Madness: A History

Madness: A History is a thorough and accessible account of madness from antiquity to modern times, offering a large-scale yet nuanced picture of mental illness and its varieties in western civilization.   The book opens by considering perceptions and experiences of madness starting in Biblical times, Ancient history and Hippocratic medicine to the Age of Enlightenment, before moving on to developments from the late 18th century ...

The Adaptive Character Of Thought (studies In Cognition)

This substantive book may give new direction to much research in cognitive science....Perhaps the most encouraging implication of this volume is that by its very departure from traditional approaches to cognitive science, it helps enforce the breadth and, by implication, the potential for adaptability of the discipline. This important volume examines the phenomena of cognition from an adaptive perspective. Rather than adhering to the...

Measuring Up: Education Assessment Challenges And Practices For Psychology

Psychology teachers and administrators in high school through graduate programs are repeatedly challenged by parents, politicians, and school reformers to provide solid evidence that their instruction is both effective and demonstrative. Likewise administrators and teachers want to look honestly and critically at their courses and programs and measure of the learning in educational settings consistently and accurately. Ultimately, it...

Introduction To Sport Psychology: Training, Competition And Coping

Over the past several years, both coaches and athletes have started to realise that strength, speed, and other athletic skills are not sufficient for the production of championship athletes. Athletic performance has three parts: physical preparation, technical skill, and psychological readiness. This model suggests that if any of the above areas are neglected, athletic performance will decline. However, psychological preparation is t...

Your Own Terms: A Womans Guide To Taking Charge Of Any Negotiation

This book has changed the way I enter into all my business dealings. The strategies, tactics, and counter actions that are provided for women are proven and effective techniques to ensure a win-win outcome. The book also has exercises that help to identify your values and core beliefs which help navigate you through tough negotiation situations. Bottom line, I am now more confident, graceful, and successful when finding ways to colla...

Our Ageing Brain: How Our Mental Capacities Develop As We Grow Older

A book you can't put down, no matter how old you are. We all worry sometimes that our brains—particularly our memories—just don't work as well as they used to. In this illuminating book, internationally acclaimed Dutch neuroscientist André Aleman shows that although the decline in our mental capacities begins earlier than we think, this is not such a bad thing. In fact, older people are more resistant to the effects of stress, cope b...

Morgen Ist Leider Auch Noch Ein Tag: Irgendwie Hatte Ich Von Meiner Depression Mehr Erwartet

So redet man nicht über Depressionen? Doch! In schlechten Phasen starrt er die Raufasertapete an ("irre Action für die Augen"), spricht mit seiner schmutzigen Wäsche und reagiert nicht auf Anrufe. In guten Phasen verabredet er sich mit einem Freund - ob er es schafft hinzugehen, ist eine andere Frage - oder macht sich Pudding ("immerhin gekocht"). Sein Therapeut stellt die Diagnose: Depression. Unterhaltsam und unverblümt erzählt Tob...

How To Change Minds: The Art Of Influence Without Manipulation

Surely you know plenty of people who need to make a change, but despite your most well-intentioned efforts, they resist because people fundamentally fear change. As a salesman, father, friend, and consultant, Rob Jolles knows this scenario all too well. Drawing on his highly successful sales background and decades of research, he lays out a simple, repeatable, predictable, and ethical process that will enable you to lead others to di...

Seeing What Others Don’t: The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights

Gary Klein is a giant in the research field relating to how people actually think and make decisions in natural settings. In this book, he describes the value of gaining insight with reducing errors as two ways to increase individual and organizational performance. Both are needed, but reducing errors only gets us so far. There is much more to be gained by a dedicated focus in increasing insight. The book is organized in 3 sections: ...

Serial Killers (criminal Investigations)

From ancient times to the present, serial killers have terrorized the public, claiming their victims with a variety of methods, including poisoning, stabbing, and shooting. Modern law enforcement agents have developed sophisticated techniques, such as DNA analysis and psychological profiling, to track and identify these killers. Covering key historical and contemporary cases, "Serial Killers" is a concise, objective introduction to t...