Reading the Poetry of First Isaiah

"Couey draws out the best in current arguments on biblical poetry, lucidly updates them, and takes pains to show how an awareness of form bears fruitfully on the poem s meaning. This is a wonderful volume that manages to be both sophisticated and accessible. It is necessary reading for scholars of biblical Hebrew poetry and Isaiah alike."

Feeding the Flock: The Foundations of Mormon Thought: Church and Praxis

"Feeding the Flock offers the ambitious, expansive, visionary style that we've come to expect from Givens. It is a well-wrought, elegantly gathered work. As he did in Wrestling the Angel, Givens once again sets an entirely new standard for the study of Mormonism's theological foundations. And he sets the bar high." "This work is yet another testament to Givens' considerable ability of distilling a mind-numbing amount of information i...

A Trinitarian Theology of Religions: An Evangelical Proposal

"This book offers a remarkably lucid, systematic synthesis of the vexing question of the 'theology of religions,' drawing on the biblical witness, the Christian tradition, and a wide range of contemporary scholarship. The authors should be commended for achieving their ambitious goal of presenting an 'evangelical Christian framework for thinking about religions and religious others'...Given its exceptional clarity and organization, I...

American Religion, American Politics: An Anthology

"Joseph Kip Kosek has rendered valuable service by bringing together these sources. A careful perusal of American Religion, American Politics may bring some clarity to matters that have never been more contested in our public conversation."—Randall Balmer, Dartmouth College "Kosek's collection breaks new ground in tying U.S. spiritual diversity to the swirl of American politics. From the 17th century to the 21st, the book captures th...

Emanuel: Studies in Hebrew Bible, Septuagint, and Dead Sea Scrolls in Honor of Emanuel Tov

'Four editors, fifty-six contributors, 849 pages of text, twelve indices spread out over eighty-nine pages and constituting a separate volume--this is huge, and not simply in girth. In an era when the genre of Festschriften has alas lost its luster, this collection shines through. At the risk of blaspheming, I can best appraise this work by paraphrasing (and loosely at that) the last verse of Gen 1: All those involved in Emanuel saw ...

Studying Islam: The Critical Issues

"In this comprehensive study aid Bennett provides students with an introductory look at Islam from an academic point of view. The past and current attitudes and approaches to the subject are aptly represented as well as core sources such as the Qur'an. Bennett draws constructive elements from both the critical and the faith sensitive schools of thought thus setting a balanced foundation for religious study in general. This is the fir...

Chronicle of the Popes

With the passing of Pope John Paul II and the subsequent election of Benedict XVI last month, this 1997 book officially becomes a little out of date (always inevitable when dealing with a living lineage). Nonetheless, the book will give readers with little knowledge of the papacy the basic story behind how it arrived at its current state (those who already have knowledge of the papacy and its history will likely learn nothing new). I...

Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist Mission, and French Catholic Reform

"Forrestal's work is important in locating the iconic Vincent de Paul within the complex world of Catholic Renewal. She not only shows how de Paul's activities were embedded in Old Regime practices but also highlights how the Lazarist mission contributed to the rise of the absolutist state." "Alison Forrestal's excellent new study contextualizes Vincent de Paul's trajectory from unknown, benefice-hunting priest to member of the highe...

Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses

This is a really excellent book blowing away all the faux Tantra ideas about sex, and it is a great book on the nuts and bolts of Tantra. The Yantra pictures and the pictures of the Goddesses were in black and white, but really a yantra should be carved on metals such as copper, gold, or silver. I think some of the individuals here were disappointed because they wanted information on the sorcery that is part of Tantra. Frawley mentio...

The Secular Clergy in England, 1066-1216

The secular clergy - priests and other clerics outside of monastic orders - were among the most influential and powerful groups in European society during the central Middle Ages. The secular clergy got their title from the Latin word for world, saeculum, and secular clerics kept the Church running in the world beyond the cloister wall, with responsibility for the bulk of pastoral care and ecclesiastical administration. This gave the...