Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration

"The intention of Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration is therefore more than just to valorise a range of places, to legitimise them through bringing them into the fold of architecture's normative discourse. Nevertheless, the book is a timely reminder that the "everyday multiculturalism" that waves of migration have pro­duced in the cities of Australia is a kind of treasure."

Latin American Revolutionaries and the Arab World

This book is really good for those who want to learn more about the Cold War in Latin America and in the Arab world. 'This book is insightful and suggestive. It reveals a fascinating history of the relationships and links between Arab and Latin American revolutionary movements which has not been written about before. Offering a detailed account of international events and political figures it is not only for those interested in Arab ...

Lessons Learned From Popular Culture

Informative and entertaining introduction to the study of popular culture. As the “culture of the people,” popular culture provides a sense of identity that binds individuals to the greater society and unites the masses on ideals of acceptable forms of behavior. Lessons Learned from Popular Culture offers an informative and entertaining look at the social relevance of popular culture. Focusing on a wide range of topics, including fil...

Caring: A Relational Approach to Ethics and Moral Education

A classic, and a beautiful treatise on caring and the importance of relationships between givers and recipients of care. Caring is an act of courage! I am sure this book will give enjoyment and insight to some readers, but for the scholar it is very lack luster. Terms are not defined clearly, Noddings has a way of writing that is more or less mystical, and at the end of it all it isn't clear what one is supposed to take away from thi...

Foreign Investment and National Security: (Bernard and Irene Schwartz Series on American Competitiveness)

The Dubai Ports World controversy has shed light on the tensions between Congress and the executive branch over the appropriate balance between foreign investment and national security. In the past few months, members of Congress have met with international companies, homeland security experts, and administration officials to better understand the process of reviewing security concerns associated with foreign investment in the United...

Inside Reagan's Navy : The Pentagon Journals

Having read Chase Untermeyer's previous books and most relevantly, “When Things Went Right”, I anticipated an honest insider's perspective during a critical and transformational era in our nation’s history. “Inside Reagan’s Navy” produced as expected and then some (more on that later). Though a "politician" by trade, Chase carries none of the negative characteristics some might connect to that title. He is honest, unpretentious, char...

Foundations of Mobile Media Studies :(Routledge Recommends)

Foundations of Mobile Media Studies gathers some of the most important texts in this emerging field, offering readers key approaches to understanding our moment and our media. The impact of mobile media is far reaching and this book discusses topics such as human intimacy, social space, political uprisings, labor, mobile phones in the developing world, gender, the mobile device’s impact on reading, mobile television, and mobile photo...

Law and Language: Effective Symbols of Community

Completed in 1964, Harold J. Berman's long-lost tract shows how properly negotiated, translated and formalised legal language is essential to fostering peace and understanding within local and international communities. Exemplifying interdisciplinary and comparative legal scholarship long before they were fashionable, it is a fascinating prequel to Berman's monumental Law and Revolution series. It also anticipates many of the main th...

Laying Claim : (Albma Rhetoric Cult & Soc Crit)

"Davis demonstrates how dominant historical narratives, performances, and institutions can privilege certain interests and interpretations, obscure invisible ideologies and hidden agendas, and promote negligent narratives about the past. Davis uses interviews, participant observation, textual analysis, and archival research to discern white norms of southern identity; identify erroneous accounts of the Civil War; illustrate the impor...

New Media, Old Media

New Media, Old Media is a comprehensive anthology of original and classic essays that explore the tensions of old and new in digital culture. Leading international media scholars and cultural theorists interrogate new media like the Internet, digital video, and MP3s against the backdrop of earlier media such as television, film, photography, and print. The essays provide new benchmarks for evaluating all those claims; political, soci...