In Pursuit of Meaning: Collected Studies of Baruch A. Levine

In a career spanning almost five decades, Baruch Levine’s numerous publications reflect his wide-ranging interests and areas of expertise in the study of the Hebrew Bible, the ancient Near East, and early Judaism. In Pursuit of Meaning brings together 51 of the most important articles that Professor Levine produced during his years at Brandeis University (1962–69) and New York University (1969–2000, emeritus 2000–). The first volume,...

Being Protestant in Reformation Britain

"[An] excellent and important book...[T]his is, overall, a remarkable book, exceptionally well researched and fluidly written, and will be essential reading for specialists in the field and no doubt launch much debate and further research. It would also be a valuable addition to any undergraduate or postgraduate course that touches on the Reformation in Britain."--Renaissance Quarterly

Crow Jesus : Personal Stories of Native Religious Belonging

“Firmly grounded in the author’s extensive fieldwork and informed by a deep understanding of Crow Agency’s social, political, and spiritual contours, this absorbing discussion will decisively shift our understanding of contemporary Crow religious belief.” “This timely and original work showcases modern Crow Christianity’s complicated and multifaceted realities. Clatterbuck’s interviews with Crow Nation members give us one of the clea...

The Saints: A Short History

With a goal of how sainthood was "historically constructed, contested, and embodied out of the divine calls to holiness visited upon individuals," Simon Yarrow presents a pithy introduction to the history of sainthood up to the present era with his new book The Saints: A Short History (Oxford University Press, USA). The result is a basic and yet scholarly introduction to a topic that Christians as well as those interested in religiou...

Keeping the Vow

As a pastoral provision priest who participated in the study, I can well attest to accuracy of content and interpretation. It's interesting to find that being Catholic all my life, this information has never been shared in our parishes. Seems like it's a secret but there is no reason for it. This married, and practicing priest, did a wonderful job explaining how this came about, what the requirements are, etc. I was surprised to find...

Rethinking Faith

Heidegger has often been considered as the proponent of the end of metaphysics in the post-Hegelian philosophy, due to his persistent attempts to overcome the onto-theological framework of traditional metaphysics. Yet, this dismissal of metaphysical, theological, and religious motives is deeply ambiguous since new forms of metaphysical and religious experience re-emerge in his philosophical works. Heidegger shares this ambiguous rela...

Magick of the Ancient Gods

i like this book because of the clear information and simple invocations you can use to invoke spirits.i compare this book to other michael ford books i just bought the book this book and got in the mail on 9/9/13 and with in a week read it and work with alot of spirits in the book and was very happy with the results.please try this product if you have not! thank you for taking time to read my review!

Buddhist Philosophy: A Comparative Approach

"Steven Emmanuel has done an excellent job of curating materials that express the richness of Buddhist philosophy and the vast resource it can be for Western philosophers. Bringing together several of the world's leading specialists in this interdisciplinary area, the volume accounts for Western topics of philosophical inquiry within Buddhist thought, and articulates how the two traditions benefit from each other when brought into di...

The Mystics of Islam

"I propose to offer a few remarks on the origin and historical development of Sufism, its relation to Islam, and its general character. Not only are these matters interesting to the student of comparative religion; some knowledge of them is indispensable to any serious student of Sufism itself." R. A. Nicholson Roots of Sufism: It is obvious that the ascetic and quietistic tendencies to which Nicholson has referred were in harmony wi...

Indestructible Truth

Outstanding book on Tibetan Buddhism. A bit long, especially with the history of it, but one can always skim through it. The part about the actual philosophy/religion was truly enlightening for me. I came away with knowing about the subject then I ever imagined. The author clearly has a passion for Tibetan Buddhism and some of the personal anecdotes really moved me. High quality book, written with an effective prose, tremendous content.