Developmental and Educational Psychology for Teachers : An Applied Approach

Dennis M. McInerney is honorary professor at the Australian Catholic University and the Education University of Hong Kong. He is a veteran academic who has been a primary teacher, secondary teacher, teacher trainer, as well as professor specializing in educational and developmental psychology. David W. Putwain is Professor of Education and Early Childhood at Liverpool John Moores University. He started his career as a teacher in seco...

Skill Training in Multimodal Virtual Environments

The advent of augmented reality technologies used to assist human operators in complex manipulative operations―has brought an urgency to research into the modeling and training of human skills in Virtual Environments. However, modeling a specific act still represents a challenge in cognitive science. The same applies for the control of humanoid robots and the replication of skilled behavior of avatars in Virtual Environments. Skill T...

Teaching Psychology and the Socratic Method

This book presents a lively and accessible way to use the ancient figure of Socrates to teach modern psychology that avoids the didactic lecture and sterile textbook. In the online age, is a living teacher even needed? What can college students learn face-to-face from a teacher they cannot learn anywhere else? The answer is what most teachers already seek to do: help students think critically, clearly define concepts, logically reaso...

Coherence Therapy: Practice Manual and Training Guide

Written by Coherence Therapy's creators, this 87-page manual for psychotherapists and clinical graduate students explains with great clarity many features of the practice and principles of Coherence Therapy that are not available in any other publication. Stages of methodology and specific techniques are mapped out in detail and richly illustrated with case material. The pragmatics of learning Coherence Therapy are covered in a speci...

Researching Communication Disorders

Researching communication disorders involves a range of disciplines including speech-language pathology, linguistics and psychology. This book provides an interdisciplinary description of the theoretical frameworks in the field of communication disorders and an overview of the main current methodological approaches.

Madness in Civilization: A Cultural History of Insanity, from the Bible to Freud, from the Madhouse to Modern Medicine

The loss of reason, a sense of alienation from the commonsense world we all like to imagine we inhabit, the shattering emotional turmoil that seizes hold and won't let go–these are some of the traits we associate with madness. Today, mental disturbance is most commonly viewed through a medical lens, but societies have also sought to make sense of it through religion or the supernatural, or by constructing psychological or social expl...

Safeguarding Children from Emotional Maltreatment: What Works

Emotional maltreatment is widespread and has a profoundly harmful effect on a child's development. The effects of abuse are often carried into adulthood, and emotionally abused children are more likely to experience a range of problems as adults including depression, substance misuse and eating disorders. This book sets out to identify 'what works' in preventing emotional maltreatment from recurring. Since most emotional maltreatment...

Sport Psychology for Coaches

We marvel at the steely nerves, acute concentration, and flawless execution exhibited on the 18th green, at the free-throw line, in the starting blocks, and on the balance beam. While state-of-the-art training regimens have extended athletes' physical boundaries, more and more coaches are realizing the importance of sport psychology in taking athletic performance to new levels. Tomorrow's record-breaking accomplishments will not be t...

Gefühle: Wie die Wissenschaften sie erklären

Gefühle sind im Gespräch, ob von emotionaler Intelligenz die Rede ist oder von der emotionalen Wende der Philosophie. Dabei stand für die Philosophie lange die Vernunft des Menschen im Mittelpunkt. In der griechischen Stoa hieß es: "Der Weise ist ohne Affekt." Heute jedoch sind Gefühle eine Schlüsselkategorie der Human- und Naturwissenschaften. Martin Hartmann beschreibt die Entwicklung dorthin seit dem Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts und ...

Trauma: Folgen erkennen, überwinden und an ihnen wachsen

Fast jede und jeder von uns hat im Laufe seines Lebens schon mal ein Trauma erlitten. Es sind schicksalhafte Er-fahrungen, die unseren alltäglichen Horizont sprengen und uns aufs Äußerste herausfordern. Wenn es uns gelingt, diese Erfahrungen zu bewältigen und zu integrieren, können sie uns reifer werden lassen und uns lehren, realistischer mit dem Leben umzugehen. Diese CD hilft Ihnen, so eine Situation besser zu verstehen und besser...