The Narrative Effect Of Book Iv Of The Hebrew Psalter (studies In Biblical Literature)

Robert E. Wallace has written an engaging work that is a rare combination of insight and creativity. He offers readers a careful look at the current scholarship surrounding canonical approaches to Book IV of the Psalter. Wallace focuses on the microcanonical connection among the various psalms in Book IV and thus ‘connects the dots’ of the individual psalms. By exploring the implication of analyzing the Psalter as a book rather than ...

Symbols Of The Kabbalah: Philosophical And Psychological Perspectives

Symbols of the Kabbalah: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives provides a philosophical and psychological interpretation of the major symbols of the theosophical Kabbalah. It shows that the Kabbalah, particularly as it is expressed in the school of Isaac Luria, provides a coherent and comprehensive account of the cosmos, and humanity's role within it, that is intellectually, morally, and spiritually significant for contemporar...

Gut Sein Und Was Der Einzelne Für Die Welt Tun Kann

Zuallererst ist Thich Nhat Hanh praktizierender Buddhist. Darüber hinaus ist er Mönch, Zenmeister und Lehrer. Außerdem ist Thich Nhat Hanh noch Lyriker und Bestsellerautor. Seine zahlreichen Bücher zeugen von Lebenserfahrung und Weisheit. Thich Nhat Hanh wurde 1926 in Vietnam geboren, auf Kriegserfahrung und Verfolgung folgte das Exil in Frankreich. Nicht zuletzt deshalb ist Thich Nhat Hanh bis heute ein stetiger Streiter für Gewaltl...

Der Heros In Tausend Gestalten

Apollo, der Froschkönig aus dem Märchen, Wotan, Buddha und zahlreiche andere »Helden« aus Volkssagen und Religionen – sie alle lassen sich auf den einen Heros zurückführen, den Ursprung aller Mythen. Und gleichzeitig stellen sie verschiedene Versionen und Ausformungen des Heldentypus dar. Durch umfassende Vergleiche und Deutungen bringt Campbell die Eigenheiten, die Gemeinsamkeiten und die Unterschiede dieser zeitlosen Symbole ans Li...

Calvin’s Company Of Pastors: Pastoral Care And The Emerging Reformed Church, 1536-1609

In this rich and illuminating book, Scott Manetsch introduces readers to the fascinating cast of characters who served as Geneva's ministers from 1536-1609. By carefully combining social history with historical theology, Manetsch probes the connection between pastoral theology and concrete practice among these ministers, presenting a marvelous portrait of Genevan pastoral life in Calvin's day and afterward. Lucidly written, this book...

Discourses Of Empire: The Gospel Of Mark From A Postcolonial Perspective

This inventive work explores Mark s Gospel within the contexts of the empires of Rome and Europe. In a unique dual analysis, the book highlights how empire is not only part of the past but also of a present colonial heritage. The book first outlines postcolonial criticism and discusses the challenges it poses for biblical scholarship, then scrutinizes the complex ways with which nineteenth-century commentaries on Mark s Gospel interp...

The Bible In Shakespeare

Despite the widespread popular sense that the Bible and the works of Shakespeare are the two great pillars of English culture, and despite the long-standing critical recognition that the Bible was a major source of Shakespeare's allusions and references, there has never been a full-length, critical study of the Bible in Shakespeare's plays. The Bible in Shakespeare addresses this serious deficiency. Early chapters describe the post-R...

Religious Education And Freedom Of Religion And Belief (religion, Education And Values)

What opportunities and challenges are presented to religious education across the globe by the basic human right of freedom of religion and belief? To what extent does religious education facilitate or inhibit ‘freedom of religion’ in schools? What contribution can religious education make to freedom in the modern world? This volume provides answers to these and related questions by drawing together a selection of the papers delivere...

Through The Eyes Of A Lion: Facing Impossible Pain, Finding Incredible Power

In this book, Pastor Levi Lusko shows with heartbreaking honesty how to face impossible pain and find incredible power. But Through the Eyes of a Lion is more than just a manual for dealing with grief. In Levi's words, it's "a manifesto for high-octane living." Those words couldn't be more true. I've never experienced the level of pain that Levi and his wife Jennie did the day their daughter Lenya left this earth. But I have struggle...