Properties and Applications of Polymer Dielectrics

5c621f61985ec.jpg Author Boxue Du
Isbn 9789535131472
File size 22MB
Year 2017
Pages 144
Language English
File format PDF
Category Physics

Book Description:

The book gives the reader an overview on electrical properties and applications such as converter transformer, transistor, and energy storage. Besides, this book also presents some recent researches on typical polymer material such as silicon rubber and LDPE, which may provide some clues of advanced polymer properties for both engineers and researches.

1 Polymer Dielectric in Organic Field‐Effect Transistor
2 High-k Polymer Nanocomposites for Energy Storage Applications
3 Electrical Properties of Different Polymeric Materials and their Applications: The Influence of Electric Field
4 Investigating the Influence of Different Types of Nanoparticles on Thermal and Dielectric Properties of Insulation in Converter Transformer
5 Statistical Analysis of Partial Discharge during Electrical Tree in Silicone Rubber Nanocomposites under Elevated Temperature
6 Effect of Stretching on Electrical Properties of Low Density Polyethylene/MgO Nanocomposites



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