Liquid Crystal Displays: Fundamental Physics and Technology

This is an excellent introductory book for readers interested in an overview of the science, technology and business of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). It is packed with numerous reflections on the human aspects inherent in the LCD revolution. The author's casual writing style makes this book uniquely accessible to a variety of readers, ranging from students to business executives. Entrepreneurs interested in building high-tech busin...

Signal Processing and Networking for Big Data Applications

This unique text helps make sense of big data in engineering applications using tools and techniques from signal processing. Covering fundamental signal processing theories, software implementations, and techniques for analysis, design, and optimization, it is ideal for researchers, practitioners, and students in signal processing and communications networks. I like this book's useful examples, clear explanation of data used, and cog...

How Do You Find an Exoplanet?

This little red book is a thorough yet very understandable introduction to one of the hottest topics in astronomy--planets outside the solar system. Johnson, one of the leading scientists in the field, has created a great primer for undergraduate students wishing to gain enough knowledge to undertake a project or perhaps win an internship in the field. "With remarkable clarity, Johnson presents a concise yet personable, technical yet...

Energy And Mass In Relativity Theory

The best of illustration of inconsistency of the “relative” mass and energy - is book by Lev B. Okun, “Energy and Mass in Relativity Theory”, World Scientific, 2009, 311p. First of all, Lev Okun is well known theoretical physicist, expert in the relativity theory, and the particle physics; by the way, he is author of name of class of particles – Hadrons. Book contains 30 works by Lev Okun, from 1968 to 2008. He has a lot works on Rus...

Integrable Quantum Field Theories and Their Applications

This volume includes several lecture notes on the fundamentals and elementary techniques of integrable field theories and on their applications to low-dimensional physics systems contributed by leading scientists in the respective fields. The main topics covered are various aspects of the thermodynamic Bethe ansatz, form factors, Calogero (and related) models, sigma models, conformal boundary conditions, etc. The volume presents both...

Ecoacoustics: The Ecological Role of Sounds

The sounds produced by geophonic, biophonic and technophonic sources are relevant to the function of natural and human modified ecosystems. Passive recording is one of the most non-invasive technologies as its use avoids human intrusion during acoustic surveys and facilitates the accumulation of huge amounts of acoustical data. For the first time, this book collates and reviews the science behind ecoaucostics; illustrating the princi...

Mems Barometers Toward Vertical Position Detection (Synthesis Lectures on Mechanical Engineering)

Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) sensors constitute perhaps the most exciting technology of our age. The present effort incorporates all the information needed byscientists and engineers who work on research projects and/or product systems, which apply to air pressure acquisition and to its rearrangement into altitude data. Some of the potential implementations of this method (regularly referred to as barometric altimetry) inc...

Stochastic Structural Dynamics: Application of Finite Element Methods

One of the first books to provide in-depth and systematic application of finite element methods to the field of stochastic structural dynamics The parallel developments of the Finite Element Methods in the 1950’s and the engineering applications of stochastic processes in the 1940’s provided a combined numerical analysis tool for the studies of dynamics of structures and structural systems under random loadings. In the open literatur...