Pastoral, Pragmatism, and Twentieth-Century American Poetry

"Mikkelsen has put the politics back in American pastoral, and has extended the purview of the pastoral project to critical twentieth-century themes . . . Mikkelsen reminds us that American pastoral's core function is not escape or nostalgia but interrogation of cultural norms and modeling of new modes of being in the world and in community. Reading a diverse group of poets from Frost to Susan Howe, Mikkelsen provides, through her an...

Virgil's Double Cross: Design and Meaning in the Aeneid

This is a powerful book, rigorous in its close reading and groundbreaking in its argument. With masterful insight Quint pushes the parallel reversals in the Aeneid further than any other living critic. Accessible to students and advanced scholars alike, this bookreadable, brisk, and elegantwill become a new classic. In this major study, Quint applies his critical scalpel to the dissection of Virgil's use, small-scale and large-scale,...

The Kalevala: Or Poems of the Kaleva District

Fascinating masterwork of Finnish people's gathered and transcribed oral histories. Good, easily readable English translation. The introduction text is well done and very enlightening for a new reader of Finnish folklore and cultural myths.

Poems of the Elder Edda (The Middle Ages Series) (4th Edition)

The great poetic tradition of pre-Christian Scandinavia is known to us almost exclusively though the Poetic Edda. The poems originated in Iceland, Norway, and Greenland between the ninth and thirteenth centuries, when they were compiled in a unique manuscript known as the Codex Regius. The poems are primarily lyrical rather than narrative. Terry's readable translation includes the magnificent cosmological poem Völuspá ("The Sibyl's P...

The Ancient Quarrel Between Poetry and Philosophy (Princeton Legacy Library)

Affecting audiences with depictions of suffering and injustice is a key function of tragedy, and yet it has long been viewed by philosophers as a dubious enterprise. In this book Thomas Gould uses both historical and theoretical approaches to explore tragedy and its power to gratify readers and audiences. He takes as his starting point Plato's moral and psychological objections to tragedy, and the conflict he recognized between "poet...

Rape Trials in England and Wales

In light of ongoing concerns about the treatment of survivors, Rape Trials in England and Wales critically examines court responses to rape and sexual assault. Using new data from an in-depth observational study of rape trials, this book asks why attempts to improve survivor experiences at court have not been fully effective. In doing so, Smith identifies deep-rooted barriers to survivor justice and, crucially, introduces potential a...

In the Light of Contradiction: Desire in the Poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca

In 1926, as a young man of 28 with a growing reputation as an oral poet, Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936) toyed with the idea of proving his worth in writing by bringing out a boxed set of three volumes of his verse. Because the Suites, Canciones, and the Poema del cante jondo eventually came out singly (in the case of the Suites, posthumously), readers have not always realised that they formed a single body of work -- one which, Lo...

British Prose Poetry: The Poems Without Lines

“These intelligent essays and Jane Monson’s clearly-stated preface succeed in situating this sometimes gravely overlooked genre, with its attendant problems and triumphs, both historically and presently.” (Mary Ann Caws,  Distinguished Professor Emerita of English, French, and Comparative Literature at the Graduate School of the City University of New York, USA) “British Prose Poetry: The Poems Without Lines is a momentous and unpara...

The Politics of Sacrifice in Early Greek Myth and Poetry

This book offers a new interpretation of ancient Greek sacrifice from a cultural poetic perspective. Through close readings of key texts and the evidence from material culture, it argues that the ritual of sacrifice operates as a cultural mechanism for the perpetuation of patriarchal ideology throughout Greek cultural history.

Notational Experiments in North American Long Poems, 1961-2011: Stave Sightings

This book is a critical experiment that tracks the literary and poetic uses of musical notation and notational methods in North American long poems from the middle of last century to the contemporary moment. Poets have readily referred to their poems as “scores.” Yet, in this study, Carruthers argues that the integration of musical scores in expansive works of this period does more work than previously thought, offering both resoluti...