Indo-Tibetan Buddhism: Indian Buddhists & Their Tibetan Successors

This volume provides a comprehensive survey of Indian Buddhism and its subsequent establishment in Tibet. It concentrates on the tantric period of Buddhist theory and practice, from the eighth to the thirteenth centuries, when the Tibetans were actively engaged in absorbing all they could find of Buddhist culture and religion into their own country. Snellgrove emphasizes the significant role played by the Central Asian kingdoms along...

The Covenanters in Canada: Reformed Presbyterianism from 1820 to 2012

In The Covenanters in Canada, Eldon Hay sheds light on a religious community often overlooked in the chronicle of Canadian history. A group of religious and political dissenters who opposed the interference by the Stuart kings in the affairs of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, the Covenanter movement was small, but had deep roots worthy of attention and respect. This study of a resilient tradition of religious dissent reflects th...

Faithful Intellect: Samuel S. Nelles and Victoria University

In 1850, Samuel Nelles, a well-educated Methodist minister, was selected to resuscitate the debt-ridden and declining Victoria University. As principal, and later as president and chancellor, he fought against shortsighted government educational policies while making the school into one of the premier universities in Canada. A true academic, Nelles believed in the importance of testing assumed laws, dogmas, and creeds. However his pu...

Becoming Holy in Early Canada

Recent years have witnessed a revival of interest in holy figures in Canada. From the reputations of popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI as prolific saint-makers to the canonization of two figures associated with Canada - Brother André Bessette in 2010 and Kateri Tekakwitha in 2012 - saints are suddenly in the news and a topic of conversation. In Becoming Holy in Early Canada, Timothy Pearson explores the roots of sanctity in Canada ...

Christmas as Religion: The Relationship between Sacred and Secular

In Christmas as Religion, Christopher Deacy explores the premise that religion plays an elementary role in our understanding of the Christmas festival, but takes issue with much of the existing literature which is inclined to limit the contours and parameters of "religion" to particular representations and manifestations of institutional forms of Christianity. "Religion" is often tacitly identified as having an ecclesiastical frame o...

Christentum und Philosophie: Einheit im Übergang

Philosophia christiana? Glaube, der Wahrheit beansprucht, muss sich beziehen auf die Vernunft in ihrer ganzen Weite, damit aber auch auf die rational begründete Reflexion über die Grenzen der Vernunft. An diesen Grenzen stellen sich wiederum die Fragen nach den Voraussetzungen des Vernünftigseins: Natur, Personalität, Transzendenz als Elemente der conditio humana. In dieser wechselseitigen Angewiesenheit auf ihre Bereitschaft zur Gre...

Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories, & the Power of Transformation

Artfully capturing yoga's vibrant spirit, Yoga Bodies presents full-color yoga-pose portraits of more than 80 practitioners of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and skill levels—real people with real stories to share about how yoga has changed their lives for the better. Some humorous, some heartfelt, others profound, the stories entertain as they enlighten, while the portraits—which joyously challenge the "yoga body" stereotype—...

From Shamanism to Sufism: Women, Islam and Culture in Central Asia

Women have traditionally played a vital part in Islam throughout Central Asia - the vast area from the Caspian Sea to Siberia. With this ground-breaking and original study, Razia Sultanova examines the experiences of Muslim women in the region and the ways in which religion has shaped their daily lives and continues to do so today. From Shamanism to Sufism explores the fundamental interplay between religious belief and the cultural h...

Pilgrimage and Tourism to Holy Cities

This book covers the ideological motives and religious perceptions behind travel to sites prescribed with sanctity in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It covers sites that have drawn pilgrims and religious tourists to them for hundreds of years and seeks to provide an understanding of the complex world of religiously motivated travel. Beginning with contemporary perspectives of pilgrimage across these religions, it then discusses ma...

American Pragmatism: A Religious Genealogy

Hamner seeks to discover what makes pragmatism uniquely American. She argues that the inextricably American character of pragmatism of such figures as C.S. Peirce and William James lies in its often understated affirmation of America as a uniquely religious country with a God-given mission and populated by God-fearing citizens.