Magick of the Ancient Gods

i like this book because of the clear information and simple invocations you can use to invoke spirits.i compare this book to other michael ford books i just bought the book this book and got in the mail on 9/9/13 and with in a week read it and work with alot of spirits in the book and was very happy with the results.please try this product if you have not! thank you for taking time to read my review!

Buddhist Philosophy: A Comparative Approach

"Steven Emmanuel has done an excellent job of curating materials that express the richness of Buddhist philosophy and the vast resource it can be for Western philosophers. Bringing together several of the world's leading specialists in this interdisciplinary area, the volume accounts for Western topics of philosophical inquiry within Buddhist thought, and articulates how the two traditions benefit from each other when brought into di...

The Mystics of Islam

"I propose to offer a few remarks on the origin and historical development of Sufism, its relation to Islam, and its general character. Not only are these matters interesting to the student of comparative religion; some knowledge of them is indispensable to any serious student of Sufism itself." R. A. Nicholson Roots of Sufism: It is obvious that the ascetic and quietistic tendencies to which Nicholson has referred were in harmony wi...

Indestructible Truth

Outstanding book on Tibetan Buddhism. A bit long, especially with the history of it, but one can always skim through it. The part about the actual philosophy/religion was truly enlightening for me. I came away with knowing about the subject then I ever imagined. The author clearly has a passion for Tibetan Buddhism and some of the personal anecdotes really moved me. High quality book, written with an effective prose, tremendous content.

Vivid Awareness: The Mind Instructions of Khenpo Gangshar

"These instructions are exceptionally concise and easy to follow. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche received this distillation of the essential points of Mahamudra from the renowned master Khenpo Gangshar, and he credits them with saving his life. They could save your life too—giving you the tools to stabilize the mind even in the most terrifying and challenging of circumstances."—Pema Chödrön, author of Taking the Leap

The Political Bible in Early Modern England

'Through deep research this book uncovers the far-reaching yet surprisingly neglected contribution of the Bible to the political thinking of early-modern England, from justifications for regicide to responsibility for plague victims: a wide-ranging and illuminating work.' Paul Hammond, University of Leeds

Jesus of Nazareth

Professor Maurice Casey provides a sophisticated and engaging historical reconstruction of Jesus life tackling controversial issues such as the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection. Casey's masterful treatment of the Aramaic sources and background to the Gospels make this volume unique in that no other life of Jesus has been written by a scholar with such expertise in the language which Jesus spoke, as a result Casey is able to draw us ...

Juxtaposition and the Elisha Cycle

This monograph examines the juxtaposition of narrative units in biblical narrative and the effect this has on interpretation. Early rabbinical and inner-biblical interpretations suggest that juxtaposition was an intentional device used by biblical editors and authors to shape the meaning of their material.Therefore, this monograph develops a framework for recognising the ways in which adjacentunits interpret and re-interpret one anot...

The Commentarial Transformation of the Spring and Autumn

Shows how the text evolved from a non-narrative historical record into a Confucian classic. The Spring and Autumn is among the earliest surviving Chinese historical records, covering the period 722–479 BCE. It is a curious text: the canonical interpretation claims that it was composed by Confucius and embodies his moral judgments, but this view appears to be contradicted by the brief and dispassionate records themselves. Newell Ann V...