Crime Classification Manual , 3 edition

I'm an Indigent Defense Lawyer that has been handling court appointed criminal cases for over 12 years. I found this book rather dense but very helpful. The authors wanted something that would function like the DSM for the mental illness practitioners. This is a tough task. I'd say they did a good job. We'll see if it stands the test of time. A must have tool for the Criminal Justice or Psychology major, criminal investigator, CSI or...

Personality Disorders and the Five-Factor Model of Personality, 3 edition

Personality Disorders (aka Axis II), according to Greenberg in "The Book of Woe," represent Saint France's efforts - (you know, the cat who is of late either clamoring for the Mother Theresa award for lifetime achievement or seeking to become the titular head of the Salvation Army. Yes, that Saint Allen Frances) - PDs are his efforts to rescue the last vestiges of the psychodynamic approach to mental health from the misguided clutche...

Costing Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The rapid increase in recent years in the number of children and adults accessing care for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), raises a number of questions. It is unclear whether the increase is due to an increased public and professional recognition and awareness of ADHD as a debilitating human condition or to an actual increase in the incidence of individuals suffering from ADHD. Depending on the reasons behind the inc...

The Reader's Brain

"This book is desperately needed across great swaths of corporate America and should be taught at every level from K-12 to graduate schools." "Be warned: if you read this book, you'll see how flawed your writing is. But take heart too, because if you follow Douglas' advice, those flaws will start to disappear. Her bracing, mordant and lucid words show that good writing is a skill you can learn - and that the best way to do it is not ...

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Improving workplace wellbeing and maximising performance through an evidence-based approach and programme is the objective of the book, which arguably can yield benefits to both the employer and the employed. The author takes many strands from human resources management, neuroscience and behavioural science to present this book, aimed at human resources staff, with a practical guide that can help lead and change the general tone and ...

Beauty and Sublimity: A Cognitive Aesthetics of Literature and the Arts

""It will be clear to readers by the end of this book, that I like beauty quite a bit" says Patrick Hogan; a prediction that does not disappoint. An enthusiastically written, thought provoking book, which applies cognition, neuroscience, and social-cognitive scientific thinking to our understanding of the distinction between beauty, the beautiful and the sublime. I like this book quite a bit."

Psychological Well-being :(Psychology Research Progress)

Psychological well-being can be influenced by several factors. This book provides research and reviews cultural influences of well-being, as well as discusses measurement strategies and health implications. Chapter One studies immigrants' psychological well-being by investigating their motivation, preference of tourist activities, and emotional experiences during their visit to their homeland. Chapter Two proposes the creation and va...

Art of Suicide (Picturing History)

Reaktion books are exceptionally high quality both in their art reproductions and in the well researched content. Ron Brown, the author, is an academically-oriented suicidologist and although this can make for a difficult read, it was not a dry one and he did an excellent job of explaining his subject without pretension. The book explores depictions of suicide through art from the Greco-Roman era (with the first piece being of Ajax's...

Nurturing Yourself And Others

It worked. Lee Schnebly's insights & experiences would be useful to anyone who cares about better relationships -- and she writes fast, meaning she wastes no time repeating herself. Its on to the next thing. Funny. Poignant. What else has she written?

How to Get the Most Out of CBT: A client's guide

"World renowned psychologist, Windy Dryden, has provided clients with an outstanding guide: How to Get the Most Out of CBT: A Client’s Guide. This practical, concise and very helpful roadmap to your experience in CBT will be an invaluable tool for the many people who can benefit from this powerful approach. This is the kind of book that will help you ask the right questions and help you understand how you can best participate in this...