Raspberry Pi: Guide For Simple Python & Projects Programming

58345b12af7e9.jpg Author William Gore
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Year 2016
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Book Description:

Programming a PC does not need to be a challenge. In fact, it can be the easiest thing you learn to do. Programming languages have advanced from the step by step process of creating long complicated applications line by boring line. With computing power getting smaller and smaller, the ability to embed powerful platforms in tight quarters allows anyone to take a crack at inventing the next big thing.

Maybe you can be the person who wows the folks at CES and gets a huge design contract to create cool gadgets. All it takes it a little bit of programming knowledge and the right hardware to drive it all to completion. This guidebook will open the doors to programming in Python, which is one of the most popular and powerful software development languages out there today. And unlike Java and C++, Python is the democratic language. It’s simple to learn, easy to use and readily available. You can download a Python Compiler for free today and be programming within minutes.

We’ll also suggest a group of easy to tackle Python projects that you can use with an embedded computing platform like Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is the next wave in easy to program embedded computing platforms. Recently hailed in the Wall Street Journal as a wonder where “[L]osing yourself in critical thinking and learning how those easy-to-use computers around us work can be incredibly satisfying,” Raspberry Pi is more than just an inexpensive computing platform. It is the gateway to life hacks, do-it-yourself adventure and maybe even the next big thing.

We’ll take the time to introduce you to concepts that will help any fledging inventor:

Design, build and program a device
Learn the ins and outs of Python programming
Discover how simple it is to write programs that entertain and amuse
Package all of that together into a profitable bundle


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