Aquinas's Way to God: The Proof in De Ente et Essentia

"Aquinas's De Ente et Essentia was an early work of Aquinas. But it contains a line of thought that characterizes Aquinas's thinking as a whole. Gaven Kerr has mastered this line of thought and presents it in an extremely clear and judicious way. His book is one that anyone interested in Aquinas or in arguments for the belief that God exists should certainly read."

On Buddha Essence: A Commentary on Ranjung Dorje's Treatise

Thrangu, a teacher of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, comments on a 231-line treatise written in the early 14th century by Rangjung Dorje, third in the line of karmapas, spiritual leaders of the Kagyu tradition. This treatise is important for understanding the development of Tibetan Mahamudra teachings, which resemble Zen Buddhism in their emphasis on emptiness, the true nature of mind and the importance of meditation in coming...

The Greatest Controversies of Early Christian History

I grew up with the teaching that the bible was the word of God and was perfect. Went to college with the idea of being a minister but I tripped over the trinity. The most honest answer I could get was that the trinity is a mystery that just has to be believed. That proved to be impossible so I moved on to other things. I so much enjoy reading scholars like Bart D Ehrman . The contradictions are plentiful and the evolution of Christia...

Honen The Buddhist Saint: Essential Writings and Official Biography

Honen was the father of Japanese Pure Land Buddhism and yet he is often overshadowed by his student Shinran. This is curious, since Shinran himself never claimed to teach anything other then what his late master taught him. Quotations from Honen are hard to come by and that alone makes this book worth buying. But aside from Honen's voluminous writings and the scholary account of this extradorniary man's life, this book is embellished...

The Myth of Disenchantment

"The Myth of Disenchantment is a work of considerable clarity and directness. . .notable for its lucidity. . . . The Myth of Disenchantment is essential reading for those interested in the history of the modern humanities. It is directly engaged in this emerging field, investigating the figures and practices that constitute the history of the study of religion, critical theory, and other 'human sciences.' It features insightful synth...

Pariah Politics: Understanding Western Radical Islamism and What Should be Done

"This is a very learned and important book...based on many years of deep reflection and political engagement--the author has worked at think tanks on a variety of policy issues, and was a senior policy adviser in the No. 10 Strategy Unit during the Blair administration...Pariah Politics contains a wealth of data and insights that cannot be done justice in a short review"--International Affairs

The Business Turn in American Religious History

"As the authors of the essays in this volume show, examining religion and religious institutions through the lens of business provides numerous insights into how religions gain influence, how they spread, both in the United States and throughout the world, and how their members come to terms with serving both God and mammon. The book is highly recommended for scholars of both religious history and business history."--Matthew C. Godfr...

Rebranding Islam : Piety, Prosperity, and a Self-Help Guru

"This work is quite simply one of the best written, theoretically well-informed, and downright interesting works in both anthropology and religious studies that I have read in the past four years. It speaks engagingly across a variety of disciplines and debates, including Islamic studies of contemporary Sufism and sociological and political science studies of Islam's crisis of religious authority. I can think of no other work that ac...

Christmas in the Crosshairs

"Yes, Virginia, there is a war against Christmas, and it has been waged for hundreds of years, as Gerry Bowler demonstrates in this eye-opening, lively, meticulously researched history. Christmas haters include Hitler, Puritans and the Westboro Baptist Church, pushing draconian laws or composing vulgar anti-holiday ditties. Against them stand Charles Dickens, Clement Moore, and large dollops of good will and common sense. Bowler deta...

Religious Competition in the Greco-Roman World

Essays that broaden the historical scope and sharpen the parameters of competitive discourses Scholars in the fields of late antique Christianity, neoplatonism, New Testament, art history, and rabbinics examine issues related to authority, identity, and change in religious and philosophical traditions of late antiquity. The specific focus of the volume is the examination of cultural producers and their particular viewpoints and agend...