Reading Descartes Otherwise: Blind, Mad, Dreamy, And Bad

579607766224f.jpg Author Kyoo Lee
Isbn 0823244849
File size 1.3 MB
Year 2012
Pages 234
Language English
File format PDF
Category Philosophy

Book Description:

Focusing on the first four images of the Other mobilized in Descartes Meditations--namely, the blind, the mad, the dreamy, and the bad--Reading Descartes Otherwise casts light on what have heretofore been the phenomenological shadows of Cartesian rationality. In doing so, it discovers dynamic signs of spectral alterity lodged both at the core and on the edges of modern Cartesian subjectivity. Calling for a Copernican reorientation of the very notion Cartesianism, the books series of close, creatively critical readings of Descartes signature images brings the dramatic forces, moments, and scenes of the cogito into our own contemporary moment. The author patiently unravels the knotted skeins of ambiguity that have been spun within philosophical modernity out of such cliches as Descartes, the abstract modern subject and Descartes, the father of modern philosophy--a figure who is at once everywhere and nowhere. In the process, she revitalizes and reframes the legacy of Cartesian modernity, in a way more mindful of its proto-phenomenological traces.



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