A Theory of Conventional Implicature & Pragmatic Markers in Chinese

The overall aim of this book is to advance a Gricean theoretical framework of conventional implicature within which Chinese pragmatic markers can be accommodated. It has two linked objectives. Firstly it sets out to advance a theory of conventional implicature. Conventional implicature is itself a highly controversial term, understood very differently by various brands of contemporary pragmatic theory, and is a pivotal concept in the...

Penal Power and Colonial Rule

This book provides an account of the distinctive way in which penal power developed outside the metropolitan centre. Proposing a radical revision of the Foucauldian thesis that criminological knowledge emerged in the service of a new form of power – discipline – that had inserted itself into the very centre of punishment, it argues that Foucault’s alignment of sovereign, disciplinary and governmental power will need to be reread and ...

Cultural Anthropology, 11 edition

This text was my first step into the field of Anthropology. It was the required text for my Intro to Cultural Anthropology class. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the class and this text was a big reason for that. It's very informative. However, I do not find it to be too dry. ALso the chapters aren't too long, which can be very intimidating for some people.

Russia's Place in the World : The Struggle for Survival

Prof. Kreutz presents a concise geopolitical and historical background of Russia and the major predicaments that currently hamper its full international integration and acceptance. He outlines the negative and potentially dangerous aspects of the existing situation. In the author's view the Russian Federation, which is a successor state of the Soviet Union and the previous Russian Empire, should not now be treated as a defeated natio...

Constitutionalism in Asia in the Early Twenty-First Century

Examining developments in the first decade of the twenty-first century, this authoritative collection of essays studies the evolving practice of constitutional law and constitutionalism in Asia. It provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse constitutional issues and developments in sixteen East, Southeast and South Asian countries. It also discusses the types of constitutionalism that exist and the general trends in constitutio...

Orientalizing the Jew : Religion, Culture, and Imperialism in Nineteenth-Century France

Orientalizing the Jew shows how French travelers depicted Jews in the Orient and then brought these ideas home to orientalize Jews living in their homeland during the 19th century. Julie Kalman draws on narratives, personal and diplomatic correspondence, novels, and plays to show how the "Jews of the East" featured prominently in the minds of the French and how they challenged ideas of the familiar and the exotic. Portraits of the Je...

Assessing the Societal Implications of Emerging Technologies

"Evan Michelson has done the policy and research communities an important service. Assessing the Societal Implications of Emerging Technologies: Anticipatory Governance in Practice demonstrates the critical role of systematic efforts to imagine different futures and then understand what this means for how we perceive and act in the present. Not only does this study lay out the utility of futures thinking but it also reviews and expla...

American Arabists in the Cold War Middle East, 1946–75 : From Orientalism to Professionalism

This book examines the careers of 53 area experts in the US State Department’s Middle East bureau during the Cold War. Known as Arabists or Middle East hands, they were very different in background, education, and policy outlook from their predecessors, the Orientalists. A highly competitive selection process and rigorous training shaped them into a small corps of diplomatic professionals with top-notch linguistic and political repor...

Diamonds are Forever (James Bond)

This is a good book, too bad it was butchered for the big screen. But, fortunately we have the original novel to read or listen to. Bond and Tiffany Case make a great team and probably a power couple, if their relationship would have survived. But Bond is Bond! The book is a great read and I loved listening to it. The price was excellent,too! Don’t forget to add this one to your collection!

Harvest of Hope : Family Farming/Farming Families

Harvest of Hope is a story of farm family life through the words of those who live it. The saga of the generations who have lived and worked on Basin Spring farm in western Kentucky is the thread that binds together the stories of eighty other farm families. They talk about their family businesses, their way of life, and the forces reshaping their lives. The challenges of making a living in farming either strengthen families or break...