Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses

This is a really excellent book blowing away all the faux Tantra ideas about sex, and it is a great book on the nuts and bolts of Tantra. The Yantra pictures and the pictures of the Goddesses were in black and white, but really a yantra should be carved on metals such as copper, gold, or silver. I think some of the individuals here were disappointed because they wanted information on the sorcery that is part of Tantra. Frawley mentio...

The Secular Clergy in England, 1066-1216

The secular clergy - priests and other clerics outside of monastic orders - were among the most influential and powerful groups in European society during the central Middle Ages. The secular clergy got their title from the Latin word for world, saeculum, and secular clerics kept the Church running in the world beyond the cloister wall, with responsibility for the bulk of pastoral care and ecclesiastical administration. This gave the...

Crucifixion in Antiquity (Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen Zum Neun Testament)

"Though sensationalistic (especially in the hands of the media), the claim is ultimately anticlimactic and sober. Samuelsson investigates every instance of the language of crucifixion in ancient Greek, Latin, and Hebrew sources: Homer and Aesop, classical historians and philosophers, playwrights and orators, Hellenistic and Roman historians, ancient papyri, Roman philosophers and poets, as well as texts from the Hebrew Bible and Seco...

Abraham in the Works of John Chrysostom

This great little book is basically a study on how John Chrysostom saw the Biblical patriarch Abraham. The author investigates all the varied works of John Chrysostom including his Homilies on Genesis. John Chrysostom used Abraham as an exemplar for all sorts of virtues and behaviours and basically Christianised him for his audience. As an added bonus Tonis includes a translation of a homily by John Chrysostom called 'On Abraham'. Do...

The Heart of the Yogini

"This long-awaited English-language edition of André Padoux's classic study and translation of the Yoginihrdaya is a window onto a remarkably sophisticated ritual and metaphysical system. Presented in a clear and engaging format, it is an ideal introduction and guide to the world of Hindu Tantra." I fell in love with a Yogini statue at the Nelson Atkins museum in Kansas City. There are a few of them in the US. But they dont have much...

Leaders and Legacies in Assyriology and Bible

David Weisberg became fascinated by Assyriology as an undergraduate at Columbia University. Already endowed with a strong background in Hebraica, he soon came to know that he needed the deeper immersion of a graduate program, and he enrolled at Yale to pursue it. David’s interests soon focused on the Chaldean Dynasty of Nebuchadnezzar and the Achaemenid Dynasty of Cyrus the Great. Weisberg’s thesis succeeded in illuminating the wider...

Resurrezione e reincarnazione. Favole consolatorie o realtà? (2009)

Il libro parte dai testi sacri delle varie forme di pensiero religioso occidentale ed orientale per arrivare a comprendere come si sono formate, e come si sono evolute nel tempo, le idee che hanno determinato la nascita dei concetti di Resurrezione in ambito cristiano e di Reincarnazione e Rinascita nel pensiero orientale. Sono suo lettore da un pò, leggere la Bibbia dopo aver letto i suoi libri o dopo aver ascoltato le sue conferenz...

Jane Lead and her Transnational Legacy

“The collection originated in a conference, and Hessayon has preserved a sense of collaborative, dialogic, and supportive discussion throughout these chapters. Each chapter is generously footnoted and, where relevant, includes appendices, tables, and data that invite further enquiry. The breadth of research, historical and literary analysis, and the generous inclusion of data and references provide a thorough introduction to new stud...

Kierkegaard's Critique of Christian Nationalism

an excellent introduction to Kierkegaard's thought, and a worthwhile addition to scholarship on an enduring figure. * Gary Slater, Expository Times * Backhouse provides a well-researched and insightful commentary on key aspects of Kierkegaard's thought in order to indicate some potential contributions to political theology. This is a welcome achievement that will hopefully pave the way for more of its kind. * Joshua R. Furnal, Theolo...

The Case for Jesus

Lots of reviewers have written great reviews, so this one will be fairly brief. Brant Pitre's books, this one included, are an example of what is best in the new scriptural studies emerging today. His research is solid and meticulous - no sloppiness here! - and he writes with a refreshingly strong Catholic faith. This book carefully and effectively undoes the harm of decades of scholars' attempts to debunk the Gospels. He very effect...