Pure effect: Direct mind reading and magical artistry

This book is a game changer for mentalists and magicians alike. Although I haven't bought the book because of the absurd price, I have read the book and learned allot from the book. Derren Brown truly took his time on this book, and oh man does it show. The only reason that I give it four stars is because of the ridiculous price. I know that the book is out of print, but its still allot of money, mabye if I reviewed it when it was st...

Oath Formulas in Biblical Hebrew

The book is well researched and a very useful resource. I take off one star because I dislike reading Hebrew transliteration. If I am going to read about Hebrew, I want to be presented with Hebrew text in the examples. It is unclear whether this is due to publisher convention; but it still deserves a star removal. It makes the book seem less authoritative to me.

Commentary on Midrash Rabba in the Sixteenth Century: (Oxford Oriental Monographs)

"The 'history of the book' represents an important area of study when considering virtually everything concerned with books: production, distribution, binding, reading culture, etc. What Benjamin Williams has done in his brilliant Commentary on Midrash Rabba in the Sixteenth Century is apply these methods to sixteenth century printed midrashim. The results provide us a window into the reception of rabbinic midrashic biblical interpre...

Biblical Lexicology: Hebrew and Greek

Lexicography, together with grammatical studies and textual criticism, forms the basis of biblical exegesis. Recent decades have seen much progress in this field, yet increasing specialization also tends to have the paradoxical effect of turning exegesis into an independent discipline, while leaving lexicography to the experts. The present volume seeks to renew and intensify the exchange between the study of words and the study of te...

Helpmates, Harlots, and Heroes, Second Edition: Women's Stories in the Hebrew Bible

"Feminism" and its sister philosophy "womanism" are the main subjects of this new book by Alice Bellis. Not so oddly, it is an excellent critique of the problems that faced women of yesteryear. Better yet, it addresses the adjustments, both good and bad, that challenged women in the early days of seeking for equal rights and the challenges facing women tomorrow as they now find a world that has embraced many, but not all of the indic...

The Role of Death in the Ladder of Divine Ascent and the Greek Ascetic Tradition

The Ladder of Divine Ascent, the work of an otherwise shadowy figure, John Climacus (meaning of the Ladder), abbot of St. Catherine's, Sinai (ca. 579-649 CE), is one of the most popular and enduring classics of Greek ascetic spiritual direction. Hailed as the great synthesis of early ascetic writings, the Ladder presents a spirituality self-consciously rooted in the literary and theological tradition of the Desert Fathers and the Gre...

Luke: A Handbook on the Greek Text

I am currently using this handbook in a college Biblical Greek course, along with the Reader's Edition of the UBS Greek New Testament with Textual notes. This handbook is an invaluable aid when it comes to gaining a solid understanding of the grammar of Luke. The authors include an English translation for each section of Luke, and then break it down verse by verse, providing the Greek text for each verse. Each verse is then, in turn,...

Religion and Ritual in Ancient Egypt

This book demystifies ancient Egyptian religion, exploring what it meant to the people and their society. The text and rich illustrations explore and explain what rituals were enacted in temples, who served as priests, how people communicated with the gods, and the complex rituals associated with death and burial. "If you've read Emily Teeter's other books on Egyptology or her catalogues for the exhibits she manages at the University...

German Idealism's Trinitarian Legacy

“Readers of varying interests will be richly rewarded no matter where they turn … This book should interest anyone working in Trinitarian theology and/or German Idealist philosophy and those interested in specifically Jesuit contributions to both of these conversations. And for anyone who attempts to teach any of this material, at the college level or above, one could hardly find a better model than Professor Schlitt.” ― Journal of J...