Introspection and Engagement in Propertius: A Study of Book 3

Argues that Propertius' third book re-invents Latin love-elegy, in competition with Horatian lyric and Virgilian epic, as part of an ambitious claim to Augustan pre-eminence. Uses detailed readings of individual elegies to explore elegy's engagement with emerging Augustan mores.

A Poetics of Global Solidarity: Modern American Poetry and Social Movements

"This book will be a game-changer for the study of modern American poetry. It argues for the first time that there is a century-long progressive tradition of poetic efforts to create an American voice and subject position that is fundamentally international in its scope and political/aesthetic positioning. Because its historical reach is so wide and its thesis so timely, it deserves a wide audience."

Irony and the Poetry of the First World War

How does irony affect the evaluation and perception of the First World War both then and now? Irony and the Poetry of the First World War traces one of the major features of war poetry from the author's application as a means of disguise, criticism or psychological therapy to its perception and interpretation by the reader.

Nelly Sachs

"Sachs' Lyrik der 1940er-Jahre wird zum ersten Mal in Martins Interpretation in ihrer ganzen Radikalität lesbar. Vielleicht sind Sachs' Texte die überzeugendste Darstellung, die wir vom 'Zivilisationsbruch Auschwitz' haben."

Drafting and Assessing Poetry: A Guide for Teachers

`Drafting and Assessing Poetry is thoroughly researched and shows how attitudes towards teaching of poetry and indeed the place of poetry on the syllabus, has changed with political fashion over the years., But more importantly, Sue Dymoke shows how a handful of contemporary poets go about drafting their work and sees this process as an essential tool in the classroom, advocating that students should keep drafting notebooks, just lik...

Margherita Sarrocchi's Letters to Galileo (Palgrave Studies in Literature, Science and Medicine)

“We have long known about Galileo's correspondence with his eldest daughter Virginia. In this critical edition of his correspondence with Margherita Sarrocchi, Meredith Ray illuminates his relationship with one of the most fascinating women writers of his age. Sarrocchi was a powerful cultural broker in Rome and a controversial figure. In their letters a dialogue about science and literature emerges, shortly after Galileo came to Rom...


In diesem Buch fügen sich kostbare Weisheiten zu einem poetischen Vermächtnis, das Antworten auf Fragen­ des Lebens und der Kunst gibt. Mal eine Zeile lang, mal mehrere Seiten umfassend, dokumentieren sie die geistig-­seelische Vita einer nachdenklichen, klugen, ja weisen Autorin. Kein Buch, das man von vorne bis hinten durchliest, sondern eines, das man immer wieder zur Hand nimmt.

Carol Ann Duffy: Poet for Our Times

This is the only monograph to consider the entire thirty-year career, publications, and influence of Britain's first female poet laureate. It outlines her impact on trends in contemporary poetry and establishes what we mean by ‘Duffyesque’ concerns and techniques. Discussions of her writing and activities prove how she has championed the relevance of poetry to all areas of contemporary culture and to the life of every human being. In...

Brill's Companion to Statius (Brill's Companions in Classical Studies)

"In the 'Introduction' the editors state that they "have attempted to provide for our readers both an overview of present trends in research and a stimulus to future exploration of Statius, his times, and his reception' (pp. 13-14). These goals are easily met in the volume and everywhere contributors point to fertile avenues for future research. Students and scholars alike will find much value here." Andrew M. McClellan, Bryn Mawr Cl...