Concrete5 Beginner's Guide – Second Edition

This book is ideal for developers experienced with HTML and CSS and possibly PHP as well as JavaScript, who would like to build their first site with Concrete5. Some knowledge of PHP, MySQL, or HTML would be useful, but no experience with Concrete5 is expected. This is a beginner's guide, which takes a clear, step-by-step approach to guide you through the process of creating and adding functionality to your site. What you will learn ...

Core Animation: Simplified Animation Techniques For Mac And Iphone Development

Apple's Core Animation framework enables Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPod touch developers to create richer, more visual applications–more easily than ever and with far less code. Now, there's a comprehensive, example-rich, full-color reference to Core Animation for experienced OS X and iPhone developers who want to make the most of this powerful framework. Marcus Zarra and Matt Long reveal exactly what Core Animation can and can't do, how...

Uml 2.5: Das Umfassende Handbuch, 5. Auflage

UML wird in der heutigen zeit immer wichtiger, egal ob in der Fachinformatiker Ausbildung oder im IT Alltag. Dafür hat der Rheinwerkverlag auch ein passendes Buch im Programm. Was gleich ins Auge Sticht ist das beigelegte A2 Poster, auf dem alle im Buch enthaltende Diagramm-Typen abgebildet sind. Das UML Buch hat beim Rheinwerkverlag einen längere Historie und erschien am 23.02.2015 in der 5. (!) Auflage. Wie bei allen neueren Rheinw...

Pro Perl Debugging: From Professional To Expert By Richard Foley

Combining the best features of C, UNIX utilities, and regular expressions, Perl has grown as one of the most powerful and popular scripting languages. The valuable Perl is often used for system administration, text processing and Web programming. It is even being used for more exotic areas, like bioinformatics. Perl is supported by all of the most prominent operating systems, including Windows, Unix, OS/2, Amiga, and others. Pro Perl...

Le Livre De Java Premier Langage : Avec 109 Exercices Corrigés

Vous avez décidé de vous initier à la programmation et souhaitez opter pour un langage largement utilisé dans le monde professionnel ? Java se révèle un choix idéal comme vous le constaterez dans ce livre conçu pour les vrais débutants en programmation. Vous apprendrez d'abord, à travers des exemples simples en Java, à maîtriser les notions communes à tous les langages : variables, types de données, boucles et instructions conditionn...