Glencoe Science: Level Red, Student Edition

A balanced approach to science in each level "Glencoe Science: Level Red" is the first book in Glencoe's three-book integrated science series. "Level Red" provides students with accurate and comprehensive coverage of life, earth, and physical science. The strong content coverage integrates a wide range of hands-on experiences, critical-thinking opportunities, and real-world applications.

Introduction To Modeling Convection In Planets And Stars

This book provides readers with the skills they need to write computer codes that simulate convection, internal gravity waves and magnetic field generation in the interiors and atmospheres of rotating planets and stars. It is very useful for readers having a basic understanding of classical physics, vector calculus, partial differential equations, and simple computer programming. This book provides readers with the skills they need t...

Introduction To Complexity And Complex Systems

The boundaries between simple and complicated, and complicated and complex system designations are fuzzy and debatable, even using quantitative measures of complexity. However, if you are a biomedical engineer, a biologist, physiologist, economist, politician, stock market speculator, or politician, you have encountered complex systems. Furthermore, your success depends on your ability to successfully interact with and manage a varie...

Turbulent Motion And The Structure Of Chaos

analyzing the experimental data and constructing math.ematical models of the processes under study, one has to rely rather on the physical intuition than on the strict calculations. Now let us go one step higher and explain the main title of the book. The concepts of "laminary" and "turbulent" motions were first introduced in hydrodynamics. Since the old days these concepts have considerably broadened; now the laminar and the turbule...

Simulations In Nanobiotechnology

Until the late 20th century, computational studies of biomolecules and nanomaterials had considered the two subjects separately. A thorough presentation of state-of-the-art simulations for studying the nanoscale behavior of materials, Simulations in Nanobiotechnology discusses computational simulations of biomolecules and nanomaterials together. The book gives readers insight into not only the fundamentals of simulation-based charact...

Quantum Transport: Atom To Transistor

In recent years, scientists have developed a powerful practical technique based on Green function methods for calculating transport through small open systems. Supriyo Datta is one of its leading exponents and his new textbook makes a valiant and fascinating effort to use the formalism to provide a simple exposition of quantum transport on the atomic scale...It is more accessible, more embracing and a much better read than his earlie...

A First Course In Loop Quantum Gravity

This book provides an accessible introduction to loop quantum gravity and some of its applications, at a level suitable for undergraduate students and others with only a minimal knowledge of college level physics. In particular it is not assumed that the reader is familiar with general relativity and only minimally familiar with quantum mechanics and Hamiltonian mechanics. Most chapters end with problems that elaborate on the text, a...

Nuclear Energy: What Everyone Needs To Know®

This book is very detailed in the describing the basics of nuclear energy, different methods used to create nuclear reactions, the various types of reactors used in nuclear power plants, their construction, safety considerations and the economics of nuclear power compared to alternative means for generating electricity. If you are looking for a layman's overview of nuclear power this is a good place to start.

Warum Sie Oben Bleiben: Ein Flugbegleiter Für Passagiere. Vom Start Bis Zur Landung, 2. Auflage

Flugzeuge sind heute ein nahezu so alltägliches Verkehrsmittel wie die Bahn. Doch für die meisten bleibt es ein Rätsel, wie ein Flugzeug sich in die Lüfte erhebt und oben bleibt, wie es sicher und konsequent den Zielflughafen erreicht. Für den Spezialisten und langjährigen Flugingenieur Jürgen Heermann hat die Fliegerei nichts von ihrer Faszination eingebüßt. Mit anschaulichen Beispielen aus der Praxis schafft er es, auch dem technis...