The Poets' Jesus: Representations at the End of a Millennium

51K4XU-rr3L._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Peggy Rosenthal
Isbn 9780195151640
File size 3.6MB
Year 2001
Pages 208
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

Poets have always been the medium through which a culture talks of, and to, its gods. Now, in this learned but lively commentary, Peggy Rosenthal shows us the astonishing range of poetic encounters with Jesus. With a special emphasis on twentieth-century poetry, Rosenthal draws from an unprecedented range of world poetry–from Africa, the Arab world, and the Far East to Latin America and the West–to give readers an understanding of how different times and different cultures have affected the way poets refigure Jesus and of how poets' fascination with the man from Nazareth transcends all barriers. She also demonstrates that, despite the twentieth century's self-definition as a secular and post-Christian epoch, it has produced poetry about Jesus of truly surprising quality and variety. Impeccably researched and extremely accessible, The Poets Jesus will strongly appeal to scholars of poetry and religion as well as for all general readers of poetry.



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