Non-representational Theory: Space, Politics, Affect

This astonishing book presents a distinctive approach to the politics of everyday life. Ranging across a variety of spaces in which politics and the political unfold, it questions what is meant by perception, representation and practice, with the aim of valuing the fugitive practices that exist on the margins of the known. It revolves around three key functions. It: introduces the rather dispersed discussion ofnon-representational th...

Paganistan: Contemporary Pagan Community in Minnesota's Twin Cities

Paganistan - a moniker adapted by the Twin Cities Contemporary Pagan community - is the title of a history and ethnography of a regionally unique, urban, and vibrant community in Minnesota. The story of the community traces the formation of some of the earliest organizations and churches in the US, the influence of publication houses and bookstores, the marketplace, and the local University, on the growth and sustenance of a distinct...

Showbiz Politics: Hollywood in American Political Life

Conventional wisdom holds that John F. Kennedy was the first celebrity president, in no small part because of his innate television savvy. But, as Kathryn Brownell shows, Kennedy capitalized on a tradition and style rooted in California politics and the Hollywood studio system. Since the 1920s, politicians and professional showmen have developed relationships and built organizations, institutionalizing Hollywood styles, structures, a...

Being Young and Muslim: New Cultural Politics in the Global South and North

"This is an excellent collection of essays on youth in a number of Muslim majority (and minority) societies in the context of globalization and modernity. A particular strength of this volume is its ability to highlight the multiple and contested roles of religion and personal faith in the fashioning of contemporary youthful Muslim identities. Such insights often challenge secular Western master narratives of modernity and suggest cr...

In the Common Defense: National Security Law for Perilous Times

The threat of terrorism places U.S. national security police at the crossroads of security and liberty. This book focuses on the legal issues surrounding the war on terror. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants an honest review of the law and an accessible understanding of how law relates to U.S. national security. This is also a book about national security government and why it is dependent on good process and the mor...

American Business and Political Power: Public Opinion, Elections, and Democracy

Most people believe that large corporations wield enormous political power when they lobby for policies as a cohesive bloc. With this controversial book, Mark A. Smith sets conventional wisdom on its head. In a systematic analysis of postwar lawmaking, Smith reveals that business loses in legislative battles unless it has public backing. This surprising conclusion holds because the types of issues that lead businesses to band togethe...

Religion im Fokus der Integrationspolitik

In der deutschen, französischen und britischen Integrationspolitik hat sich in den letzten zehn Jahren ein erstaunliches Interesse an Religion und Religionsgemeinschaften entwickelt. Erlangt Religion allem Säkularisierungsdruck zum Trotz eine neue Bedeutung für die Gestaltung politischer Strategien? Lassen sich Konvergenzen zwischen den drei Ländern mit ihren bislang paradigmatisch unterschiedlichen Umgangsweisen mit Religion und Int...

The Social Work Experience: An Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare (6th Edition)

Learn how social workers use their professional expertise to assist people. This text is part of the Connecting Core Competencies Series. The Social Work Experience: An Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare introduces students to the profession of social work including eight major fields of practice, and provides in-depth discussion of social welfare policy, its history, contemporary issues, and probable future trends. The b...

History of the Language Sciences / Geschichte Der Sprachwissenschaften / Histoire Des Sciences Du Langage. 1. Teilband

This undertaking represents the first dedicated attempt at a complete coverage, both geographically and chronologically, of all linguistic traditions, from the earliest beginnings in the Near East of the third millennium B.C. to present-day discussions in "cognitive linguistics". This means that every effort is made to go far beyond the traditional Eurocentric accounts which, for instance, include the work of Indian grammarians becau...