Early Quakers And Their Theological Thought: 1647-1723

This book provides the most comprehensive theological analysis to date of the work of early Quaker leaders. Spanning the first seventy years of the Quaker movement to the beginning of its formalization, Early Quakers and their Theological Thought examines in depth the lives and writings of sixteen prominent figures. These include not only recognized authors such as George Fox, William Penn, Margaret Fell, and Robert Barclay, but also...

Catholic Schools And The Future Of The Church

During the first decade of the 21st century the Catholic Church in the developed world has faced a decline in its moral authority, increasing accusations of irrelevance to a secular age, and a steep and steady decline in commitment among successive generations from the 1960s on. Despite this Catholic schools have multiplied and grown in popularity and educational achievement. The book sets out a programme for the contribution of Cath...

Bones Of Contention: Animals And Religion In Contemporary Japan

Since the 1990s the Japanese pet industry has grown to a trillion-yen business and estimates place the number of pets above the number of children under the age of fifteen. There are between 6,000 to 8,000 businesses in the Japanese pet funeral industry, including more than 900 pet cemeteries. Of these about 120 are operated by Buddhist temples, and Buddhist mortuary rites for pets have become an institutionalized practice. In Bones ...

The Power Of God: By Thomas Aquinas

In the De potentia, Thomas Aquinas runs a series of disputations on the power of God. The treatise considers ten questions related to God's power to create external things, namely the universe, angels, and human beings. His explanation of creation here is the most developed treatment found in any of his writings, but the principal purpose of the work is to analyze the internal life of God--that is, the Trinity. According to Aquinas, ...

Verbal Aspect Theory And The Prohibitions In The Greek New Testament

The end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries have involved much discussion on overhauling and refining a scholarly understanding of the verbal system for first-century Greek. These discussions have included advances in verbal aspect theory and other linguistic approaches to describing the grammatical phenomena of ancient languages. This volume seeks to apply some of that learning to the narrow realm of how...

Hidden Truths From Eden: Esoteric Readings Of Genesis 1-3

Since the sixteenth century CE, the field of biblical studies has focused on the literal meaning of texts. This collection seeks to rectify this oversight by integrating the study of esoteric readings into academic discourse. Case studies focusing on the first three chapters of Genesis cover different periods and methods from early Christian discourse through zoharic, kabbalistic and alchemical literature to modern and post-postmoder...

Bible, Borders, Belonging(s): Engaging Readings From Oceania

Engaging voices crossing textual limits, race, and ethnic lines In this collection of essays, scholars from Oceania open a new dialog regarding the vast, complex, and slippery nature of the Bible and the fluid meanings of borders and belongings. From belonging in a place, a group, or movement to belongings as material and cultural possessions, from borders of a text, discipline, or thought to borders of nations, communities, or bodie...

Niemals Aufgeben!: Mit Werten In Führung Bleiben

Ein neuer Hahne! Nach Jahres-Erfolgen auf den SPIEGEL-Bestsellerlisten mit "Rettet das Zigeunerschnitzel!" und "Schluss mit lustig!" wieder gewohnter Klartext, keine gewöhnlichen Klischees. Ratgeber gibt's über Karriere, Reichtum und Gesundheit, aber Hilfe beim Scheitern sucht man mit der Lupe. Was trägt, wenn Erfolg ausbleibt, Pech und Pleiten, Kündigung und Krankheit das Leben radikal verändern? Dann sind echte Werte gefragt, die u...

Ravished By Beauty: The Surprising Legacy Of Reformed Spirituality

I love this book--a serious work of theology whose language celebrates and mediates the ravishing beauty of a world shot through with the glory of God. In this novel exploration of Reformed spirituality, Belden C. Lane uncovers a "green theology" that celebrates a community of jubilant creatures of all languages and species. Lane reveals an ecologically sensitive Calvin who spoke of himself as ''ravished'' by the earth's beauty. He s...