Geometry of Surfaces

Key features:  Presents in-depth coverage of the analysis and synthesis of the geometry of part surfaces Contains numerous practical examples of application of the theories proposed Considers new developments in the elementary theory of enveloping surfaces Proposes a novel approach for generating of conjugate part surfaces Provides a precise analytical description of the geometry of contact between two smooth regular part surfaces

Introduction to Thermo-Fluids Systems Design

Very clear explanantion of the basic issues of thermo-fluid systems, such as air ducts, fans, piping design and pumps, and also basics of structure and calculations heat exchangers, The book can be used as a design tool for thermal systems, air conditiong and refrigeration systems, detailed piping design, etc. Detailed examples with practical calculation of all those subjects, showing the "real life" problems. The book is very recomm...

Basic Mechanics with Engineering Applications

This book gives a sufficient grounding in mechanics for engineers to tackle a significant range of problems encountered in the design and specification of simple structures and machines. It also provides an excellent background for students wishing to progress to more advanced studies in three-dimensional mechanics.

Introduction to Elasticity Theory for Crystal Defects

Self-sufficient and user-friendly, this book provides a complete introduction to the anisotropic elasticity theory necessary to model a wide range of crystal defects. Assuming little prior knowledge of the subject, the reader is first walked through the required basic mathematical techniques and methods. This is followed by treatments of point, line, planar and volume type defects such as vacancies, dislocations, grain boundaries, in...

Introduction to Laser Technology (4th edition)

Seemingly aimed at an undergraduate audience, this book should be approachable to a high school student who has had trigonometry. (Although a course in chemistry, or at least some introduction to atomic spectra, would be helpful.) It starts with the basics of light propagation and moves into the idea of the laser, discussing gain and resonators. Various types of control, such as q-switching and line-narrowing, are covered. Different ...

Inconsistency, Asymmetry, and Non-Locality:(Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Science)

Mathias Frisch is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park. Mathias Frisch provides the first sustained philosophical discussion of conceptual problems in classical particle-field theories. Part of the book focuses on the problem of a satisfactory equation of motion for charged particles interacting with electromagnetic fields. As Frisch shows, the standard equation of motion results in a mathemat...

Grassmannian Geometry of Scattering Amplitudes

Outlining a revolutionary reformulation of the foundations of perturbative quantum field theory, this book is a self-contained and authoritative analysis of the application of this new formulation to the case of planar, maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. The book begins by deriving connections between scattering amplitudes and Grassmannian geometry from first principles before introducing novel physical and mathematical idea...

Engineering Mechanics: Statics, 8 edition

Known for its accuracy, clarity, and dependability, Meriam, Kraige, and Bolton's Engineering Mechanics: Statics, 8th Edition has provided a solid foundation of mechanics principles for more than 60 years. This text continues to help students develop their problem-solving skills with an extensive variety of engaging problems related to engineering design. In addition to new homework problems, the text includes a number of helpful samp...

Properties and Applications of Polymer Dielectrics

The book gives the reader an overview on electrical properties and applications such as converter transformer, transistor, and energy storage. Besides, this book also presents some recent researches on typical polymer material such as silicon rubber and LDPE, which may provide some clues of advanced polymer properties for both engineers and researches. Contents Preface 1 Polymer Dielectric in Organic Field‐Effect Transistor 2 High-k ...

God Is Not Dead

Move over, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens–a highly regarded nuclear physicist enters the debate about the existence of God–and comes down on the side of the angels. Goswami's hypothesis is that quantum physics holds the key to all the unsolved mysteries of biology–the nature and origin of life, fossil gaps of evolution, why evolution proceeds from simple to complex, and why biological beings have feeling and consciousness. ...