Protecting Our Cultural Capital: (Occasional Papers)

The political tradition of 1994 foregrounded the debate about who we are and what memories or artefacts actually constitute our heritage as South Africans. This paper discusses the key outcomes from this debate, as well as the limitations in the structures that prevent other benefits from being realised.

China's International Roles

This collection examines changes in China’s international role over the past century. Tracing the links between domestic and external expectations in the PRC’s role conception and preferred engagement patterns in world politics, the work provides a systematic account of changes in China’s role and the mechanisms of role taking. Individual chapters address the impact of China’s history and identity on its bilateral role taking pattern...

The Risk of Brexit: The Politics of a Referendum

This is a critical time for the relationship between Britain and Europe, as politicians debate the crisis facing the European Union and Britain’s role within it. This second edition consists largely of new material that charts how recent political developments have changed the debate surrounding Britain’s membership of the EU. Following the 2015 general election and with the promise of an imminent referendum on Brexit, the book now c...

Braving Troubled Waters

This ethnographic study considers the engagement of Dutch fishermen with the limited resources of the marine world, as well as the capricious markets and political interventions that govern the fishing industry from the early eighteenth-century to the present day. More specifically, it focuses on the owner-operators, deckhands, fishermen’s wives, and others involved in the fisheries of Texel, an island at the northwestern end of the ...

The Capitalist Unconscious

The unification of North and South Korea is widely considered an unresolved and volatile matter for the global order, but this book argues capital has already unified Korea in a transnational form. As Hyun Ok Park demonstrates, rather than territorial integration and family union, the capitalist unconscious drives the current unification, imagining the capitalist integration of the Korean peninsula and the Korean diaspora as a new de...

At the Crossroads of Fear and Freedom

Robert L. Green, a friend and colleague of Martin Luther King Jr., served as education director for King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference during a crucial period in Civil Rights history, and—as a consultant for many of the nation’s largest school districts—he continues to fight for social justice and educational equity today. This memoir relates previously untold stories about major Civil Rights campaigns that helped put an...

Identity in Crossroad Civilisations

The contributors to this timely volume discuss the role that ethnicity, nationalism, and the effects of globalization have played in the emergence of new identities in Asia. Challenging Samuel Huntington’s popular yet controversial thesis of the “clash of civilizations,” the essays examine communities in Bhutan, China, India, Japan, the Philippines, and New Zealand, and reveal how new, amalgamated identities have materialized as a re...

The State of the Population in the Western Cape Province

Embracing a multisectoral approach, this study seeks to understand the issues that impact the population of South Africa’s Western Cape. Emphasizing the Cape’s goal of a sustainable “home for all,” this overview highlights the salient demographic features and reviews the policy frameworks that have influenced population and planning, setting the context for a detailed examination of current data. The analysis focuses on the levels an...