Chaos And Nonlinear Dynamics: An Introduction For Scientists And Engineers

This is an accessible and readable introductory textbook on chaos and nonlinear dynamics. It focuses on the ideas behind the theory of chaos, rather than on the details of the mathematics which can sometimes hinder rather than help the reader gain real insight into the mechanisms of nonlinear systems. By this I do not mean that the author skips over the required mathematics. The text is intended for people with a solid background in ...

Decommissioning Health Physics: A Handbook For Marssim Users (2nd Edition)

This book is the most complete treatment of the topic I’ve seen―including chapters on virtually every aspect of MARSSIM as well as problems to solve and worked-out solutions for many of them in the back (making it a great textbook on the topic for anyone teaching a graduate class or short course on the topic). It’s also a great reference since the chapters include equations, reference tables and plots, and a nice selection of case st...

Carbohydrates: Comprehensive Studies On Glycobiology And Glycotechnology Ed.

This comprehensive book is to readers who are interested in carbohydrates. This book contains excellent chapters written by experts from the fields of chemistry, glycobiology, microbiology, immunology, botany, zoology, as well as biotechnology. This book also offers much in the way of experiences, tools, and technologies for readers who are interested in different fields of Glycobiology. The readers can obtain more than anticipated f...

Physics Project Lab

This book is the result of many years of experience of the authors in guiding physics projects. It aims to satisfy a deeply felt need to involve students and their instructors in extended experimental investigations of physical phenomena. Over fifty extended projects are described in detail, at various levels of sophistication, aimed at both the advanced high school, as well as first and second year undergraduate physics students, an...

Much Ado About (practically) Nothing: A History Of The Noble Gases

David Fisher has the all too rare ability to explain science to people who aren't scientists. The way he mingles anecdote, humor and information makes this an enjoyable and illuminating book for civilians. He used a similar --dare I call it formula?--in Across the Top of the World, and in that book added history of polar explorations. There are eight columns in the Periodic Table. The eighth column is comprised of the rare gases, so-...

Sophie Cantin-rivière Et Collectif, Maxi Fiches De Physique : Mécanique, Thermodynamique, Électricité, Ondes, Optique, 2e Éd.

Les ouvrages de la collection « Maxi-Fiches » s'adressent aux étudiants désireux de maîtriser les fondamentaux d'une discipline. En 75 fiches synthétiques de 2 à 4 pages sont présentées toutes les grandes notions de la Physique (Mécanique du point, Thermodynamique, Electromagnétisme, Electrocinétique, Optique, Physique nucléaire, Introduction à la physique quantique). Chaque fiche est accompagnée d'une application pour aider l'étudia...

The Theory Of Everything: The Origin And Fate Of The Universe

Stephen Hawking is widely believed to be one of the world’s greatest minds, a brilliant theoretical physicist whose work helped reconfigure models of the universe and define what’s in it. Imagine sitting in a room listening to Hawking discuss these achievements and place them in historical context; it would be like hearing Christopher Columbus on the New World.

Planetary Science: The Science Of Planets Around Stars, Second Edition

The book is an unusual combination of an account at a popular and very readable level of the origin of the solar system and some very detailed calculations regarding the basic physics that underpin all the processes. All students of the subject will find this later part invaluable. There are also many problems included that university students doing a formal course would find very useful. The book consists of two main components. For...