The Religious Poetry of Vladimir Solovyov

"With this generous selection of Solovyov's poetry, Boris Jakim and Laury Magnus make it possible for English speakers to explore an aspect of Solovyov's creativity which is little known outside of Russia. Solovyov's poems fuse biblical faith with European Romanticism in fresh and inspired ways. The poet deploys a remarkably broad range of tones and themes, inviting us to contemplate the cosmos as the living garment of God, charming ...

First Century Galilee: A Fresh Examination of the Sources

Bradley W. Root offers a thorough re-examination of the relevant literary and archaeological evidence for first century Galilee. Root argues that previous scholarship on Galilee has generally failed to make appropriate distinctions between the different sources of information for the region's history. He therefore adopts a strict method of historical inquiry, evaluating each of the relevant literary sources and the archaeological evi...

L'éveil évolutionnaire : Evoluer en conscience pour transformer la culture

Le philosophe et enseignant spirituel américain, Andrew Cohen, redéfinit ici l'éveil spirituel pour notre monde contemporain, caractérisé par sa métamorphose explosive et son expansion de plus en plus rapide. Cette voie vise la synthèse entre deux visions apparemment contradictoires : la sagesse orientale, fondée sur ce que la conscience a d'éternel, et la science occidentale, essentiellement évolutionniste. Son message est simple : ...

Hidden Divinity and Religious Belief: New Perspectives

This collection of new essays, written by an international team of scholars, is a groundbreaking examination of divine hiddenness, forming an integrated dialogue on the relationship between evidence, experience and religious belief. It will be of interest to researchers and advanced students of theology and philosophy of religion.

Buddhism, Christianity and the Question of Creation: Karmic or Divine?

Is the world created by a divine creator? Or is it the constant product of karmic forces? The issue of creation was at the heart of the classic controversies between Buddhism and Hindu Theism. In modern times it can be found at the centre of many polemical debates between Buddhism and Christianity. Is this the principal barrier that separates Buddhism from Christianity and other theistic religions? The contributions to Part One explo...

Nirvana and Other Buddhist Felicities

This book presents a new answer to the question: what is nirvana? Part One distinguishes between systematic and narrative thought in the Pali texts of Theravada Buddhism, looking at the place of nirvana in both. Part Two explores other Buddhist utopias and relates Buddhist utopianism to studies of European and American utopian writing. Steven Collins discusses these issues in relation to textuality, world history, and ideology in pre...

Essays in Anarchism and Religion: Volume 1

Anarchism and religion have historically had an uneasy relationship. Indeed, representatives of both sides have regularly insisted on the fundamental incompatibility of anarchist and religious ideas and practices. Yet, ever since the emergence of anarchism as an intellectual and political movement, a considerable number of religious anarchists have insisted that their religious tradition necessarily implies an anarchist political sta...

God, Chance and Purpose: Can God Have It Both Ways?

'Bartholomew, an Emeritus Professor of Statistics, presents a complex story line with exemplary clarity, arguing both against those who maintain that the likelihood of life, let alone humans, appearing by chance is so miniscule that there must be an intelligent designer, and against those who assume God must have determined every detail of His creation.' Theological Book Review

Contemplating Reality

"Karr is a friendly teacher of difficult material: exercises offer ways of helping students reach conclusions; demanding chapters of philosophical explication are relieved by quirky "interludes" of poetry and comedy; and appendixes contain helpful biographies of historical Buddhist teachers and a chart of philosophical systems. . . . Contemplating Reality will challenge the advanced student of Buddhism interested in the historical an...

Planets in Aspect: Understanding Your Inner Dynamics

having read his book on houses i wasnt too sure how i might have felt about this book. least to say this is a better book and makes for a good reference piece on aspects. he tackles the usual aspects (sq tr sxt opp ect.) he points out also that for instance the opposition is not as malefic as the square (which the ancients considered evil), the opposition is easy to fix by looking for a trine 60 degrees away and so on. i found some o...