Abnormal Psychology, Global 17th Edition

For courses in Abnormal Psychology A comprehensive overview of abnormal psychology, with DSM-5 coverage throughout Abnormal Psychology provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the primary psychological disorders studied within the discipline. Maintaining a focus on the individuals at the heart of the study of abnormal psychology, the authors employ a biopsychosocial approach that helps students achieve an understanding o...

Cinematic Emotion in Horror Films and Thrillers: (Routledge Advances in Film Studies)

Why can fear be pleasurable? Why do we sometimes enjoy an emotion we otherwise desperately wish to avoid? And why are the movies the predominant place for this paradoxical experience? These are the central questions of Julian Hanich’s path-breaking book, in which he takes a detailed look at the various aesthetic strategies of fear as well as the viewer’s frightened experience. By drawing on prototypical scenes from horror films and t...

Civilizing Emotions: Concepts in Nineteenth Century Asia and Europe

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the vocabulary of civility and civilization is very much at the forefront of political debate. Most of these debates proceed as if the meaning of these words were self-evident. This is where Civilizing Emotions intervenes, tracing the history of the concepts of civility and civilization and thus adding a level of self-reflexivity to the present debates. Unlike previous histories, Civilizi...

Managing Long-term Conditions and Chronic Illness in Primary Care

Effective management of long-term conditions is an essential part of contemporary nursing policy and practice. Systematic and evidence-based care which takes account of the expert patient and reduces unnecessary hospital admissions is vital to support those with long-term conditions/chronic diseases and those who care for them. Reflecting recent changes in treatment, the nurse’s role and the patient journey and including additional c...

Motivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice

Hohman teaches social work practice, substance abuse treatment, and MI at both undergraduate and graduate level....She clearly has a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience to draw upon. Likewise, the 10 contributing authors all have related knowledge and experience….Interspersed throughout the book are dialogue examples that I personally find very useful when contemplating the idea of transferring theory into practice….The re...

Understanding Statistics in Psychology with SPSS, 7th edition

Understanding Statistics in Psychology with SPSS 7th edition, offers students a trusted, straightforward, and engaging way of learning how to carry out statistical analyses and use SPSS with confidence. Comprehensive and practical, the text is organised by short, accessible chapters, making it the ideal text for undergraduate psychology students needing to get to grips with Statistics in class or independently. Clear diagrams and ful...

The Psychology of the Recession on the Workplace

'Two deep human needs are to master the world and to feel safe and secure. The Great Recession thwarted both needs for millions of people around the world. Cooper and Antoniou's global team of scholars address the psychological, economic, social, and other dimensions of our current crisis while charting paths whereby we can again satisfy these needs. Let us rise above the crisis and follow Aristotle's path to living well and faring w...

Treatment of High-Risk Sexual Offenders: An Integrated Approach

The treatment and management of sexual offenders is a topic of great interest, but while much has been written about the treatment of sexual offenders generally, little has been written about the comprehensive treatment of groups of specifically high risk sexual offenders. Treatment of High-Risk Sexual Offenders addresses concrete management strategies, from initial intake to community treatment programs, and describes a detailed, co...

Psychologie: Ein Grundkurs f|r Anspruchsvolle, 3 edition

English summary: This textbook has been received enthusiastically. ""Bischof introduces to the primary questions, theories and insights of the field. Not restricting himself to presenting the generally acknowledged facts in form of a textbook, he critically challenges current knowledge. He scrutinizes the state of knowledge and explains why certain ideas have prevailed. Additionally he show links and connections and draws the attenti...

Statistical Theories of Mental Test Scores

This book contains many mathematical proofs for many psychometric theories. There are very few psychometric books with comprehensive proofs. So, after reading a few pages from the book borrowed from the library of my workplace (HKIEd), I decided to buy one copy for my reference for research and teaching matters. The proofs are quite simple. People with undergraduate level of applied statistics in psychology would not find it difficult.