Victorian Muslim: Abdullah Quilliam and Islam in the West

"This book reflects the rich and rewarding outcomes that arise when two established scholars - building on their earlier research - go on to assemble a group of eminent and authoritative scholars who write about a subject - or rather a person - of both historic and contemporary significance. This accomplished project has resulted in an illuminating and masterful volume that makes an important contribution to the study of Muslims in B...

Pseudoscience and Extraordinary Claims of the Paranormal: A Critical Thinker's Toolkit

"Smith's work is a valuable contribution to the field. It will certainly be of interest to psychologists interested in the consequences of cognitive errors, and it is no doubt the best textbook on the market for a course on the psychology of paranormal belief. Although Smith explains paranormal thinking in terms of cognitive errors, his presentation of psychological issues is not technical; thus, this text would be especially useful ...

Richard Baxter and the Mechanical Philosophers

"The centrality of the celebrated polemicist Richard Baxter to the debates over science and religion in seventeenth-century England has often been asserted but never seriously investigated. Now, thanks to David Sytsma's detailed and thoughtful analysis of the entire corpus of Baxter's works, we can fully appreciate the complex manner in which a Puritan polymath sought to engage with key constituents of the new science, in a heroic ef...

Past Lives for Beginners: A Guide to Reincarnation & Techniques to Improve Your Present Life

Very easy to understand and read. Good techniques are given for self-exploration. Chances are that if you're already into chakras, angel workings, kabbalah and sim...youre already had some experiences from this book. And after reading and practicing from this book great picture will become more clear. I must correct one reviewer bellow who said that in this book author give you "exact time of death". That reviewer is wrong and he or ...

Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination

"One of the most important debates in our time is that it of religious liberty as it relates to controversies over sexuality and marriage. Sadly, usually most Americans don't have these debates at all, content to stay in our silos and never engage with those who disagree with us. This book is different. Ryan Anderson, Sherif Girgis, and John Corvino model how to hold strong (very strong) opinions while debating others with respect. T...

A Century of Miracles: Christians, Pagans, Jews, and the Supernatural, 312-410

"In this masterly book, Drake takes us on a roller-coaster ride through the last century of the Roman Empire. From Constantine's conversion onwards, a series of breathtaking military victories and similar stunning events seemed to prove that the empire was directly favored by the Christian God. Then the ride ended with a spectacular jolt. In 410 the Goths sacked Rome. Only Augustine's City of God could make sense of the end of an age...

John and Philosophy: A New Reading of the Fourth Gospel

John and Philosophy: A New Reading of the Fourth Gospel offers a Stoic reading of the Fourth Gospel, especially its cosmology, epistemology, and ethics. It works through the gospel in narrative sequence providing a "philosophical narrative reading." In each section of the gospel Troels Engberg-Pedersen raises discusses philosophical questions. He compares John with Paul (in philosophy) and Mark (in narrative) to offer a new reading o...

City of Mirrors: Songs of Lalan Sai (Bilingual edition)

"Thirty years ago, a passionate Professor from the University of Washington's Department of Asian Languages and Literatures embarked on a unique journey to penetrate the little known spiritual syncretism of Bauls, seeking to undo the much lamented obfuscation of Lalon Shai's works caused by problematic translations, and little concerted efforts towards that direction. Aside from deep research, Dr. Carol Salomon, one of the only few n...

In My Father's House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture

"This is an absorbing and path-breaking book by a gifted philosopher. Appiah rescues the philosophy of culture from Herder by insisting that we drop notions like 'authentic negritude' and that 'African culture' is the name of an important project rather than of an available datum. The book's range of reference and the vigor of its argumentation are equally impressive."--Richard Rorty, University of Virginia "Appiah's concern is, he m...

Witchcraft and Magic in the Nordic Middle Ages

"This important book accomplishes several major goals. It illuminates a previously little-examined aspect of Scandinavian history, namely magic in the post-Viking but pre-Reformation centuries. It advances some valuable and broadly applicable methodologies for studying conversion and Christianization. And it successfully integrates Nordic developments into the overall history of magic and witchcraft in medieval Europe even as it high...