Poverty And Progress: Realities And Myths About Global Poverty

574d7f902ab84.jpg Author Deepak Lal
Isbn 9781938048845
File size 1.3 MB
Year 2013
Pages 200
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Economics

Book Description:

In his new book, Poverty and Progress: Realities and Myths about Global Poverty, renowned development economist Deepak Lal draws on 50 years of experience around the globe to describe developing-country realities and rectify misguided notions about economic progress. Unique among books that have emerged in recent years on world poverty, Poverty and Progress directly confronts intellectual fads of the West and dismantles a wide range of myths that have obscured an astounding achievement: the unprecedented spread of economic progress around the world that is eliminating the scourge of mass poverty.



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