Juvencus' Four Books of the Gospels: (Routledge Later Latin Poetry)

"The current volume will find its natural venue to be the university classroom. Juvencus’ poem would fit in an expanding Classics curriculum, whether in a class on the epic tradition after Virgil, one exploring the interplay of religious and cultural identities in the Roman empire, perhaps even as the object of a primary source study in a survey course on Late Antiquity ... This will be the standard English translation, so we should ...

Beowulf in Parallel Texts

This dual-language edition of Beowulf is for the general readers' enjoyment of the poem as well as a study guide for students of English language and literature. To meet this dual purpose, the book provides the two texts running in parallel. The general readers can enjoy the poem by reading the translation; but the serious students of English can lean on the translation as a prop while studying the original text line after line. For ...

Poetic Designs: An Introduction to Meters, Verse Forms, and Figures of Speech

This book by Stephen Adams along with Stephen Fry's THE ODE LESS TRAVELLED were the two books assigned to us in my first English class at Columbia College (University) in New York City. Taken together, you should have a firm grasp on poetry's formal aspects. Read these books if you wan to have the vocabulary that is necessary to understand any subject, even math requires its own language, but here that subject is poetics.

Anna Letitia Barbauld: Selected Poetry and Prose

“As a poet, essayist, editor, and teacher, Anna Letitia Barbauld attained a position of eminence in her own time, distinguishing herself in a tradition of Dissenting writers, such as Priestley, Wollstonecraft, and Coleridge. McCarthy and Kraft’s fascinating historical introduction and notes place Barbauld’s life and work in the context of middle-class, Dissenting culture, noting her complex, and often misunderstood, positions on woma...

Roads Not Taken: Rereading Robert Frost

In Roads Not Taken, Earl J. Wilcox and Jonathan N. Barron bring a new freshness and depth to the study of one of America's greatest poets. While some critics discounted Frost as a poet without technical skill, rhetorical complexity, or intellectual depth, over the past decade scholars have begun to view Robert Frost's work from many new perspectives. Critical hermeneutics, culture studies, feminism, postmodernism, and textual editing...

The Ecstatic Poetic Tradition

Marvelous book in praise of ecstasy as an expression of the awakened heart and flourishing human. It thoughtfully addresses the vast breadth of the poetic and mystical traditions spanning human history and cultures from Vedic seers, Hindu and Buddhist sages, Hebrew prophets and Christian and Sufi mystics before focusing on his selection of Rumi, Wordsworth, Whitman, Dickinson, and Tagore. These do not exhaust the list of poets he mig...

Pindar and the Poetics of Permanence

Recent scholarship on early Greek lyric has been primarily concerned with the immediate contexts of its first performance. This volume instead turns its attention to the rhetoric and realities of poetic permanence. Taking Pindar and archaic Greek literary culture as its focus, it offers a new reading of Pindar's victory odes which explores not only how they were received by those who first experienced them, but also what they can mea...

The Poets' Jesus: Representations at the End of a Millennium

Poets have always been the medium through which a culture talks of, and to, its gods. Now, in this learned but lively commentary, Peggy Rosenthal shows us the astonishing range of poetic encounters with Jesus. With a special emphasis on twentieth-century poetry, Rosenthal draws from an unprecedented range of world poetry–from Africa, the Arab world, and the Far East to Latin America and the West–to give readers an understanding of ho...

Islands of Protest : Japanese Literature From Okinawa

Literature is an important vehicle to further knowledge of other cultures, and English translations of Okinawan literary works have had a major impact on the field of Okinawan studies. Yet the riches of Okinawa's literature have yet to be adequately mined. Islands of Protest attempts to address this lacuna with this new selection of critically acclaimed modern and contemporary works in English. The anthology includes poetry, fiction,...

Ezra Pound: Poet: Volume III

The final volume of this work focuses with great insight into the private poet while not ignoring his public personae. Most men spend their last years in quiet contemplation but Pound certainly was not and this volume attempts to illuminate what the final years of this were about. Years in solitary in a mental institution developing his poetry having some of the literary titans of the 20th century e.g. Eliot and Hemingway among other...