Party Politics In Taiwan: Party Change And The Democratic Evolution Of Taiwan, 1991-2004

In 1991 Taiwan held its first fully democratic election. This first single-volume of party politics in Taiwan, analyses the evolution of party competition in the country, looking at how Taiwan's parties have adjusted to their new multi party election environment. It features key chapters on: the development of party politics in Taiwan; the impact of party change on social welfare, corruption and national identity; and party politics ...

How To Be Irish: Ein Anthropologe Packt Aus

Wie werde ich zum waschechten Iren – in 10 Kapiteln. Was macht einen wahren Iren aus? Wer wird zu einer irischen Beerdigung eingeladen und wenn ja, warum? Wie feiert man hier eine Hochzeit? Und warum sind dort immer mindestens 200 Gäste eingeladen? Was sind die wichtigsten Regeln in einem Irish Pub? Und was sorgt an Weihnachten für Konfliktstoff? David Slattery zeigt uns, welche Besonderheiten und Eigenheiten die Iren von ihren Nachb...

Representation In Congress: A Unified Theory

Representation in Congress presents a theory of dyadic policy representation in the U.S. Congress, along with substantial evidence to verify the theory. This theory is also applicable to many other national and subnational legislatures where members must cultivate a "personal vote." Representation in Congress provides a theory of dyadic policy representation intended to account for when belief sharing, delegate, responsible party, tr...

Family, School And Nation: The Child And Literary Constructions In 20th-century Bengal

This seminal work examines the concurrence of childhood rebellion and conformity in Bengali literary texts (including adult texts), a pertinent yet unexplored area, making it a first of its kind. It is a study of the voice of child protagonists across children’s and adult literature in Bengali vis-à-vis the institutions of family, the education system, and the nationalist movement in the ninenteenth and twentieth centuries.  

Law From The Tigris To The Tiber: The Writings Of Raymond Westbrook: 2 Vol Set

Raymond Westbrook (1946-2009) was acknowledged by many as the worldâ€TMs foremost expert on the legal systems of the ancient Near East and a leading scholar in the study of biblical and classical law. This collection brings together the 44 most important articles that Westbrook published in the 25 years following the completion of his Ph.D. at Yale University in 1982. The first volume, The Shared Tradition, contains 16 articles that ...

Radical: My Journey From Islamist Extremism To A Democratic Awakening

Born and raised in Essex, Maajid Nawaz was recruited into politicised Islam as a teenager. Abandoning his love of hip hop music, graffiti and girls, he was recruited into Hizb ut-Tahrir (the Liberation Party) where he played a leading and international role in the shaping and dissemination of an aggressive anti-West narrative. While studying for his Arabic and law degree, he travelled around the UK and to Denmark and Pakistan, settin...

Certainty-uncertainty-And-The-Attitudinal-Space-In-Between-By-Sibilla-Cantarini (1)
Certainty-uncertainty – And The Attitudinal Space In Between

The selected papers of this volume cover five main topics, namely ‘Certainty: The conceptual differential’; ‘(Un)Certainty as attitudinality’; ‘Dialogical exchange and speech acts’; ‘Onomasiology’; and ‘Applications in exegesis and religious discourse’. By examining the general theme of the communication of certainty and uncertainty from different scientific fields, theoretical approaches and perspectives, this compendium of state-of...

Going To Pot: Why The Rush To Legalize Marijuana Is Harming America

William J. Bennett, former director of the National Drug Control policy under President George H.W. Bush and bestselling author of The Book of Virtues, and co-author Robert White provide strong societal and scientific arguments against the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana, once considered worthy of condemnation, has in recent years become a "medicine," legalized fully in four states, with others expected to follow. But the danger...

The United States And The Rule Of Law In International Affairs

Professor Murphy has written a thoughtful, intellectually rigorous, readily accessible overview of the relationship between the United States and contemporary international law. This volume provides a superb starting point for those seeking to understand the role of the sole superpower in today's global legal order. The U.S. has often proclaimed its support for the rule of law in international affairs, but has found it increasingly d...

Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime, And Violence In The Americas Today

“A first-rate update on the state of the long-fought hemispheric ‘war on drugs.’ It is particularly timely, as the perception that the war is lost and needs to be changed has never been stronger in Latin and North America.” In 1971, Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs. Despite foreign policy efforts and attempts to combat supply lines, the United States has been for decades, and remains today, the largest single consumer market for...