The Gender of Caste : Representing Dalits in Print

"The first book that brings together non-Dalit and Dalit discourse and print literature to explore representations of Dalits: their bodies, labor, and cultural and religious practices in Hindi discourses. The Gender of Caste takes on an important topic and contributes a wealth of material and analysis." "Once again, Gupta has crafted a meticulous and groundbreaking contribution to the social and cultural history of the Hindi-medium p...

Between Indigenous and Settler Governance

'The most significant contribution of this welcome volume is that it addresses the question of how to study indigenous peoples within the framework of the global phenomenon of settler colonialism. Moreover, the book does not stop at raising the question, in the manner of Gayatri Spivak’s ‘Can the subaltern speak?’. Rather it goes on to investigate the colonized indigenous communities’ interaction with the invading colonizers. Some of...

Live Fire (A Dan Shepherd Mystery)

Another Excellent Read as all his volumes have been. This volume was slightly harder to follow two separate actions going on simultaneously. I would have enjoyed it more if each action group was written in separate chapters instead of constantly changing paragraphs. Still enjoyed it !! Writing reviews of Stephen Leather, books gets difficult as I tend to make the same comments, excellent, this is such a story and is quite current. Le...

Transforming the Dead: Culturally Modified Bone in the Prehistoric Midwest, 3rd Edition

“In the seminal The Taking and Displaying of Human Body Parts as Trophies by Amerindians, editors Richard Chacon and David Dye demonstrated that prehistoric and historic Native Americans cut off and displayed human body parts. Transforming the Dead now shows the other side of the coin: that human bone was used in everyday life and special rituals in prehistoric Native American culture. No other book on the market presents what these ...

Globalization and Migration : A World in Motion

Focusing on the intersection between globalization and migration, this powerful text traces a dynamic, contradictory process that has set the world in motion and incorporated millions of migrants into an economic market whose dimensions are unprecedented in human history. While globalization is eliminating barriers between countries and making it easier for goods and capital to move around the world, the industrialized countries of t...

Edmund Burke : Appraisals and Applications

“Daniel Ritchie has given the scholarly world a comprehensive and useful anthology of criticism of Edmund Burke’s writings. . . . [T]his volume is an extremely valuable addition to the literature about Edmund Burke. It is carefully annotated and will be useful to scholars and general readers alike who have an interest in one of our civilization’s greatest political minds.”

Banning Queer Blood: Rhetorics of Citizenship, Contagion, and Resistance, 2nd Edition

“Every day, the American Red Cross asks 22,000 potential blood donors: ‘Are you a male who has had sexual contact with another male, even one, since 1977?’ A ‘yes’ bars potential donors from giving blood. As Bennett points out, the ‘odds of contracting HIV through blood transfusions are extraordinarily miniscule’; moreover, banning this and other purportedly ‘high risk groups’ does not guarantee the purity of the blood supply. Bennet...

The DIY Movement in Art, Music and Publishing: Subjugated Knowledges

This book considers the history of Do It Yourself art, music and publishing, demonstrating how DIY strategies have transitioned from being marginal, to emergent, to embedded. Through secondary research, observation and original interviews, each chapter details the peak period of a city’s subcultural activity and assesses the contemporary situation since the post-subcultural period circa 1995 in order to address the impact of globaliz...

The Great Famine in China, 1958-1962: A Documentary History

This book is informative, but from my comfortable chair in my comfortable well-stocked home, it gets tedious reading story after story of how ordinary people suffered. It is generally just a collection of reports gathered from official files that nobody realized were "sensitive material." Not pleasant to read, but I'm glad that I have a better understanding of just what happened. Zhou Xun's book sets out detailed primary sources abou...

Migrant Men: Critical Studies of Masculinities and the Migration Experience

I'm interested in texts about various masculinities. I've read about men of color, rainbow flag men, transmen, low-income men, rural men, inter alia. It was nice to read something about immigrant men. This book is about Australia, not the US, please note. The numbers of immigrants mentioned is faaaaar smaller than in our country. The intro chapters that covered the topic generally were not what inspired me to read this. The chapters ...