Promoting Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in East and Southern Africa

00412d06_medium Author Alan J. Flisher, Knut-Inge Klepp, and Sylvia F. Kaaya
Isbn 9789171065995
File size 2MB
Year 2008
Pages 344
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

This volume emerged out of the Adolescent Reproductive Health Network (ARHNe), a European Union-funded concerted action project which developed the competence and capacity of researchers in East and Southern Africa to engage in health promotion activities (particularly in the area of reproductive health).

The main objectives of the ARHNe were to: strengthen and further develop research and practice related to the design and delivery of sexual and reproductive health-related services and programs targeting adolescents; foster the development and application of trans-disciplinary theories, conceptual models and research methods relevant to the study of adolescent health, and ultimately develop culturally appropriate intervention programs to modify adolescent health-related behaviors; facilitate technical co-operations among African researchers and between African researchers and their European colleagues in order to stimulate a productive scientific context for ongoing programs and to reduce the risk of costly, uncoordinated duplication of research.

This book ultimately represents a tool that may be utilized not only by academics in the field, but also by practitioners, governments, policy makers and students interested in the future research agenda, priorities and challenges of sexual and reproductive health in the wake of several international commitments.



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