Cosmology 101

"In introducing readers to cosmology and the real world of sometimes unscholarly scientists, Larsen examines myths about cosmic bodies, current speculation about the universe, and insights from technology-aided discoveries regarding its nature, mapping, and evolution. The text includes a glossary and annotated bibliography, but no dazzling out-of-this world views of the cosmos." - SciTech Book News

Classical Mechanics: From Newton to Einstein: A Modern Introduction (2nd edition)

This book aimed at undergraduate physics and engineering students, presents in a user-friendly style an authoritative approach to the complementary subjects of classical mechanics and relativity. "When McCall (Imperial College London) decided to produce a second edition of his introductory textbook, he was keen to keep it accessible to third-year undergraduates with minimal background in mathematics. So he has embellished the origina...

Regent Park Redux: Reinventing Public Housing in Canada

Regent Park Redux evaluates one of the biggest experiments in public housing redevelopment from the tenant perspective. Built in the 1940s, Toronto’s Regent Park has experienced common large-scale public housing problems. Instead of simply tearing down old buildings and scattering inhabitants, the city’s housing authority came up with a plan for radical transformation. In partnership with a private developer, the Toronto Community Ho...

Biocommunication: Sign-mediated Interactions Between Cells And Organisms

All coordination between cells, organs, and organisms depends on successful biocommunicative processes. There are abundant cases of communication in the biological world, both within (intraspecific) and between (interspecific) single-cell and multicellular microorganisms and higher animal forms. Split into two parts, this book first looks at the history, development and progress within the field of biocommunication. The second part p...

Astrophysics for Physicists

"This book is distinguished by a winning combination of breadth and depth. It provides an exposition of the main topics of modern astrophysics, including subjects that have not been traditionally covered in textbooks of this kind (such as stellar dynamics, plasma astrophysics, physical cosmology and general relativity). Each of the main topics is presented in sufficient detail - emphasizing the basic physics and including relevant ex...

Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity

"Maudlin's book is outstanding, and is particularly remarkable for three central achievements: the clearest exposition of Bell's theorem I know of; a careful discussion of the (in)compatibility between the implications of that theorem and relativity; and astute suggestions for how one could deal with this problem. Maudlin is a professional philosopher who writes on this most fundamental issue of physics in a way that is far clearer t...

Wheels (Simple Machines (Child's World))

Readers learn how this simple machine makes it easier to move things from one place to another. They also learn a wheel works with an axle. By the end of the book, readers know the difference between complex and simple machines and how wheels are used in everyday life to make work easier.