Proximity And Distance: Medieval Hebrew And Arabic Poetry By Joseph Tobi, Murray Rosovsky

The first steps in Hebrew secular poetry took place around the turn of the ninth century, under the impact of contemporary Arabic poetry. This impact was so great that some researchers, incorrectly, define the Hebrew poetry as a school which is distinct from the Arabic school only by virtue of its Hebrew language. However, the right way to the essence of medieval Hebrew poetry is not only by revealing and describing its ties with Ara...

Poetry And The American Presidency

I personally love history, but have found poetry hard to engage. Dr Ferlazzo has given me a new love for poetry as well as satisfying my old love of history. He made poetry come alive as he unveiled poet and verse in the powerful context of American politics and the lives of our presidents. I heartily recommend "Poetry and the American Presidency"! Reading poetry reveals a great deal about the mind, the values, and the character of a...

At Home In Time: Forms Of Neo-augustanism In Modern English Poetry

Deane offers an important corrective to the received history of twentieth-century poetry and English literature. Anyone who takes an active interest in the history of twentieth-century poetry will read this book with interest." Lawrence Rainey, Department of English, Yale University. The presence of these values, Deane contends, is not a curiosity but part of a vital and discernible tradition of modern neo-Augustanism that has been p...

Homer Oder Die Geburt Der Abendländischen Dichtung

Um wieviel ärmer wäre die Weltliteratur, hätte uns Homer nicht Ilias und Odyssee geschenkt. Ohne seine Helden, die mit Todesverachtung vor Troia für Liebe und Ehre kämpfen oder sich allen Fährnissen zum Trotz standhaft um die Heimkehr mühen, wüßten wir nichts vom Zorn des Achill und von der Tapferkeit Hektors, nichts von der verführerischen Anmut Helenas und nichts vom Listenreichtum des Odysseus.Auch hat kein anderes Werk auf die Li...

Resistance And Emancipation: Cultural And Poetic Practices (hispanic Studies: Culture And Ideas)

This book is a collection of essays developed from the meetings of the ‘Poetics of Resistance’ network in Leeds (2008) and Santiago de Compostela (2009). The volume contains contributions from an international group of researchers and cultural producers, who are committed to the activation, promotion and analysis of counter-hegemonic practices both in the development and transmission of knowledge and in the emancipatory tools of cult...

Roving Mind: Binoculars Keep Constant Watch By Aluta Nite

This work is a Collection of Prose-Poetry. The book is for readers to ponder on what goes on around them and in the world at large. The writing is very current and relevant to modern day world and literature. The pieces would greatly appeal to lovers of real life episodes, students. general public, book clubs and libraries. The book has adoption potential in literature classes for students in high schools and colleges.

Romantic Atheism: Poetry And Freethought, 1780-1830 (cambridge Studies In Romanticism)

Romantic Atheism_ points out the ways in which writers of the Romantic era flirted with and sometimes encouraged different kinds of lack of belief that tended (and still tend) to be lumped together under the term Atheism. Priestman is masterful in untangling all the shades of dissent from orthodox Christian belief in Romantic-period Britain, and shows how the even accusation of atheism entwined with politics. His mastery of the subje...

A Common Strangeness: Contemporary Poetry, Cross-cultural Encounter, Comparative Literature

Why is our world still understood through binary oppositions-East and West, local and global, common and strange-that ought to have crumbled with the Berlin Wall? What might literary responses to the events that ushered in our era of globalization tell us about the rhetorical and historical underpinnings of these dichotomies? In A Common Strangeness, Jacob Edmond exemplifies a new, multilingual and multilateral approach to literary a...