Investigating Forces and Motion: Physical Science (Science Readers)

Not that many kid friendly books available to help inspire young kids about inventors and scientists. This was a book from a limited selection and what a find!! Just finished reading through it. Love that it was inclusive of women scientists. Love the lessons on words youngins may not necessarily understand. Love how it encourages kids to think of ideas of their own. And what a nice surprise to see a relevant experiment in the back o...

Lightning: Physics and Effects

This is the go-to book for the physics of lightning. Rakov and Uman have put together a great collection of information that is state-of-the-art. This is the first book of its kind. It essentially covers all the known aspects of lightning and is essential for engineers/scientists/ or researchers in this field. I understand that it is expensive to add colored pictures to books, but for some of the figures in the book it would have bee...

Communicating Science

"The text is appropriate for those teaching research skills within the sciences, as well as those in professional communication who may be teaching a course on technical writing to science majors. While intended for a graduate-level audience, this text would also be appropriate for advanced undergraduates in the sciences and engineering who wish to become more familiar with those genres employed in the sciences. I highly recommend th...

Cytoskeleton: Structure, Dynamics, Function and Disease

This book provides new insights into the structure-functional features, dynamics, and cytoskeleton's relationship to diseases. The cytoskeleton is a highly dynamic intracellular platform constituted by a three-dimensional network of proteins responsible for key cellular roles as structure and shape, cell growth and development, and offering to the cell with "motility" that being the ability of the entire cell to move and for material...

Theoretical Solid State Physics, Volume 2: (Non-Equilibrium & Disorder)

I am a Chinese theoretical chemical-physicist and I found this book far better than any other solid-state textbook in Chinese, even though it was written some 40 years ago. It gave a very systematic, general to example approach to solid state problems. Recommended. Concisely written and well-organized, the two volumes are concerned with quite different aspects of the subjects. Volume I deals with the fundamental theory of the equilib...

Shift Register Sequences ,Third Revised Edition

Shift register sequences cover a broad range of applications, from radar signal design, pseudo-random number generator, digital wireless telephony, and many other areas in coded communications. It is the primary area for which the author, Dr Golomb, received the US National Medal of Science. This book is the third, revised edition of the original definitive book on shift register sequences which was published in 1967, which has been ...

Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics: (Physics in a New Era)

This book identifies opportunities, priorities, and challenges for the field of condensed-matter and materials physics. It highlights exciting recent scientific and technological developments and their societal impact and identifies outstanding questions for future research. Topics range from the science of modern technology to new materials and structures, novel quantum phenomena, nonequilibrium physics, soft condensed matter, and n...

Advances in Biofeedstocks and Biofuels , Volume 2

Biofuels production is one of the most extensively studied fields in the energy sector that can provide an alternative energy source and bring the energy industry closer to sustainability. Biomass-based fuel production, or renewable fuels, are becoming increasingly important as a potential solution for man-made climate change, depleted oil reserves, and the dangers involved with hydraulic fracturing (or "fracking"). The price of oil ...

Redes eléctricas

Disponer de herramientas computacionales que resuelvan, simulen y desplieguen las formas de ondas de las respuestas, puede llevar a desconocer la forma en que estas herramientas ocupan los conceptos y teorías en los que están basados. Por esta razón, uno de los objetivos del texto es usar herramientas computacionales para resolver los problemas matemáticos asociados a la teoría de redes (teoría de circuitos) y a la vez ilustrar en qu...

Geometry of Surfaces

Key features:  Presents in-depth coverage of the analysis and synthesis of the geometry of part surfaces Contains numerous practical examples of application of the theories proposed Considers new developments in the elementary theory of enveloping surfaces Proposes a novel approach for generating of conjugate part surfaces Provides a precise analytical description of the geometry of contact between two smooth regular part surfaces