Values Clarification In Counseling And Psychotherapy

"What a great resource! This book represents an important contribution to a long neglected area of practice. Values are truly the basis of so much we do and think, yet they so often go unexamined. How many times have counselors thought that we have covered all the ground and have reached that point in the therapeutic alliance where action is warranted, only to hear, 'Yes, But'? This is a clear indication that we may have helped the c...

Momma And The Meaning Of Life

Tales of therapy are also tales of therapists, and Irvin D. Yalom--author of much bestselling psychiatric fiction and nonfiction--is a seasoned storyteller. This new collection of "tales from the couch," part memoir and part fiction, is the work of a therapist unafraid to become deeply engaged with his patients; people, not pathology, are the stuff of Yalom's psychotherapy. Ego, doubt, and fantasy are rarely confined to the couch, an...

Language And Bilingual Cognition

"The present volume constitutes a comprehensive and outstanding contribution to the new and expanding field of language and bilingual cognition research. ... Due to the breath of the research areas that are covered and the quality of the chapters that are included, Language and Bilingual Cognition is an invaluable reference for those interested in cognition, bilingualism, and second language acquisition."– Teresa Cadierno, University...

Understanding Occupational & Organizational Psychology

Understanding Occupational and Organizational Psychology provides full coverage of the British Psychological Society's training requirements for becoming a chartered occupational psychologist and complies with European training guidelines for industrial, work, and organizational psychology. This book will prompt and inspire further reading and research as well as ideas for dissertations, problem formulation and the creative applicati...

Measurement Theory in Action

This is an excellent introduction to psychometrics with a strong hands-on emphasis. The writing is clear and easy to follow. This is an invaluable resource for students new to psychological and educational measurement as well as for instructors looking for solid examples to use in their courses. This book offers a view of measurement and measurement practice that goes beyond most books on measurement, which are so analytical that the...

Miteinander Reden Von A Bis Z: Lexikon Der Kommunikationspsychologie

Das Nachschlagewerk zu «Miteinander reden 1–3» Friedemann Schulz von Thuns dreibändiges Werk «Miteinander reden» ist ein Klassiker der Kommunikationspsychologie. Mittlerweile haben er und seine Mitstreiter das Konzept in vielen Büchern weiterentwickelt und auf die verschiedensten Bereiche angewendet. «Miteinander reden von A bis Z» ermöglicht nun, sich schnell einen Überblick zu verschaffen und Grundbegriffe nachzuschlagen. «Wenn es ...

Case Studies In Multicultural Counseling And Therapy

"Case Studies in Multicultural Counseling and Therapy offers a rich narrative of therapeutic engagement with diverse clients highlighting the complexities of intersecting dimensions of culture.  Such emotionally-gripping cases facilitate a soul penetrating capacity for expanding cultural schema and increasing cultural empathy among mental health professionals and trainees." "Having taught Multicultural Counseling for more than 10 yea...

Autism Spectrum Conditions: A Guide

Autism Spectrum Conditions: A guide is a comprehensive introduction to working with people with autism spectrum conditions, which addresses their needs across the lifespan and across the range of intellectual functioning. Though the content is grounded in evidence-based practice and recent research, the text is intended to be as practical as possible, offering insight into the everyday lives of people with autism spectrum conditions ...