The Poetry Of Jack Spicer

In the years since his death from alcohol poisoning, San Francisco Renaissance poet Jack Spicer (1925-1965) has gradually come to be recognized as one of most intriguing, demanding, and rewarding of the so-called 'New American Poetry' poets who were first published in Donald Allen's historic anthology of that name.This is the first full-length critical monograph on his work, placing it in the context not only of the San Francisco Ren...

The Ocean, The Bird, And The Scholar: Essays On Poets And Poetry

One of our foremost commentators on poetry examines the work of a broad range of nineteenth- and twentieth-century English, Irish, and American poets. The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholar gathers two decades’ worth of Helen Vendler’s essays, book reviews, and occasional prose―including the 2004 Jefferson Lecture―in a single volume. Taken together, they serve as a reminder that if the arts and the patina of culture they cast over the ...

The Language Of Inquiry

Hejinian's essays are a keystone of postwar North American poetics. They are also a great pleasure to read, for Hejinian is an extraordinarily resonant stylist whose work combines the lushness of her poetry with an engaging aesthetic and philosophical inventiveness. This is writing that avoids closure in the pursuit of unfolding, multifaceted, restive thought. The Language of Inquiry's meditations on the possibilities of poetry creat...

Poetry As Testimony: Witnessing And Memory In Twentieth-century Poems

This book analyzes Holocaust poetry, war poetry, working-class poetry, and 9/11 poetry as forms of testimony. Rowland argues that testamentary poetry requires a different approach to traditional ways of dealing with poems due to the pressure of the metatext (the original, traumatic events), the poems’ demands for the hyper-attentiveness of the reader, and a paradox of identification that often draws the reader towards identifying wit...

On Modern Poetry: From Theory To Total Criticism

Alltoo often, the history of poetry criticism in the 20th Century is told as atale of two sides. While ‘Lit crit' pored over the author's every line,‘Theory' stood on the shoulder of texts to gaze into the metaphysical mists. Drawingon the key insights of both Lit crit and Theory, On Modern Poetry tries to get beyond the oppositionbetween them, proposing instead a ‘total criticism' that draws on all resourcesavailable.It combines ‘an...

Translation As Transformation In Victorian Poetry

Explores how the range and subject-matter of Anglophone poetry were diversified by the Victorian practice of translation. This study offers a new account of translation's dynamic role in nineteenth-century culture, gives fresh interpretations of canonical and non-canonical poems, and describes poetic translation into, as well as out of, English. Translation as Transformation in Victorian Poetry illuminates the dynamic mutual influenc...

A History Of Modernist Poetry

A History of Modernist Poetry examines innovative anglophone poetries from decadence to the post-war period. The first of its three parts considers formal and contextual issues, including myth, politics, gender, and race, while the second and third parts discuss a wide range of individual poets, including Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, W. B. Yeats, Mina Loy, Gertrude Stein, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, and Marianne Moore, as w...

Lyric Encounters: Essays On American Poetry From Lazarus And Frost To Ortiz Cofer And Alexie

Go home and write a page tonight": Subversive irony and resistant reading in Langston Hughes's "Theme for English B" -- The erotics of close reading: Williams, Demuth, and "The Crimson Cyclamen" -- Queering time: Allen Ginsberg, "america," and the Cold War -- Active and passive citizenship in Emma Lazarus's "the New Colossus" and Judith Ortiz Cofer's "The Latin deli: an ars poetica" -- Homosocial black male desire as mediated through...

Lyric In The Renaissance: From Petrarch To Montaigne

This wide-ranging study of the lyric as a literary genre in Renaissance Europe, by a leading scholar of the period, explores how Petrarch revolutionized love lyric and how European poetic language was changed thereafter. It includes discussions of the work of Charles d'Orléans, Ronsard, Du Bellay, and Montaigne, among others. Moving from a definition of the lyric to the innovations introduced by Petrarch's poetic language, this study...

Proximity And Distance: Medieval Hebrew And Arabic Poetry By Joseph Tobi, Murray Rosovsky

The first steps in Hebrew secular poetry took place around the turn of the ninth century, under the impact of contemporary Arabic poetry. This impact was so great that some researchers, incorrectly, define the Hebrew poetry as a school which is distinct from the Arabic school only by virtue of its Hebrew language. However, the right way to the essence of medieval Hebrew poetry is not only by revealing and describing its ties with Ara...