Who Owns the Dead? : The Science and Politics of Death at Ground Zero

Most Americans are familiar with the events of September 11, 2001. This in-depth narrative by Aronson describes what came next as Americans attempted to make sense of the tragedy and decide how it should be remembered. The book details government and private organizations' work to recover remains, identify victims, and build a memorial. The 9/11 Memorial raised financial and legal controversies as well as heated moral arguments about...

You Only Live Twice (James Bond)

The final Bond book by Fleming to be published in his lifetime, You Only Live Twice ties with From Russia With Love as my favorite of his novels. FRWL is a classic espionage tale but in YOLT, Fleming aims for something much different and writes Bond into something much more mythic and elaborate. Written after the hit Bond films were released, Fleming writes his most cinematic book, full of elaborate detail and outlandish concepts suc...

The Captive and the Gift: Cultural Histories of Sovereignty in Russia and the Caucasus

"This is an important and groundbreaking book, and it is especially necessary at this time of ongoing tension between Russia and the Caucasus. Grant squarely challenges the dangerous and persistent stereotypes of the Caucasus as 'naturally' criminal, arguing that idioms and practices of violence between Russia and the Caucasus have developed over time in a mutually constituted relationship. He also forces us to question the destructi...

Unlocking Contract Law (Unlocking the Law), 4th edition

The Unlocking the Law series makes the law accessible. Each chapter contains activities such as quick quizzes and self-test questions, key facts charts to consolidate your knowledge and diagrams to aid learning. Cases, judgments and primary source quotations are prominently displayed. Summaries help you understand each chapter, there is a glossary of legal terminology. New features include problem questions with guidance on answering...

Airport Urbanism : Infrastructure and Mobility in Asia

Airport Urbanism offers a completely new perspective on airport development and the air travel industry. Based on the author's extensive experience and research, he makes the compelling case that an airport’s environment (i.e. local communities and cultural factors) determines the airport’s development--not the other way around, as older airport theories suggest. The book surfaces previously hidden opportunities for how to tap into a...

The Road to Soweto : Resistance and the Uprising of 16 June 1976

The strength of Brown's book is that it encapsulates the long build-up of unrest in the black community. He carefully describes the range of events that led to a growing sense of frustration and anger...Situating the uprising in this context is a powerful corrective to previous attempts to consider it in relative isolation. --The Times Literary Supplement Throws new light on the background to the Soweto Uprising, providing insight in...

Risk in Child Protection: Assessment Challenges and Frameworks for Practice

This book is very much written for the practitioner and the difficulties we face when dealing with the assessment and management of risk. The author highlights a wide array of models and theories that are easily adaptable to everyday use and will increase practitioners' abilities to make robust and sound judgments in regards to risk. For someone who makes decisions regarding risk on a day to day basis, this book is a valuable tool an...

Women and the Texas Revolution

The gathering of scholars in this book is formidable. They have produced a well-done series of well documented vignettes of women in the revolutionary period, whether defined by ethnicity, as in African-American, or by fate (as in Alamo survivors, or participants in the Runaway Scrape) Noting that the short duration of the Texas Revolution left “intact a patriarchal, gendered society” and, secondly, that, the occasional special “hero...

US Foreign Policy in Context (Routledge Studies in US Foreign Policy)

"Quinn’s excellent and ambitious book... has significantly pushed our understandings of recent foreign policy by urging us to think more about the National Security Strategy of 2002 and Bush’s foreign policy as in keeping with the potent historical conceptions of internationalism that buttressed those policies. US Foreign Policy in Context should be applauded for crossing disciplinary boundaries and for analysing the crucial, complex...