Problem Solver Guide for Students with ADHD

Ready-to-Use Interventions for Elementary and Secondary Students

51BJBaXWQlL._SY346_ Author Ari Tuckman PsyD MBA
Isbn 1886941394
File size 0.6MB
Year 2001
Pages 188
Language English
File format PDF
Category Psychology

Book Description:

Parents and teachers need strategies for helping children with ADHD who have problems in organization, behavior, study habits, reading, written language, and socialization. The hundreds of solutions offered in this quick-reference guide offer nuts and bolts ideas that work with ADHD kids in both elementary and secondary school. Information is offered on how to help students with short attention spans, how to reduce disruptive behavior, and how to improve reading comprehension, math skills, and written language. Also recommended are study strategies to improve organization, time management, and note taking, as well as social skills tips to help students get along better with others.



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