Foreclosed America

The losses suffered by Americans from the foreclosure crisis cannot simply be measured in dollars. The harms of home loss are to families, communities, society, and our political process. Foreclosed America takes a long overdue big picture look at the fallout from foreclosure. From 2007 to 2012, almost five percent of American adults—about ten million people—lost their homes because they could not make mortgage payments. The scale of...

The New Materialism: Althusser, Badiou, And Zizek

Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek have become two of the dominant voices in contemporary philosophy and critical theory. In this book, Geoff Pfeifer offers an in-depth look at their respective views. Using Louis Althusser’s materialism as a starting point―which, as Pfeifer shows, was built partially as a response to the Marxism of theParti Communiste Français and partially in dialogue with other philosophical movements and intellectual c...

Voices Of The Paris Commune

The Paris Commune holds a place of pride in the hearts of radicals—heroically created from the bottom up and tragically crushed by the forces of reaction. Yet, as this collection illustrates, the lessons of the Commune, as debated by the Communards themselves, are as enduring and vital as that briefly liberated society was inspiring. The Paris Commune of 1871, the first instance of a working-class seizure of power, has been subject t...

Papua’s Insecurity: State Failure In The Indonesian Periphery

The author illuminates the diverse and local sources of insecurity that indicate too little state as opposed to too much, challenges common perceptions of insecurity in Papua, and offers a prescription of policy initiatives. These include the reform of a violent and unaccountable security sector as a part of a broader reconciliation process and the urgent need for a comprehensive indigenous-centered development policy. West Papua is ...

The New Crusades: Constructing The Muslim Enemy

The New Crusades takes head-on the idea of an emergent "Cold War" between Islam and the West. It explores the historical, political, and institutional forces that have raised the specter of a threatening and monolithic Muslim enemy and provides a nuanced critique of much received wisdom on the topic, particularly the "clash of civilizations" theory. Bringing together twelve of the most influential thinkers in Middle Eastern and relig...

Sturzgeburt: Vom Geteilten Land Zur Europäischen Vormacht

Vor 25 Jahren wurde die staatliche Einheit Deutschlands hergestellt. Der Bundespolitiker Oskar Lafontaine (damals SPD) wollte sie, der DDR-Politiker Peter-Michael Diestel (DSU/CDU) ebenfalls. Lafontaine jedoch hatte dabei nicht das Gleiche im Sinn wie die regierenden Bonner Christdemokraten, und Diestel, der als Vize-Premier der DDR deren Kurs aktiv mittrug, sah erst später manches anders. Der einstige West- und der ehemalige Ostpoli...

Chosen? Reading The Bible Amid The Israeli-palestinian Conflict

"Brueggemann offers an honest critique of a belief system that reduces faith to a self-serving ideology and warns against a Christian reading of the Bible that reduces it to an ideological prop for the state of Israel. While he does not critique the texts that are used to justify the oppression of the Palestinians, nor offer a solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict based on justice and international law, I do think the book is ver...