The Religious Imagination of American Women

""This book is a nuanced discussion of contemporary feminist thought in a variety of religious traditions. It draws from both academic and popular writings and offers a rich selection of books to pursue on one's own."" -- Re-Imagining ""This remarkable book examines American women's religious thought in many diverse faith traditions.... This is a cogent, provocative -- even moving -- analysis."" -- Publishers Weekly This study of the...

Democracy in Poland: Representation, participation, competition and accountability since 1989

This book assesses the quality of democracy in Poland from the collapse of communism in 1989 up to the 2011 parliamentary election. It presents an in-depth, empirically grounded study comparing two decades of democratic politics. Drawing on democratic theory and comparative politics, the book puts forward an evaluation of democracy based on four dimensions: representation, participation, competition and accountability. The book is an...

Rank and File: Personal Histories by Working-Class Organizers

In this long-out-of-print oral history classic, Alice and Staughton Lynd chronicle the stories of more than two dozen working-class organizers who occupied factories, held sit-down strikes, walked out, picketed, and found other bold and innovative ways to fight for workers’ rights. Rank and File brings the militancy of these firebrand organizers to life—whether it was in founding unions, challenging sexism and racism, safety violatio...

Americanism in the Twenty-First Century

What does it mean to be - or become - American amidst today's immigration debates? Deborah Schildkraut explores public opinion about the implications of American identity. Importantly, the book evaluates the claim that all Americans should prioritize their American identity instead of an ethnic or national origin identity. National identity can enhance participation, trust, and obligation. But it can also lead to threat and resentmen...

Failings of the International Court of Justice

Failings of the International Court of Justice critically examines the jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice. Even though the legal instrument that establishes the Court provides that its judgments have no formal precedential value, those judgments are treated as authoritative by international lawyers throughout the world. In this book, A. Mark Weisburd argues that the Court's decisions are, in a large minority of cases...

Political Violence and Kurds in Turkey : Fragmentations, Mobilizations, Participations

The Kurdish conflict is an acknowledged long-standing issue in the Middle East, and the emergence of radical Kurdish nationalist movements in the 20th century played a decisive role in the evolution of political violence. Political Violence and Kurds in Turkey examines how this political violence impacts Kurds in contemporary Turkey, and explores the circumstances that move human beings to violent acts. It looks at the forms politica...

Conflict and Communication

Focusing on the themes of conflict, communication, and globalisation, this book provides interdisciplinary studies of modern and contemporary Asia and highlights the latest developments in Asian Studies. Beginning with a discussion on the role of communications, the book offers theoretical and methodological considerations on dealing with conflict and communication. It then explores self–other relationships through an investigation o...

Material Culture and Text: The Art of Ambiguity

Originally published in 1991, this is the first book-length exploration of post-structuralist discourse theory in archaeology. It tackles the most basic problem of historical and archaeological analysis - the relationship between text and artefact – in an analysis of prehistoric art fusing theory and the practice of interpretation to create a fresh framework for understanding the relationship between past and present. Focusing on a c...

Light at the Edge of the World: A Journey Through the Realm of Vanishing Cultures

For more than 30 years, renowned anthropologist Wade Davis has traveled the globe, studying the mysteries of sacred plants and celebrating the world’s traditional cultures. His passion as an ethnobotanist has brought him to the very center of indigenous life in places as remote and diverse as the Canadian Arctic, the deserts of North Africa, the rain forests of Borneo, the mountains of Tibet, and the surreal cultural landscape of Hai...

Law Reform in Developing and Transitional States

Law reform in developing countries has become an increasingly topical subject in recent years.A critical issue is why so many law reform projects in developing economies are regarded by their sponsors and recipients as unsuccessful. This informative book: examines examples of law reform projects in post-socialist and post-authoritarian states in Asia identifies common problems proposes analytical frameworks for understanding the prob...