Technische Thermodynamik: Grundlagen und Anleitung zum Lösen von Aufgaben

Dieses Lehrbuch besticht durch sein didaktisches Konzept: Es werden nicht nur wichtige Größen, Begriffe und Prozesse mit klaren Definitionen eingeführt und durch farbige Abbildungen verdeutlicht, sondern auch das Verständnis durch einen umfangreichen Fragen- und Diskussionsteil verstärkt. Aufgaben mit Ergebnisangabe und ausführlichen Lösungen im Internet stellen eine gezielte Klausurvorbereitung sicher. Das Buch ist auf eine zweiseme...

Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Mathematical Physics

This volume contains the proceedings of the First Ukrainian-French Romanian School "Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Mathematical Physics," held in Kaciveli, Crimea (Ukraine) from 1 September ti1114 September 1993. The School was organized by the generous support of the Ministry of Research and Space of France (MRE), the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (ANU), the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the State Co...

Modeling and Computations in Electromagnetics

This is nothing less than an essential text in what is a new and growing discipline. Electromagnetic modeling and computations is expanding as a result of the steadily increasing demand for designing electrical devices, modeling electromagnetic materials, and simulating electromagnetic fields in nanoscale structures. The aim of this volume is to bring together prominent worldwide experts to review state-of-the-art developments and fu...

Mapping Across Academia

This book addresses the role and importance of space in the respective fields of the social sciences and the humanities. It discusses how map representations and mapping processes can inform ongoing intellectual debates or open new avenues for scholarly inquiry within and across disciplines, including a wide array of significant developments in spatial processes, including the Internet, global positioning system (GPS), affordable dig...

Inorganic Scintillators for Detector Systems

This second edition features new chapters highlighting advances in our understanding of the behavior and properties of scintillators, and the discovery of new families of materials with light yield and excellent energy resolution very close to the theoretical limit. The book focuses on the discovery of next-generation scintillation materials and on a deeper understanding of fundamental processes. Such novel materials with high light ...

Bifurcation in Autonomous and Nonautonomous Differential Equations with Discontinuities

This book focuses on bifurcation theory for autonomous and nonautonomous differential equations with discontinuities of different types – those with jumps present either in the right-hand side, or in trajectories or in the arguments of solutions of equations. The results obtained can be applied to various fields, such as neural networks, brain dynamics, mechanical systems, weather phenomena and population dynamics.Developing bifurcat...

Hidden Order and Exotic Superconductivity in the Heavy-Fermion Compound URu2Si2

In this thesis, the author investigates hidden-order phase transition at T0 = 17.5 K in the heavy-fermion URu2Si2. The four-fold rotational symmetry breaking in the hidden order phase, which imposes a strong constraint on the theoretical model, is observed through the magnetic torque measurement. The translationally invariant phase with broken rotational symmetry is interpreted as meaning that the hidden-order phase is an electronic ...

Spin Glasses: A Challenge for Mathematicians

In the 1980s, a group of theoretical physicists introduced several models for certain disordered systems, called "spin glasses". This rigorous book introduces this exciting new area to the mathematically minded reader. It requires no knowledge whatsoever of any physics, and contains proofs in complete detail of much of what is rigorously known on spin glasses at the time of writing.

General Principles of Quantum Mechanics

I am very happy to accept the translators' invitation to write a few lines of introduction to this book. Of course, there is little need to explain the author. Pauli's first famous work, his article on the theory of relativity in the Encyklopädie der Mathematischen Wissenschaften was written at the age of twenty. He afterwards took part in the development of atomic physics from the still essentially classical picture of Bohr's early ...

Nanofabrication: Techniques and Principles

Intended to update scientists and engineers on the current state of the art in a variety of key techniques used extensively in the fabrication of structures at the nanoscale. The present work covers the essential technologies for creating sub 25 nm features lithographically, depositing layers with nanometer control, and etching patterns and structures at the nanoscale. A distinguishing feature of this book is a focus not on extension...