The Heritage of Russian Verse

This is essentially a dual language Russian/English survey of the last eight hundred years of Russian poetry, from the Lay of Igor' to early post-war period. There is no explanation of the context or stature of the various poets, and the poems selected are not among the best from particular authors in my opinon (Blok, Akhmatova, Tikhin, etc.) but there's not a lot out there competing, either. Russian poetry is very moving, classicall...

Portraits and Other Poems

“Augusta Webster’s powerful and witty, disarmingly casual essays incisively explore such topics as the creation of selfhood, the social constraints that mar women’s happiness, and the struggle for women’s rights. Reintroducing Webster’s writings after a century of neglect, Christine Sutphin provides generous, well-chosen selections of both poetry and prose as well as an informative introduction and useful supplementary materials. Any...

Poetry and Vision in Early Modern England

Jane Partner studied English Literature at the University of Cambridge and Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, UK. She is now a Fellow at Trinity Hall in Cambridge, UK, where she teaches a range of literary and art-historical subjects. This book reveals the ways in which seventeenth-century poets used models of vision taken from philosophy, theology, scientific optics, political polemic and the visual...

The New Woman:(Flashpoints)

"The New Woman is an exciting breakthrough for scholars and armchair readers alike who are seeking to put the femme in feminist studies, lesbian studies, and even queer theory." Heaney provides insightful and informed analyses of a wide range of writings from the modernist era, in the context of medical, psychoanalytic, feminist and material challenges to binary notions of gender and sex. Reading what she terms a 'trans feminine arch...

Working-Class Women Poets in Victorian Britain: An Anthology

“Florence Boos has produced a fascinating anthology and a learned interpretive study in one volume. Boos is passionate in her claims for the social life of poetry and careful in her presentation of individuality of each of these writing women. The poems include political ballads, personal lyrics, and selections of prose that often give insights into what poetic vocation meant to working women. Boos provides excellent introductions to...

Euripides, Ion: Edition and Commentary

This study undertakes to provide the reader with a new edition of Euripides` Ion and a commentary that elucidates the play as a self-contained text and a sophisticated and dramaturgically effective construct. It helps the reader understand what the Greek text means on the literal level, and how the characters act in word and deed, how their actions have been arranged by the poet in a way so that they form a coherent and stringent plot.

Octavio Paz and T. S. Eliot

When the sixteen-year-old Octavio Paz (1914-1998) discovered The Waste Land in Spanish translation, it 'opened the doors of modern poetry'. The influence of T S Eliot would accompany Paz throughout his career, defining many of his key poems and pronouncements. Yet Paz's attitude towards his precursor was ambivalent. Boll's study is the first to trace the history of Paz's engagement with Eliot in Latin American and Spanish periodicals...

Contemporary Poetry and Contemporary Science

A unique collaboration between leading poets and scientists, Contemporary Poetry and Contemporary Science demonstrates through its form, and through practice as well as reflection, that poetry and science can meet with productive results. Crossing between disciplines, and between prose and verse, the book shows how modes of scientific knowledge and of poetic making continue to be intertwined. Often drawing on Scottish intellectual tr...

Poetry as Insurgent Art

A manifesto, essay, and discourse on the value of poetic thought in the modern age. In 1953 Lawrence Ferlinghetti founded the first paperback bookstore in the United States. In over five decades City Lights, the bookstore and publisher, has become a Mecca for millions. Ferlinghetti’s A Coney Island of the Mind (ND, 1958) is a number one best-selling volume of poetry by any living American poet. Now, New Directions is proud to publish...

How Poets See the World

Although readers of prose fiction sometimes find descriptive passages superfluous or boring, description itself is often the most important aspect of a poem. This book examines how a variety of contemporary poets use description in their work. Description has been the great burden of poetry. How do poets see the world? How do they look at it? What do they look for? Is description an end in itself, or a means of expressing desire? Ezr...