Astrophysics for Physicists

"This book is distinguished by a winning combination of breadth and depth. It provides an exposition of the main topics of modern astrophysics, including subjects that have not been traditionally covered in textbooks of this kind (such as stellar dynamics, plasma astrophysics, physical cosmology and general relativity). Each of the main topics is presented in sufficient detail - emphasizing the basic physics and including relevant ex...

Quantum Non-Locality and Relativity

"Maudlin's book is outstanding, and is particularly remarkable for three central achievements: the clearest exposition of Bell's theorem I know of; a careful discussion of the (in)compatibility between the implications of that theorem and relativity; and astute suggestions for how one could deal with this problem. Maudlin is a professional philosopher who writes on this most fundamental issue of physics in a way that is far clearer t...

Wheels (Simple Machines (Child's World))

Readers learn how this simple machine makes it easier to move things from one place to another. They also learn a wheel works with an axle. By the end of the book, readers know the difference between complex and simple machines and how wheels are used in everyday life to make work easier.

Statistical Mechanics and the Physics of Many-Particle Model Systems

The book is devoted to the study of the correlation effects in many-particle systems. It presents the advanced methods of quantum statistical mechanics (equilibrium and nonequilibrium), and shows their effectiveness and operational ability in applications to problems of quantum solid-state theory, quantum theory of magnetism and the kinetic theory. The book includes description of the fundamental concepts and techniques of analysis f...

Understanding Aerodynamics: Arguing from the Real Physics

Too often aerodynamics has been treated as applied mathematics. This is akin to force the learning of English by committing to memory English grammar rules that the vast majority of native speakers never think about. This has an effect of discouraging anyone but the most unusual students. This book, along with Ed Obert's Aerodynamic design of transport airplane, published in 2009, are important and refreshing in that both are highly ...

Baltic and Black Sea: Ecological Perspectives, Biodiversity and Management

This book discusses ecological perspectives, biodiversity and management of the Baltic and Black Seas. Chapter One reviews the role of the Russian section of the Gulf of Finland and its basin in the ecosystems of the Baltic Sea. Chapter Two studies spatio-temporal dynamics of ichthyoplankton biodiversity in different biotopes of the Baltic Sea. Chapter Three explores the abnormalities in the amphids of free-living nematodes in the Bl...

Multi-Agent-Based Production Planning and Control

At the crossroads of artificial intelligence, manufacturing engineering, operational research and industrial engineering and management, multi-agent based production planning and control is an intelligent and industrially crucial technology with increasing importance. This book provides a complete overview of multi-agent based methods for today’s competitive manufacturing environment, including the Job Shop Manufacturing and Re-entra...

Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures

An essential guide to the background, design, and application of common-mode filtering structures in modern high-speed differential communication links Written by a team of experts in the field, Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures explores the practical electromagnetic bandgap based common mode filters for power integrity applications and covers the theoreticalandpractical design approaches for common mode filtering in high-spee...

Physico-Chemical Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

This book provides an efficient and low-cost solution for remediation of wastewater. The book focuses on physico-chemical treatment via advanced oxidation process, adsorption, its management and recovery of valuable chemicals. It discusses treatment and recovery process for the range of pollutants including BTX, PCB, PCDDs, proteins, phenols, antibiotics, complex organic compounds and metals. The occurrence of persistent pollutants p...