27 Stars, 27 Gods: The Astrological Mythology Of Ancient India

Over a decade of dedicated research! Over a year of writing and editing! With the blessings and guidance of a swami , a babaji, and a Sanskrit scholar, Vic DiCara presents you the world's most definitive, simple and completely awesome explanation of the mythology and meaning within the 27 stars of ancient Indian astrology! If you are an astrologer or a fan of astrology, you will be transformed by Vic's radically clear and straightfor...

The Responsive Self: Personal Religion In Biblical Literature Of The Neo-babylonian And Persian Periods

In this pivotal and fascinating study, Susan Niditch looks anew at the people of the past to uncover a wealth of evidence attesting to the personalization of religion. For the first time, religiously-engaged selves emerge convincingly from the faceless masses. This book marks a crucial new direction in the trans-disciplinary study of the religious realities of ancient Israelite, Judahite and Jewish groups. Works created in the period...

Fantastic Spiritualities: Monsters, Heroes And The Contemporary Religious Imagination

This is a fascinating book that would appeal to both academic and general readers. In this work Jobling argues that religious sensibility in the Western world is in a process of transformation, but that we see here change, not decline, and that the production and consumption of the fantastic in popular culture offers an illuminating window onto spiritual trends and conditions. She examines four major examples of the fantastic genre: ...

Celtic Myth And Religion: A Study Of Traditional Belief, With Newly Translated Prayers, Poems And Songs

This well-organized, readable book unites a widely scattered body of primary information on the myths, ritual practices, songs, cosmology, poetry, folklore, and symbolism created within and shared among the Celtic cultures of western Europe...a good general volume on Celtic myth and religion. Recommended. This book provides a comprehensive overview of Celtic mythology and religion, encompassing numerous aspects of ritual and belief. ...

Margaret Barker, King Of The Jews: Temple Theology In John’s Gospel

Margaret Barker is a former President of the Society for Old Testament Studies and co-founder of the Temple Studies Group. She is a Methodist lay preacher. Barker continues to explore the fruitful idea that the first Christians were heirs to the pre-Deuteronomic, priestly, temple-rooted, royal liturgy and theology. Jesus was recognized by those who were waiting for him as the Davidic King, who was the Son of the Lord because he incar...

Lectura Dantis: Purgatorio

This new critical volume, the second to appear in the three-volume Lectura Dantis, contains expert, focused commentary on the Purgatorio by thirty-three international scholars, each of whom presents to the nonspecialist reader one of the cantos of the transitional middle cantica of Dante's unique Christian epic. The cast of characters is as colorful as before, although this time most of them are headed for salvation. The canto-by-can...

America’s Four Gods: What We Say About God–and What That Says About Us

Despite all the hype surrounding the "New Atheism," the United States remains one of the most religious nations on Earth. In fact, 95% of Americans believe in God--a level of agreement rarely seen in American life. The greatest divisions in America are not between atheists and believers, or even between people of different faiths. What divides us, this groundbreaking book shows, is how we conceive of God and the role He plays in our ...

Heart Imagery: A Path To Enlightenment

Heart Imagery - A Path to Enlightenment is a continuation of the book This Now is Eternity, revealing exercises and meditations related to the most ancient spiritual system: Heart Imagery. It is a treasure full of advice, meditations and exercises that come directly from two of the last Great Masters of Heart Imagery. These Masters lived in the Tibetan area, but that isn't relevant. Like other Great Masters of Imagery (Anastasia from...

Gersonides On Providence, Covenant, And The Chosen People: A Study In Medieval Jewish Philosophy

This is a careful examination of the doctrine of Jewish chosenness in the light of Gersonides's thought on providential suffering and on inherited providence. Gersonides is one of the most interesting and important philosophers of the later Jewish Middle Ages. Gersonides was one of the intellectual giants of the medieval Jewish world, a thinker of remarkable diversity and ingenuity. In the light of Gersonides' thought on providential...

Jesus: According To The Earliest Witness

Who was Jesus, really? In these pages, Robinson, one of the premier scholars of the New Testament and the "Sayings Gospel Q", asks what we can know of Jesus from what many believe was the earliest written source behind the Gospels. Surprising insights abound and the author includes an autobiographical essay charting the important currents in New Testament scholarship over the last fifty years. The book also includes a translation of ...