UniVision 2020: Perspektiven für eine barriere- und diskriminierungsfreie Hochschule

In der Folge der UN-Konvention über die Rechte der Menschen mit Behinderungen (BRK) entstand im April 2009 die Empfehlung der Hochschulrektorenkonferenz „Eine Hochschule für alle“. Hier, wie auch in der BRK, sind Barrierefreiheit sowie die Beteiligung von Behinderung betroffener Menschen wichtige Elemente, um Chancengleichheit zu ermöglichen. Die AutorInnen des Sammelbandes beschäftigen sich damit aus juristischer, architektonischer,...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Adult Outcome and Its Predictors

The book provides a comprehensive summary of the best known and most highly respected well-controlled long-term prospective follow-up studies in ADHD. These studies followed children with ADHD and matched controls into young adulthood (mean age 20-25 years) and middle-age (mean age 41 years). They explore a wide variety of outcome areas, e.g. education, occupation, emotional and psychiatric functioning, substance use and abuse, sexua...

Severe Mental Illness in Primary Care

There is increasing development and use of care pathways and a growing demand for guidance and advice on how to develop them. This practical guide meets this demand. It reflects the latest experience and incorporates best practice with contributions from highly experienced members of the National Pathways Association. It links well with the coming National Service Frameworks and National Institute of Clinical Excellence guidance. Cas...

Dialectique du Moi et de l'inconscient

Cette œuvre est une des plus importantes de Carl Gustav Jung. Concise, allant à l'essentiel, elle se situe au centre même de la pensée du savant qui, avec Freud, puis par-delà Freud, oriente la vie psychologique et mentale de l'humanité dans des voies nouvelles. Son sujet est la clé de la vie intérieure.Tout le monde nouveau des profondeurs humaines, exploré par Jung, est axé sur un dialogue, ou plus précisément une «dialectique entr...

Case Studies Within Psychotherapy Trials

Much has been written about the basic incompatibility of the dominant quantitative research model in psychotherapy and the qualitative preferences of the practitioner community providing psychotherapy. Researchers and clinicians are at odds over the most valuable type of knowledge needed: that emerging from quantitative, experimental research versus that from qualitative, case-based practice, respectively. Recently, a number of emerg...

Disorders of Volition (Bradford Books)

Science tries to understand human action from two perspectives, the cognitive and the volitional. The volitional approach, in contrast to the more dominant "outside-in" studies of cognition, looks at actions from the inside out, examining how actions are formed and informed by internal conditions. In Disorders of Volition, scholars from a range of disciplines seek to advance our understanding of the processes supporting voluntary act...

Deviant Behavior, 11th edition

Deviant Behavior provides a comprehensive study of the behavior, beliefs, conditions, and reactions to deviance, giving students a better understanding of this phenomenon. Deviance is discussed from the sociological perspectives of positivism and constructionism. Readers will grasp the reason behind deviant behavior through the positivist perspective and why certain actions, beliefs, and physical characteristics are condemned through...

The Oxford Handbook of Computational and Mathematical Psychology

This Oxford Handbook offers a comprehensive and authoritative review of important developments in computational and mathematical psychology. With chapters written by leading scientists across a variety of subdisciplines, it examines the field's influence on related research areas such as cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and neuroscience. The Handbook emphasizes examples and applications of the late...

Promoting Men's Mental Health

A welcome and important contribution to a thankfully growing debate. Mental illness remains in some ways the last great taboo in our society, a taboo which leads directly to stigma and discrimination which for some can be even worse than the symptoms of their illness. This book in part is about encouraging men who have reached crisis point to seek help. Equally it's about prevention, and sets out some of the excellent work being done...

Coping with Chronic Illness

If you suffer from a chronic medical condition like cancer, HIV, diabetes, asthma, or hypertension, you know how hard it can be to perform all the self-care behaviors required of you, especially if you are also dealing with depression. Studies have shown that depressed individuls with chronic illness have a hard time keeping up with the behaviors necessary to manage their condition and improve their health. The program outlined in th...