Strangers to Ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious

This book offers an intricate combination of page-turning reading, cutting-edge research, and philosophical debate. At some level, Wilson points out, individuals know that processing and decision-making go on below the threshold of awareness; if every decision had to reach consciousness before action could be initiated, people would not be able to respond as promptly as some situations dictate. How does this processing occur? What st...

How to Rethink Mental Illness

The world of mental illness is typically framed around symptoms and cures, where every client is given a label. In this challenging new book, Professor Bernard Guerin provides a fresh alternative to considering these issues, based in interdisciplinary social sciences and discourse analysis rather than medical studies or cognitive metaphors. A timely and articulate challenge to mainstream approaches, Guerin asks the reader to observe ...

Cyberbullying: What Counselors Need to Know

This book is a must-read for school counselors, teachers, administrators, and other professionals who want a solid, research-based, and comprehensive guide on counseling for cyberbullying. This is not just another book on cyberbullying. While cyberbullying is a growing concern, and more and more materials are available, there is no other book for counselors which is as complete and powerful. Dr. Bauman lays a great foundational overv...

Brain Matters: Translating Research into Classroom Practice (2nd Edition)

This book highlighted many things we 'know' but have no explanation for...and gave the explanation!! Loved the in depth understanding of the functioning of the brain. I think a little more emphasis on the responsibility each person has to regulate/make choices and how this changes the brain chemistry as opposed to reactions being as a result of chemical differentials in the brain would give more power to the reader and child for thei...

Development Across the Life Span, 8th edition

For courses in Lifespan Development A compelling blend of lifespan development research and applications Development Across the Life Span provides a chronological overview of human development from the moment of conception through death, examining both the traditional areas of the field and more recent innovations. Author Robert Feldman focuses on how developmental findings can be can be applied meaningfully and practically, helping ...

Predictions in the Brain: Using Our Past to Generate a Future

"The final product is stimulating, providing cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists with a comprehensive and updated review of scientific advancements towards the understanding of prediction and its relation to memory... it is a brilliantly compiled collection of essays on how the brain and our cognitive systems attempt to anticipate the future." -- Memory Studies "Predictions in the Brain reviews experimental evidence for subst...

The Elements of Mental Tests, Second Edition

The Elements of Mental Tests provides an introduction to mental testing and the use of psychological and educational measures. Part I: The Elements of Measurement introduces the types of educational and psychological tests commonly in use, the test data those measures collect, and the types of test items that make up a test. Part II: The Elements of Test Scores introduces the mathematical models that professionals use to represent te...

International Counseling Case Studies Handbook

This is a wonderful collection of engaging therapeutic stories that illustrate the complexities of counseling within different cultural contexts. It is an excellent stimulus to broaden both students' and scholars' conceptualization of counseling and psychotherapy. Although the literature on how mental health practitioners worldwide assist their clients has expanded dramatically in the past few years, very few publications have descri...

Children's Rights: Towards Social Justice

A marked change in traditional thinking about children and childhood was promoted by the adoption by the United Nations (in 1989) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the early 90s sociologists in the United States and the UK developed Childhood Studies to promote a holistic view of children's lives, recognition of their competence and agency, and the impact and value of their everyday experiences. As a result of this imp...