Player's Handbook Volume 1 - Pickup and Seduction Secrets for Men Who Love Women & Sex (and Want More of Both)

005c5c7e_medium Author Tommy Orlando
Isbn 9780979860553
File size 1.2MB
Year 2007
Pages 108
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

You Want to Ask Her Out. It Could Be the Best Night of Your Life…or the Most Embarrassing. Have you ever looked at the guy standing next to a smoking hot babe and thought, "I'm better than him, why does he get to be with a girl like that?" What if I told you that you could easily approach any beautiful girl of your choice, and know exactly what to do and say with complete confidence in order to get that girl to come home with you. Imagine if dealing with women were as easy as following a set of rules that were guaranteed to work. Good news: Now it is! In this book, you'll uncover my deepest seduction secrets, including: * How to never be without a sex partner – get any girl you want and always leave them wanting more! * How to achieve the "Master" level, where seduction becomes second nature and you pick up girls without even thinking about it! * Which "rules" you think you know that you may be dead wrong about – avoid these false assumptions and you will easily avoid rejection and missed opportunity. * How to avoid the mistakes that 99% of men make when approaching women. * The final answer on the age-old question: "What do women want?" * And so much more!



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