Introductory Bioelectronics: For Engineers and Physical Scientists

The authors have done a fantastic job assembling all the information needed to establish a firm foundation for work in bioelectronics. It should be noted, however, that this is a first edition and that math errors abound. There are a few in every chapter it seems. This may be fine for those refreshing their knowledge but could also be highly frustrating for those trying to learn the subject matter. Ultimately, the clarity of the writ...

Lignocellulosic Biomass Production and Industrial Applications

The book has a diverse audience. It will be particularly useful to scientists and researchers working in the renewable energy sector and lignocellulosic biorefinery application. The book will be also useful to academic researchers and industry engineers in the areas of fermentation technology, bioprocess engineering, enzymology, agricultural biotechnology, chemical and process engineering, bioplastics and polymer science.

Universal Quantum Computing: Supervening Decoherence - Surmounting Uncertainty

Topological phase transitions is currently the hottest arena in all physics, so much so that Princeton University (Einstein's home) is making 2018 'A year of Topological Phase'. Amoroso's QC volume, is years ahead on that, having developed an 'Ontological-Phase Topological Field Theory' in 2016 allowing Quantum Computing to operate by supervening the uncertainty principle. Decoherence, the remaining problem in QC development is solve...

Asymptotic Theory Of Quantum Statistical Inference: Selected Papers

Quantum statistical inference, a research field with deep roots in the foundations of both quantum physics and mathematical statistics, has made remarkable progress since 1990. In particular, its asymptotic theory has been developed during this period. However, there has hitherto been no book covering this remarkable progress after 1990; the famous textbooks by Holevo and Helstrom deal only with research results in the earlier stage ...

Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics (Aerospace Series)

“The book ‘is aimed to be a comprehensive textbook’: the classical subject matter, including the transition and stability theory in Chapter 9, would be a useful addition to the literature of any undergraduate or graduate student; the computational sections contain little in terms of fundamentals of numerics but, accepting that useful computational results are the focus, results are presented for several applications that would be of ...

Spectroscopy: New Uses and Implications

Spectroscopy is a powerful technique that utilizes the interaction of light with matter. Analysis of various spectra can yield important physical characteristics of matter, including chemical composition, temperature, luminosity, mass, and more. The uses and implications of spectroscopy are very broad, with practical uses in many fields of science, including astronomy, medicine, analytic chemistry, material science, geology, and more...

5 Steps to a 5 AP Physics B, 2014 Edition

My daughter used with study guide to help her with her AP Physics exam. She loved the examples and the fact that there were prior tests in book to help her study. The steps and guides were very helpful and she learned a lot that was not covered in her regular AP Physics class. I would recommend this book to anyone who is taking the AP test, or for your child who will be taking the exam. Good luck!

Consistent Quantum Theory

"The book is systematic and clear. The conceptual framework of the consistent histories approach is sharply delinerated, there is an abundance of examples, open questions are honestly identified, and there are references to more detailed studies. I think it is the best book on consistent histories thus far, indispensable for those who want to understand this interpretation of quantum mechanics."

Incompressible Flow, 4th Edition

This is a classic example of engineering math. At sometimes the derivations can become overly explicit and complicated. The benefit is that when you really dive into this method of physical reasoning it is as if you are sitting in an engineering meeting room with a white board. These concepts do not need to be this hard, but when it comes to facing new problems these are the steps that are often skipped or refined before published in...